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t12945.122019-10-01TwelveHappy birthday VNDB and congrats on 12 years.
t10746.132018-06-29VNDB Development pollDon't get me wrong, I have nothing against Perl, it's a perfectly good language and one I actually use a fair amount in the workplace. I didn't mean
t10746.112018-06-15VNDB Development pollI think there's a combination of things that present a high bar of entry to making contributions to VNDB. Many of these are already addressed or are
t9052.72017-05-06[Selling] Ever17 sealed English physical copyIn case anyone digs up this thread in the future and wonders about the disc problem: I purchased E17 new from Hirameki and received a copy with an
t5914.62014-11-07How did you get into VNs?After the original Higurashi no Naku Koro ni anime finished airing on TV I needed the answer arcs but didn't feel like waiting for a second season. I
t5801.572014-10-02We're at our Prime!Happy 7th, VNDB!
t4628.592013-10-07Happy Birthday to Me!Happy 6th birthday, VNDB.
t2092.402011-10-30Growing out of toddlerhoodDoes it still count if I say Happy Birthday within the same month?
t1066.172010-12-31Happy New Year!Happy New Year. Good work Yorhel :)
t870.302010-10-07The 3rd AnniversaryHappy birthday VNDB.
t281.102009-10-022 Years!*Lifts his glass* Here's to many more!
t52.42008-09-25Your opinions on namingTwo words: Do it.