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t3314.29172022-06-29Traitsfollowing u54182's recent edit streak regarding Hair > Bald/Hair > Balding, those traits' description should be altered. characters might still have
t18607.42022-06-22~ filter operator for the APIit's pretty unique for a public api to be so accessible and thorough. usually sites hide such functionality behind a paywall or throw some obstacles
t18598.122022-06-19Nonomura Byouin no Hitobito"easier to add 6 pixels than dissmiss them."by dismissing i mean ignoring it, leaving images be. especially considering that in your case of all-star
t18598.102022-06-19Nonomura Byouin no Hitobitoif you dismiss my concern as pixel-hunting, why change images in the first place? we might as well dismiss 6 pixels difference in portraits gallery
t18598.82022-06-19Nonomura Byouin no Hitobitoagain you're gaslighting me, wtf? how could it be before resampling, if its size is reduced compared to original tachi-e which is 800x600 in size and
t18598.62022-06-19Nonomura Byouin no Hitobitowtf, are trying you to gaslight me? there's no light pixels around edges in your image. black contour just morphs into beige with anti-aliasing. now
t18598.42022-06-19Nonomura Byouin no Hitobitolook at what i hate about your sharpen filter: link see those lighter pixels around edges? they were not present in original image, they added by
t18598.22022-06-19Nonomura Byouin no Hitobitoit's not blur on my images, it's sharpen filter on your images that emphasizes edges. because of this filter i never use built-in vndb resize, it
t2108.47562022-06-16Candidates for deletionCrimson Baphomet and Mastima are duplicates of characters from Maou no Musume to Gedou Yuusha ~Kurenai no Hitomi to Shiroki Indaku~, similar title
t2108.47542022-06-15Candidates for deletionIsowaki Ririka -- names and portraits of side female characters are randomly generated and differ in each playthrough (e.g. on dev screenshot link
t2108.47452022-06-11Candidates for deletionKagami Kotone alias of Naruse Mia - link link
t2520.6692022-05-30Minor error/snoticed something weird in traits lookup/name matching (both on the character edit page and general trait search pages). sen -> brings up "senpai
t2108.47202022-05-23Candidates for deletionIsama Kazu apparently is an alias of Nonaka Kaori
t950.12522022-05-22VNDB Suggestions!here you go -- link
t950.12512022-05-22VNDB Suggestions!^you gave me an idea for another tampermonkey script
t2108.47172022-05-21Candidates for deletionKojima Ema alias of Nagase Ikumi -- link
t950.12492022-05-21VNDB Suggestions!@1246 i use tamper monkey script for this -- link
t2108.47042022-05-07Candidates for deletionKojima Chiaki alias of Hatamiya Kanoko
t2108.47032022-05-05Candidates for deletionIris Melchior duplicate of Iris Melchior
t2108.47002022-05-03Candidates for deletionOuka Kasuga dupe of Tahara Naomi
t2108.46902022-04-24Candidates for deletionKaorin is an alias of Shimada Kaori according to erogamescape - link
t18221.22022-04-22About Ikusa Otome Valkyrieit's website rules (see d2) and all users should abide by it. if you don't like these rules, you can open a thread in vndb discussion forum and
t10302.4562022-04-19Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadu216489 has flagged tame images as "explicit/brutal". he did so only for 6 images overall, but still.
t3314.28802022-04-18Traitshow is Waist Cincher any different from Corset? at the very least, former should be a child trait of the latter. desctiptions are essentially the
t2108.46782022-04-11Candidates for deletionMuriel duplicate of Muriel
t15175.52021-02-26Regarding v23450.16word "shogun" in english has a clear definition of commander-in-chief in feudal Japan. therefore it can't be used when character is clearly stylized
t14998.12020-11-10Regarding c33699.14> Both are literally used as often except they're literally not. > the vndb page suggests that she never opens them it suggests nothing of sorts
t2520.4462020-06-29Minor error/s> I rulled out it being Firefox's fault i wouldn't be so sure. i was so tired of their dev's shenanigans with breaking changes and other bs, i've
t14098.72020-06-02Regarding v19656.10> I don't know this "dictionary list" you are talking about i mean... have you at least tried ctrl+f "dictionary" at the link i provided?"General
t14098.52020-05-31Regarding v19656.10> but then again, what's the DB's view in this? we're using anidb romanisation rules, their "go to" dictionary list 女の子 as one word, and they
t14098.32020-05-31Regarding v19656.10> "Onna no Ko" is more correct in grammar. how so? 女の子 is a dictionary word and as such should be romanized as one.
t14098.12020-05-31Regarding v19656.10女の子 was always romanized as one word "Onnanoko" here, and on other weeb resources too (anidb, MAL for example). so why sudden change? I suggest we
t13727.1682020-04-02Flagging Imagesu133920 has some egregious mistakes as well, although given the amount of tagged overall these might be hotkey misclicks. so decide for yourself if
t13727.1602020-04-02Flagging Imageswe have some trolls already, u174339 votes some explicit images as "safe" and tame as brutal or violent. amount of mistagged images makes me suspect
t13727.812020-03-29Flagging Images@80 yeah i've noticed many users are quite puritans, even a glimpse of bare skin make picture "suggestive" to them.
t13727.762020-03-29Flagging Imagesnope, it might be anything. you just presume it's taken from nukige and judge based on that merit. good we have a vote system for cases like this.
t13727.732020-03-29Flagging Images@69 you should judge image as it is, without meta-knowledge of the related VN. in this case sexual action would be implied if there were any signs of
t13727.662020-03-29Flagging Imagessome usability nitpick: in my browser (brave, chrome-based) when radio button control has a focus it has its own keyboard shortcuts that override
t2520.3692020-03-03Minor error/s@367 missing screenshots on the front page means that some were filtered out by your default filter settings.
t3314.20152020-02-29Traits> like wikipedia no.
t13477.22020-01-29regarding edits by u170115+1 seems like guy is obsessed with turning every borderline-nsfw image into SFW, sometimes ignoring common sense and starting edit wars, which goes
t13360.12019-12-31Regarding v27450.2hey, are you sure that 追放された should be romanized in two words? isn't "sareta" a part of the verb here, making it past tense? like in Valentine no
t13129.12019-11-09Regarding s12896.3when you add a name to a staff entry, don't change existing alias as this would fuck up existing credits, just add another name and make it "primary
t12992.22019-10-08a name in the castof course not, it's this jim carrey.
t2108.27862019-05-31Candidates for deletionDeliverance - no releases.
t2108.27852019-05-28Candidates for deletionKawakami Nana duplicate of Kawakami Nana
t2108.27812019-05-24Candidates for deletionTachibana Heizou duplicate of Tachibana Heizou
t2108.27762019-05-17Candidates for deletion壮観 - 1 account (EGS) 壮親 - 4 accounts (Guilty, Shiru Bloomers Natsu, erogetrailers, getchu)
t2108.27742019-05-17Candidates for deletion@dk382 Tanaka Masachika name is written with a different kanji link if you've decided to merge entries either add an alias to reflect that
t2108.27582019-04-18Candidates for deletionCecile Forward duplicate of Cecile Forward Renoir Ceron duplicate of Renoir Theron Judy Annemary duplicate of Judy Anne-Marie Somia Alesta duplicate