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t13572.12020-02-23Best translation?I read MLE and MLA a long time ago, when Ixrec released his translation. Now, having forgotten a lot of it and given it was one of my fav VN's ever
t13313.12019-12-21Who are this guys [speculation]So... On the day of the Baldr Sky release, this group simultaneously releases a patch that fixes all and every piece of censored/removed content
t12748.32019-08-18Sprites are half naked bugUnexpected 18+ C;H sprite edition?
t8669.182019-07-05Mangagamer translation?!Such a good VN, to be ruined by the sekai project shitters. As always, expect delays, butchering, and a try of translation which is close to MTL
t12283.82019-05-31Time worthy VN?IMO ef is godlike, Minori did never came close to it again. And this is a very good example, pretty dull VN.
t11709.22019-01-21H Code?/HSN0:7C@555ED:amaenbo.exe There you go
t11585.42018-12-21H-code@1 Thank you very much, that was useful, lets see how amazing this game is :p
t11608.12018-12-06What the actual fuck is this artFound this randomly... WTF IS GOING ON WITH THE HEROINES EYES? I've seen many things. Damn low quality art, horrid mistakes on the character bodies
t7581.1852018-06-30English localization by Sekai ProjectBeen playing some hours and the TL is good. It has some mistakes here and there but it's good and well edited. Meanwhile the original is still
t7581.1822018-06-28English localization by Sekai ProjectThats fantastic. If it's uncut we better prepare to give our dirty bodies to SP to do with them as they wish.
t7581.1802018-06-27English localization by Sekai Project@d2o ;) Also calling now, that the fakku version / patched steam version will be 100% uncut. What do you guys think about the patch though? Will it
t7581.1742018-06-26English localization by Sekai ProjectAt this point I'm pretty sure they are gonna sell the censored, content removed version on steam, and full uncensored one on fakku. The question is
t7581.1512018-06-12English localization by Sekai Project@150 In china link Because apparently the chinese are not moralist cucks.
t7581.1492018-06-12English localization by Sekai Projectlink IT. IS . GETTING. REAL. Get loli'd west!
t10576.12018-05-03Can someone provide feedback about this one?"This is a philosophical story of how the three girls considered lame ducks by the society spend their unusual youth in a world where Authorization
t10248.62018-04-29Hugs as a gameplay mechanic@3 lul
t10391.22018-03-27h-code?would love it too
t8241.62018-03-22Am I the only guy thought this story is awfulGotta leave my 5 cents here in case anyone is thinking about reading this, trying not to spoil. First of all, the answer to the topic is NO, this
t7581.1332018-02-19English localization by Sekai ProjectMaitetsu doesn't appear as stalled or waiting for a 3rd party on trelo anymore, just "on track". Is it getting real yet?
t7581.1312018-02-12English localization by Sekai Project@128 Those didn't matter because literally no one bought those kusoges.
t7581.1252018-02-10English localization by Sekai Project@124 tbh the situation isn't that bad, look at hoshimemo. Surely not centered around loli, but mare being the somewhat main heroine is absolutelly
t7581.1182018-02-02English localization by Sekai Projectlink Maitetsu is now "stalled" In b4 2020 censored release
t10088.12017-12-30This game is the #1 troll "loli" game everYeah, you like that cover uh you filthy lolicon? Well, no luck for you. Because as soon as those characters appear they turn into big boob'd cows
t7581.1112017-12-25English localization by Sekai Project@110 Let some of us disagree on that. Those things were commonplace until 150~ years ago, and had been for all human history. The weird situation
t7581.1072017-12-24English localization by Sekai Project@106 Lawl them masterplanning. I doubt we've anything to say about whats done in the end though. It's a fact that lolis are becoming more and more
t2157.112017-11-01What do you think about the game ?My god. What's with JAST affinity for terrible, TERRIBLE games?
t9734.12017-10-04Add a translator tag under staff?So, with the introduction in the last years of popular VNs to the west and an ongrowing market, I think this'd be a nice idea. A translator tag
t9357.12017-06-30Why did this get translated to begin withDull and repetitive are major understatements of what this VN is. You fight lycoris like, 20 times? Real stimate here. Meanwhile the plot, if it can
t9207.12017-05-18Such amazing humorpuripuri~ link Kawano's humour, incredible, seriously
t8413.152017-05-14The protagonistWhat #13 said. Was having fun with the novel overall til Runa's route. Literally a loop of 20 times the same shit over and over during 10 hours that
t8765.12017-02-01Do you like lolis?Then play this. Because ... MAHIRU Really, she's top notch, and her voice actress does one of the best performances ever in this VN. It's a very
t8109.52016-08-17how long?This game is godlike. Best I've played in a long, long time, and will be animated for sure if the anime industry isn't totally ruined already.
t7357.12016-01-10Just a warningDon't be misleaded by the description or the game's title, you won't be able to abuse her in any way, it's a full vanilla game.
t7339.42016-01-06Incest (spoilers)>#1 I can confirm some people get turned on by that stuff :3
t1220.572011-06-06Osananajimi wa Daitouryou - GDThe humor at this game is sublime Gotta love stuff like Nanoha Strikers reference at ell's route when she shoots remi in the hill.
t1157.402011-02-13Quartett! -General Discussion-Well at first the drawing seemed a bit odd but got to like it, and it was very heartwarming overall even if it's true it doesn't have a big plot
t989.332010-12-04Copy paste, or simply coicidence?Coincidence much. Honestly there can be details that match but the overall image is plain different.
t242.372010-09-30Did planetarian meet your expectations?Yes it did. Of course it's not clannad, not in lenght, ost, or whatever. It's just a small, carefully arranged delicate, awesome piece. It was
t755.132010-08-11anyone tling Kud Wafter?@chikan Or unless you really like kudo? ^^ Also even if the plot is not so great the music is very nice.. Don't be that harsh :p
t25.202010-08-09LB <3+1 <3 God, what a game. I gave Clannad a 10 and I though never anything could equal it. Well, happily, I have to give LB a 10 too. Also just have
t407.142010-08-09The Best Route n The best Character!Masato. No, really. Kud. Kud is made of love and wafuu~.
t754.202010-08-01How is this #1 in score ranking?I don't get most of the comments on this game. Of course it's overrated. A lot in fact, probably because it was translated to english, it's easy to
t647.12010-05-30About the release and developerGot my hands on this so I added the VN but, could anyone associate this to Cherry soft (Producer)? Seems like I can't do it or maybe I'm too sleepy
t330.52010-04-10yesSeriously anyone who likes VNs has to play this. Aaaaawsome.
t367.312010-03-19Is there any need to review this?There is a need to review this.. F/SN is good but it's incredibly over rated, can't really understand why.. Maybe because of the anime whatever. Not