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t7634.12016-04-07VN search filter by developer typewhen searching for visual novels, is there a way to filter out the producer type (e.g. Japanese Amateur Group, Japanese Company, etc.)? sometimes
t2693.102012-05-11about Lengthi'd go with moogy's suggestion.. Short should be 5-15hrs and Medium should be 15-30hrs.. Short, to me is equivalent to time spent watching a 1-cour
t2693.62012-05-10about LengthUmineko (1-4) is 39655 lines worth 2.75 MB .. i'm pretty sure this one is not outdated.. but i'm not really concerned with the long ones and very
t2693.42012-05-10about Lengththe fact that it's a rather personal judgment for its apparent length is a given.. but now, i was presented with compiled hard data.. i observed that
t2693.12012-05-10about Lengthi am wondering what is the criteria for the rather ambiguous Length description on most of the VN's.. while i find only 5 categories to be enough, i
t1905.692011-11-16General Discussiondarn.. working for the true end didn't seem worth it.. what are my time traveling powers of save load are for then? and with all the random h-scenes
t1292.402011-04-02VNDB 2.19: Building Characterafter you have allowed the users to add, will there be a feature that makes the information to be displayed only when a mod allows it? because we
t1292.322011-04-01VNDB 2.19: Building CharacterI wish we could add characters or edit them as soon as possible.. I have the sprite rips of the games I played.. also, why not add a voice actor
t238.172011-02-20The walkthrough-dilemma.i always use walkthroughs so that i can plan for what to read because i always read 100% or at least 99% (Remember11, darn you..).. i plan which
t618.42010-08-20Game error helpperhaps you people getting involved in the VN industry should start changing your system locale in the control panel to Japanese.. i mean, i always
t386.202010-08-05Sekien no Inganock -GD-i regret finishing this.. should've stopped at Chapter 10 or before the Inner Voice of Chapter 11.. coz of the mindf*ck it did afterwards.. hey