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t951.282011-01-20General DiscussionI thought it was ok. I had played it untranslated and was unimpressed, the translation simply clarified some plot points and the backstory for me. I
t1089.32011-01-12testJust testing the spoiler tag so I don't mess it up in an actual discussion. And to you, how did you find yourself over to my pm board? lawl
t1089.12011-01-04testtest test2[spoiler]
t1012.12010-12-10Deletion of "Theresia: Dear Emile"I don't agree with your reasoning on why it should have been deleted. Kyokugen Dasshutsu, Gyakuten Saiban, Hotel Dusk, and Another Code have all
t448.12010-02-07Why is the first part called "Extra" ?I don't know why I'm asking, Im just damn curious.
t447.12010-02-07The NooseHey, I saw your discussion on the "The Noose" page I responded to it. But in case you didn't see it. Here is a link to the original release of the
t394.22010-02-07Still alive and kicking?There was a recent update on the site. And though it's against the wishes of the translator. Here is the first release. link
t419.32010-01-28Translation Patch Problems(?)That's got to be the funniest response. I'm sorry I couldn't find that out without asking.
t419.12010-01-24Translation Patch Problems(?)I have the patch applied. But some of the images aren't translated. The CGs (like ones the text on the computer) are translated, but the "Save Data
t63.32008-10-21Staff and artistsWell. Artist are not set to one producer. Hiro Suzuhira who worked for Navel originally, has done art for a bunch other games.
t63.12008-10-20Staff and artistsDon't know if this is the place to suggest it. But anyway: Within the general info section could we start adding staff and artists under the General