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t3617.24682021-03-07Tags suggestions/fixesClassic Tsundere Heroine "Starts tsuntsun (cranky, violent and possibly violent) towards the protagonist (and possibly everyone else), due to some
t15546.42021-02-15Best Childhood Friend You've Ever Seen?Onoe Serika and Kamoi Yuma because of how non-standard and deranged they are.
t3314.24152021-02-05Traits" I do believe these traits should be uniform, so implementing any separation based on a gender would be just dumb"Why is that? 150-160 cm male would
t3314.24002021-01-30TraitsI think something should be done with the traits Tall and Average Height. You've decided that all the characters regardless of gender higher than
t2108.35792021-01-23Candidates for deletionSomeone recheck this t2108.3465. Is there any particular reason to keep for example Red Eye or Magical Eyes -Indigo blue heaven- ?
t15442.42021-01-23are all kinugasa vns like this?All his works are like that. Unfinished. The final part of Akatsuki no Goei trilogy has open endings like the previous vns.
t14780.32021-01-16YouTube review of this game [very interesting]!"especially when that person is someone as well known as Super Bunnyhop"Literally who?
t15382.32021-01-12I was wrongNothing in Euphoria comes close to what happened in Saw series, the movies which were the source of inspiration for it. Hardly any disturbing.
t14515.162021-01-03Games like euphoria and maggot baitsFuka no Jugoku ~Ugomeku Moushuu no Rensa... Owari no Nai Kyouen~ Salthe
t15306.112021-01-02Closed Game in English#9 There are some femdom scenes with protagonist and Michiko Verxina, Celine Verxina .
t2108.35242021-01-01Candidates for deletionNeither PSV or PS4 version was announced for Mystereet F ~Tantei-tachi no Curtain Call~ since 2015 link Only xbox one. I think this project is pretty
t2108.35202020-12-30Candidates for deletionDead Wǔ yuè mòlì MayJasmine Episode 02: What is Justice? Wǔ yuè mòlì MayJasmine Episode 03: What is Love? r39511 Yuukyou no Aster By the way, some
t15269.512020-12-29"Not a VN"?#49 If more disputable stuff like this would be in the db, next what? Valkyria Chronicles? Fire Emblem? Catherine? Final Fantasy? Disco Elysium? Life
t2108.34812020-12-27Candidates for deletion#3480 Telltale's Walking dead is considering to be an adventure game in Japan too. Might as well add it with Quantic dream games.
t2108.34712020-12-25Candidates for deletion"It would have been great if you actually checked if those projects were worked on instead of just dumping a list based on the addition dates. Like
t2108.34652020-12-25Candidates for deletionDead Kanotsuku: Last Angel Re:mento Kamiotoshi Into The Hoop Inoria r45489 Humanoid -Influence Flower- How To Train Your Loli - Shinobu Netora-Netori
t1052.2562020-12-19Quotes question...Don't know if it's hard to do, but it would've been good if you didn't get the quotes from the same vn in succession. Like I got 3 quotes in
t15065.32020-11-23English TranslationI'm not doing the translation, the guy just happens to have the same nickname.
t13954.162020-05-12Can I enjoy this vn with spoilersI was spoiled when I started the vn, but I'd say it's still quite enjoyable nevertheless. This game is short, I think it takes less than 10 hours to
t3617.22672020-04-04Tags suggestions/fixes@2265 @2266 I think they're extremely rare exceptions which don't represent things in general. If she's from a wealthy family as the tag/trait
t3617.22632020-04-04Tags suggestions/fixes@2262 Do you have any examples of that? Anyway, making it the child tag of Rich protagonist doesn't mean you can't use poor at the same time.
