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t2108.27582019-04-18Candidates for deletionCecile Forward duplicate of Cecile Forward Renoir Ceron duplicate of Renoir Theron Judy Annemary duplicate of Judy Anne-Marie Somia Alesta duplicate
t2108.27482019-04-06Candidates for deletionSheryl Hanover duplicate of Cheryl Hanover
t2108.27472019-04-05Candidates for deletion^ it has a voice actor attached, that's enough for info.
t3314.16552019-04-04Traits> The Furry trait is altogether a mess. yeah, instead of fixing it lets indulge it by changing trait definition! good job mate, keep it up. jeez, i
t12141.82019-04-02SJW Sexual VN's?in certain political circles term "degeneracy" means any sexual activity outside of traditional heterosexual relationship, including porn and
t11739.372019-03-31The Last 5 Years, The Next 5 Years^ what if people he's talking to are douchebags? is he still not supposed to shittalk them? this is no fun.
t2108.27332019-03-24Candidates for deletionAlicia Rondo duplicate of Alicia Rondo Janne Spaica duplicate of Jeanne Spika Kantaro duplicate of Kantaro Misty de Pan Tumarumiea duplicate of Misty
t12017.242019-03-08Dies Irae offends Christianitywhat do "catholic teachings" say about premarital sex depiction and porn in general? although i see how it might be considered less offensive than
t2108.27092019-02-21Candidates for deletionHayashida Ritsuko duplicate of Hayashida Ritsuko Munakata Aoi duplicate of Munakata Aoi
t11623.82019-02-17Technical issueannual reminder: just use virtual machine (virtual box, vmware, etc) with windows XP installed. solves 99% of the compatibility issues.
t11912.12019-02-12cancel user tags?in my VN edits i occasionally stumble upon seniorblitz's tags and the amount of mistags in his edits seems worrisome. old obscure games are most
t11886.22019-02-05Petition to list Yoda as an alias of Shumon Yuuhighly unlikely because: I don't have concrete proof
t2108.26622019-02-03Candidates for deletion^that's not how we merge staff entries here. first, you should have added kanji alias to Aisaka Naoki, and then edit related VN entries, making them
t11868.1172019-02-03Ruka's nameLuca is a boys name. Luka is a about this: Ruka is an effeminate boy with girl's name. and it makes more sense in context of the story too
t11868.1152019-02-03Ruka's name^it was "you" as in "you people", english language doesn't have a separate plural form for that pronoun sadly. and no, there was no plausible
t11868.1132019-02-03Ruka's nameLuka's name was chosen with this in mind.what, you're a mind reader now? you can't seriously insist on knowing what went through localizator's mind.
t11868.982019-02-02Ruka's nametell me, do you miss those "down arrow" buttons here, so you could witness that insulting post being downvoted?
t11868.952019-02-02Ruka's nameimagine being so butthurt you register account just to post in this thread.
t11868.642019-02-01Ruka's nameLuka because that's the name his "parents" (the developers) gave him.the name they gave him is るか. "luka" is merely a romanization of that name used
t11868.542019-02-01Ruka's nameるか can be translated as either Luka or Rukaplease show me a place in the guidelines where it says that る could be romanized as "lu" (it's called
t11868.82019-01-30Ruka's nameTsukishima Yuuri is absolutely the wrong example to state your case.not at all. in Ruka's case it also boils down to the preference of the person who
t11867.22019-01-29Voiced for 2004 version of the gameno.
t7442.5132019-01-27Game inclusion in the DBMaybe VNDB too should consider including games that not exactly VNshow about no? I came to place where I believed I will find something and I did
t2108.26532019-01-27Candidates for deletion^that's just your speculation. artists happen to have similar pen names, even when working on the same projects, for example, Kawai Masaki and Kawai
t11847.102019-01-25VNs who text files are in game folder?I'm proud to be a germani'm hearing an echo from afar, i'm listening carefully, turns out to be some merchant's cry: shut it down! shut it down!
t7127.252019-01-24Favorite router/woosh
t2108.26502019-01-23Candidates for deletionWatabe Shin'ya duplicate of Watabe Shin'ya
t2108.26492019-01-23Candidates for deletionSakura Rin alias of Akizuki Momoko - link
t11396.272019-01-21Official Romanization rulesappreciate? you're delusional. if anything, it makes you more annoying.
t7127.232019-01-19Favorite routeSakara is just a selfish bitch. She went out of her mindand how is that a bad thing in a work of dramatic fiction? it's not like you're choosing your
t11828.32019-01-19Cover replacementspointless changes like this or this are certainly something to avoid.
t11828.22019-01-18Cover replacementsno, unless original cover is technically worse (watermarked text/jpeg artifacts etc).
t2108.26422019-01-15Candidates for deletionhis clone accounts will not change ways unless forced to do you seriously think that a mere addition to the guidelines would force to change
t2108.26362019-01-14Candidates for deletionr56176 duplicate of r42351
t11560.92018-12-31Oregairu?> company fucks up and lies to its customers > community is in fault somehow @veshurik your analysis is on par with such beacons of journalistic
t8242.1972018-12-28The how to edit thread^ bonus content is not included, t8242.63
t11708.42018-12-23Opposing traits on one characterhonestly, character relation traits are not very thought through here. they would be more useful if they could be linked to a related character, now
t11681.22018-12-18Trouble launching the appjust use virtual machine like VirtualBox or VMWare, solves 90% of compatibility issues with ancient software.
t8242.1902018-12-17The how to edit thread^ both no. taking pictures while having sex is not enough to qualify as a porn production. for the second one: do you even read trait descriptions
t10302.822018-12-17Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadcan you come up with a single reason why it might be against the rules? i'm honestly wondering the thought process behind this.
t10302.792018-12-17Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread^and? is it illicit?
t3314.16202018-12-14Traitswho's approving all these traits? these two are almost the same, and we could happily live without half the crap i'm seeing in the recent traits feed
t3314.16182018-12-14Traits@1616 should Infertility be a child trait of Sexual Dysfunction then?
t3314.16052018-12-12Traitsregardless of which high school he belongs, for senpai/kouhai dynamic to work it requires subjects to belong to the same organization, and it's
t2108.25962018-12-04Candidates for deletion^ i think for cases like this better solution might be to refer an original entry from alias description rather than make zillion edits to migrate
t2108.25942018-12-04Candidates for deletionHousenin Lilo duplicate of Housenin Riro
t11568.22018-11-28Maika's Last Scene Character Imagesi've used link to extract files.
t11314.962018-11-15Could otome games help to better understand women?it's kind of ironic that in the end pendel still has reached his goal and derailed this thread into oblivion, albeit with an alt account. @95 > week
t2108.25742018-11-13Candidates for deletion^ which begs a question whether s4434.5 edit was legit, seeing as she was credited for Minato Carnival FD with two different aliases. not that it's
t2520.2802018-11-11Minor error/s^ trailing slash '/' is required in URLs t2520.179