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v34743.42022-05-19 at 18:15gargargarrickQualia/ΔVery quick TL of the story intro from a magazine feature. Sorry for any errors! The reading for the country's name will almost certainly need to be
v595.112022-04-14 at 00:50gargargarrickSalvatore!Correcting player character's name
v30423.72021-06-26 at 22:37gargargarrickMenherafflesia Flowering AbyssOne does not "suffer" from mental HEALTH.
v28196.92020-08-03 at 21:10gargargarrickYoru, TomosuFixing spelling
v2003.162018-02-25 at 11:40gargargarrickOnly You -Seikimatsu no Juliette-tachi-The default name is Yuuji (the characters tab and all Japanese sources agree). I think the disk image where his name is Hiroki was not a clean
v567.132016-02-25 at 22:11gargargarrickBorn Freaks!Added some staff
s8634.12016-02-25 at 22:09gargargarrickShibano KaitoI found that this artist wasn't present in the database yet, and saw fit to add them.
v4594.132015-09-16 at 04:10gargargarrickDream ClubGrammar/spelling fixes
v6065.52015-03-03 at 20:35gargargarrickMaid no Yakata ~Zetsubou Hen~Adding OP vocalist
v197.92015-02-06 at 04:21gargargarrickPrincess BrideAdding opening vocalist
v2000.112015-02-06 at 04:18gargargarrickOnly You -Re Cross-Adding insert vocalist
v1736.22015-02-06 at 04:15gargargarrickOL ShimaiAdding theme vocalist
v432.152015-02-06 at 04:10gargargarrickLamento -Beyond the Void-Adding OP vocalist
v9709.42014-11-27 at 07:24gargargarrickKyoudai Hiai ~Iya na no ni, Kanjichau~On the official English and Japanese sites, the sister's name is given as Arisa, not Yuusha (which would be a strange name for a girl in any case
r36397.22014-09-09 at 20:26gargargarrickVile HalicarnassusAdding resolution
c17122.12014-02-25 at 13:31gargargarrickNikaidou SoutaAdding character
c17121.12014-02-25 at 13:16gargargarrickAsou NaoAdding character
v9027.62014-02-25 at 13:04gargargarrickJisatsu Shigansha DoumeiAdded summary
v14443.32014-02-25 at 12:53gargargarrickAni Love ~Josou Bishounen Kakumei!~Adding a summary
p2332.22014-01-06 at 07:53gargargarrickTwinkle NightFixing homepage link