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r55700.112020-11-02 at 01:51alexandraidvChaos;Head NoahNoah was on the 360, not the original Xbox
c92713.62020-10-24 at 19:31alexandraidvProtagonist+trait for Alexis route
r74351.22020-10-24 at 19:15alexandraidvYour New
c93363.22020-10-13 at 23:10alexandraidvGregoryForgot to fill in gender
c93364.22020-10-13 at 23:10alexandraidvFather AnthonyForgot to fill in gender
c93364.12020-10-13 at 23:06alexandraidvFather Anthony+character
c93363.12020-10-13 at 23:02alexandraidvGregory+character
c93362.12020-10-13 at 22:36alexandraidvHope+character
c93354.22020-10-13 at 22:28alexandraidvAmandaChanging to in-game screenshot - the lighting affects the sprites a lot, so this is more accurate to how she looks most of the time than the lighting
c93359.12020-10-13 at 17:45alexandraidvSophie Langley+character