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v13083.242020-03-24 at 04:29ginseigouKyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2screens
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c4655.312020-02-27 at 03:23ginseigouNishijou Takumi+1
c26308.252020-02-27 at 03:04ginseigouMiyashiro Takuruc26308.24 I'm not sure if chasing the case makes you automatically proactive c3941 , especially when the case is chasing you by itself, and I mean
c26308.242020-02-27 at 02:43ginseigouMiyashiro TakuruProactive Aliases:Reliable, Decisive, Conscientious None of the above. Changed to obsessive.
c26308.222020-02-27 at 02:10ginseigouMiyashiro TakuruThe guy is pushed around all the time and nobody even voted for this tag before.
c26308.202020-02-24 at 11:47ginseigouMiyashiro Takurutraits
c26308.192020-02-24 at 11:10ginseigouMiyashiro Takurutraits
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