t3617.22602020-04-04Tags suggestions/fixes"Wealthy/Ojousama discussions (me and harleyquin disagreed)"@2259 You don't agree that every Ojousama is Rich and Wealthy? What's wrong with making
t3617.22582020-04-04Tags suggestions/fixes"I agree that No Common Sense Heroine is far from the best. Problem is, it's 10 years old, the tags back there were a whole lot less organised or
t2108.31192020-04-02Candidates for deletion"r38340 is translated and in edition, while r37866 is 36% translated."See you in the next two years, when these will still not be released. Have you
t7442.6072020-04-01Game inclusion in the DBKing of Dragon Pass is an interactive book too link . It looks very similar, there's inventory, character skills, map movement and you spend most of
t7442.6052020-04-01Game inclusion in the DBWhat about adding Disco Elysium, The Banner Saga, King of Dragon Pass and Tyranny? They're pretty similar to The Executioner.
t3314.20792020-03-28Traits@2078 Taciturn and Laconic are synonyms link
t13308.132020-03-26[SPOILERS] I have some questions about the endingThe main problem of this kind of detective stories (Hello Umineko) is that the scenario writer could've made anyone to be the culprit without
t2108.31132020-03-26Candidates for deletionDed r38340 r37866 r45839 r53169 r44215 r36188 r35154 r33332 r33106 r30130 r54055
t3617.22352020-03-22Tags suggestions/fixesSince we all agreed that Ojousama is a wealthy heiress, I don't understand why mods still not made it a child tag/trait of rich protagonist and
t13678.102020-03-17Regarding v14018.115"I, for one, don't understand the point of screenshots if they aren't going to represent the work in question."Who decides whether screenshots
t13678.82020-03-17Regarding v14018.115Xbox release has 1080p in the description r37953. Moreover, the current screens are with copyright information link. I didn't use screens with
t3617.22182020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes@2216 You're not right, I'll be fine in either outcome. I don't like the maintaining of status-quo. It's like you know there's a problem, but just
t3617.22152020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes@2214 So basically it's no place for discussion? I've already provided my statistical arguments why having the Ojousama protagonist tag is not so
t3617.22132020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes@2212 So how I can understand that Ojousama is different from an ordinary wealthy heiress from your description?
t3617.22102020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes@2206 I've seen proposed traits being disapproved for this overlap. What makes Ojousama so important if no one can describe in concrete terms what
t3617.22052020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes@2204 You've got me completely wrong. The trait Wealthy already is unnecessary split to Ojousama and Onzoushi and I'm either for merging or deleting
t3617.22032020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixesYou don't say...
t3617.22012020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes"And even if there are none, not everything needs to be searchable and you are probably the only person that wants that distinction."@2200 Great
t3617.21962020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes"That's complete bullshit! I can think of more self-made rich VN characters out of the top of my head than I can think of heirs. "And how would you
t3617.21942020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes@2193 You don't agree that Ojousama is a Wealthy female heir? If you agree, then why it's wrong to combine this tag with male gender? This way you
t3617.21912020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes" I really don't care ilf 99% of the cases are Ojousama, I think that if ever comes the case that someone wanna search for that 1% he cannot..."@2189
t3617.21882020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes" I'm with this line of thinking, expecially since on getchu and other site like that many characters gets described as ojousama...and that's enough
t3617.21852020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes@2184 The problem is, even if you change the description of the tag and trait Ojousama people will still use it in not the way you want: "The line of
t3617.21822020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes"Your OCD demands you make a distinction between those who are materially comfortable because they were born into the right household and those who
t3617.21792020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixes"Rich = high income. Wealth = lots of money. If you're the former the latter usually applies, but the inverse correlation isn't as strong. If the
t3617.21772020-03-14Tags suggestions/fixesI can expect a certain behavior from Childhood friend (Childhood promise, Deredere, clinging to protagonist, being jealous) or Kouhai (respecting the
t3617.21632020-03-13Tags suggestions/fixes@2162 I don't know what's there to add. Ojousama is not supposed to be a personality trait or tag like Childhood friend, Kouhai and etc. The tag is
t3617.21602020-03-13Tags suggestions/fixesSo-called quality of discussion over quantity of changes.
t3617.21502020-03-13Tags suggestions/fixes"Lol but if I write that behaviour may vary I never said it doesn't matter... -.- it's not the same."Well, in general you can expect a certain