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v1241.392019-11-01 at 11:30alexandraidvKamaitachi no YoruReverted to revision v1241.37 - This is a classic VN with a very distinct art direction. It does not seem right to represent it with the cover of the
c19565.32019-07-27 at 09:43alexandraidvSarushiro SoutaTypo
v21976.212019-07-07 at 19:08alexandraidvShiinNow marketed by Aksys as Spirit Hunter: Death Mark as they're localizing NG and want them more tied together, like with 999 after VLR came out
r64738.62019-07-05 at 09:59alexandraidvROBOTICS;NOTES ELITESC has both pages for their games on their main website, and separate sites for them. Switching to the latter.
r64259.12019-06-14 at 03:13alexandraidvHeart of the WoodsSwitch port coming next year: link
v24770.112019-05-07 at 14:06alexandraidvCiconia no Naku Koro ni+wp link
r62086.72019-04-13 at 06:40alexandraidvKotodama: The 7 Mysteries of FujisawaSteam page lists JP and EN as language options
r61219.22019-02-20 at 16:30alexandraidvSteins;Gate: Divergencies AssortFixed a typo (it's the "a" that is elongated, not the "e")
v11660.442019-02-20 at 16:27alexandraidvSteins;Gate Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram"Titles that are listed in the releases should not be added here"
v14018.1042019-02-09 at 13:06alexandraidvChaos;Child...Deleted one character too many