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v2016.942021-10-09 at 01:44ginseigouSoukou Akki MuramasaScreenshot
c17147.152021-03-06 at 10:46ginseigouMinato Kageakitraits
c17147.142021-03-06 at 10:34ginseigouMinato Kageakitraits
v24110.522021-03-06 at 02:26ginseigouRyuusei World Actorimage
c22459.212021-02-11 at 10:18ginseigouAoki Toujitrait
v22776.82020-12-20 at 13:44ginseigouZombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai vol.0screens
v22775.152020-12-20 at 13:36ginseigouZombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai vol.3screens
c28951.42020-12-19 at 07:13ginseigouDreicameo
c87426.82020-12-19 at 05:01ginseigouMekotraits
c74710.302020-12-17 at 09:09ginseigouHiryuu RukaMC's being misogynist fits the trait discription as he often hits and disrespects women in the vn.
c74710.242020-12-12 at 07:12ginseigouHiryuu Rukatraits
c74710.202020-12-08 at 06:28ginseigouHiryuu Rukatraits
c74701.102020-12-08 at 00:21ginseigouChiffon MacDougalltraits
c74710.182020-12-07 at 10:35ginseigouHiryuu Rukatraits
c74710.172020-12-07 at 10:10ginseigouHiryuu Rukatraits
c74710.162020-12-07 at 04:24ginseigouHiryuu Rukatraits
c74710.142020-12-06 at 15:20ginseigouHiryuu Rukatraits
v24110.492020-12-06 at 04:00ginseigouRyuusei World Actord2#6
c74707.72020-12-04 at 03:52ginseigouVarstraits
v20144.192020-10-24 at 10:08ginseigouChronoBoximages
v13083.242020-03-24 at 04:29ginseigouKyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2screens
v14018.1162020-03-23 at 15:17ginseigouChaos;ChildScreens d2#6
v14018.1142020-03-16 at 08:47ginseigouChaos;ChildReverted to revision v14018.112 link Screens in the highest resolution available.
c4655.312020-02-27 at 03:23ginseigouNishijou Takumi+1
c26308.252020-02-27 at 03:04ginseigouMiyashiro Takuruc26308.24 I'm not sure if chasing the case makes you automatically proactive c3941 , especially when the case is chasing you by itself, and I mean
c26308.242020-02-27 at 02:43ginseigouMiyashiro TakuruProactive Aliases:Reliable, Decisive, Conscientious None of the above. Changed to obsessive.
c26308.222020-02-27 at 02:10ginseigouMiyashiro TakuruThe guy is pushed around all the time and nobody even voted for this tag before.
c26308.202020-02-24 at 11:47ginseigouMiyashiro Takurutraits
c26308.192020-02-24 at 11:10ginseigouMiyashiro Takurutraits
v14018.1122020-02-24 at 10:55ginseigouChaos;Childscreens
v12894.82020-02-22 at 16:13ginseigouAishiteru kedo Koishitai, Ato Enjokousai mosafe
v817.182020-02-22 at 05:30ginseigouX-Change Alternative 2 ~Kimi no Hitomi ni Utsuru Kimi~safe
v16794.162020-02-22 at 04:39ginseigouJ×J ~Joshikousei Juuka Keikaku~image
c43217.102020-02-18 at 05:11ginseigouKurasaki Minatotraits
v817.172020-02-15 at 07:50ginseigouX-Change Alternative 2 ~Kimi no Hitomi ni Utsuru Kimi~screens
v21189.42020-02-15 at 06:36ginseigouMusume Manager! Ikimasu!! ~SEX a GAME 2017~screens
v18077.422020-02-12 at 14:32ginseigouMaggot BaitsScreenshots from later in the game are fine as long as they don't reveal any major information about the plot and they don't. It's obvious from the
v18077.402020-02-12 at 05:35ginseigouMaggot BaitsReverted to revision v18077.38 link The game mostly about sex should have more erotic screenshots. It's not a spoiler if all the sex scenes happen in
c39233.152020-02-04 at 10:20ginseigouIsabel the Witchtrait
c39232.142020-02-04 at 10:17ginseigouSandy the Witchtraits
c39239.62020-02-04 at 10:13ginseigouValentinostraits
v7026.132020-02-04 at 04:05ginseigouDoutei na Joshi-tachi to Boku ~Moshi Kari ni Man ga Ichi, Boku ga Ecchi ni Ky...alias
v12431.202020-02-04 at 03:42ginseigouSei Shoujo ~Seido Ikusei Gakuen~screens
v18569.62020-02-03 at 09:44ginseigouIede Shita Ore no Musume ga Koushuu Toilet de Kami-sama o Boshuu Shiteiru Ras...screens
v15145.162020-02-03 at 03:34ginseigouNaze ka Kanojo ga Boku ni Ecchi o Sematte Kuru Ken...
v15145.152020-02-03 at 03:33ginseigouNaze ka Kanojo ga Boku ni Ecchi o Sematte Kuru Kenscreens
v5922.602020-01-20 at 10:38ginseigouKara no Shoujo - The Second Episodecameo doesn't count
v1143.762020-01-20 at 10:07ginseigouMaji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!adding "Makes an appearance" to the character entries would be enough according to mods
v2016.862020-01-19 at 07:23ginseigouSoukou Akki MuramasaThe relation "shares characters" is used for short cameos in many cases. It's explained multiple times in discussions how they appear in the game, so
c87369.122020-01-17 at 06:10ginseigouUematsu Rikako-1