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r78206.62021-07-16 at 00:40alexandraidvNaked Ambitionv0.71 was released
r78206.52021-06-30 at 22:56alexandraidvNaked Ambitionv0.7 was released two weeks ago
v26063.82021-05-01 at 23:21alexandraidvGnosia+Wikidata
r55700.242021-04-02 at 19:55alexandraidvCHAOS;HEAD NOAH Fan TranslationLinking to the April update
r78206.42021-03-22 at 08:43alexandraidvNaked Ambitionv0.61 out: link
r78206.32021-03-09 at 19:08alexandraidvNaked AmbitionLess repetitive wording
c95940.22021-02-28 at 02:51alexandraidvAmeliaTraits from bad end
c95949.22021-02-28 at 02:49alexandraidvCecilyMore traits
c95941.52021-02-28 at 02:49alexandraidvPrincess ColletteI guess these are a thing
c95941.42021-02-28 at 02:05alexandraidvPrincess ColletteWent through another route, adding more traits