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t17486.102022-01-23yasuyoshi (spoiler warning)Holy moly, that was fast. I thought it takes longer to read koihime, but clearly i was wrong. Now on to the topics: So as you now know, koihime didn
t17486.72022-01-13yasuyoshi (spoiler warning)Now that is an interesting theory, and as you just listed them, a lot of things seem to support it. Since you said you want to play koihime i won't
t17486.52022-01-10yasuyoshi (spoiler warning)Well i will be frank: i totally forgot to draw parallels between the games (I played both koihime and shin kiohime before sengoku kiohime). I thought
t17486.32021-12-17yasuyoshi (spoiler warning)I see, thank you very much. For some reason she totally come off for me as the same as kensuke, erika and the mestermind behind the oni(sorry, i don
t17486.12021-12-15yasuyoshi (spoiler warning)Who is yasuyoshi? There are mentions of her here and there, but even though i'm reading this novel at the 4+ time, she is the only person i don't
t16694.102021-11-16miscellanious information@9 Thank you for the info
t16694.72021-11-10miscellanious informationIs there any point raising the unity level of the same character with different partners? Let's say you max the avarot-fia and annabell-kuna unity
t17318.22021-11-07the hard mode experience...I choose the beast labyrinth first and while it was not easy with kuuna and anbell, mikshuana literally carried me all the way without difficulty
t8228.122018-12-07Massive FPS drop during battlesI played a lot, the first 2 loop is done and sure, there was 1-2 battle with big maps and lot of enemies that lagged a little but nothing unplayable
t8228.72018-08-29Massive FPS drop during battlesSo the issue is solved :D Or at least for me. And what did i do? Nothing. The first 2 battle is exactly like in the first post, lagging so much it's
t8228.52018-07-11Massive FPS drop during battlesSo no way around the virtual machine? I wanted to play in windows 10 but the moment the first battle started it became unplayable. Lagging can't even
t8637.32018-07-10Need Help[YuminaFD]So anyone with a workaround or anthing for the battle crash? window 10, iso version. At the end of the first battle turn it always crashes. When you