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t17010.662021-11-07The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDBBesides, a description is in no way representative of the vn tl quality as 9.8/10 times it's written/translated by a completely random unrelated anon.
t16054.1222021-08-31Reporting MTL releases@121 to be fair according to... deepl... "3. I really feel like these three screenshots are the best translation in the game. Because linking words
t8145.262021-08-29Release of the translationThe prose itself is not the entirety of Sayooshi, sure. But the accurate depiction of the protagonist's inner world and emotion is paramount as it's
t16054.1142021-08-29Reporting MTL releases@113, I think it should be noted it reads like this link
t16054.1112021-08-25Reporting MTL releasesI was talking about the English "translation" specifically. I haven't seen any other, so no idea how they translated them. Maybe they used google or
t16054.1082021-08-24Reporting MTL releases@104, In fact, I'm moderately confident it's not just any mtl, but Deepl. Gotta love how it randomly generates sentences that have nothing to do with
t16804.122021-08-15About that TL projectWould be fascinating if it turned out to be mtled from the Chinese patch.
t16015.22021-05-10These games should be on the dbI agree. The gameplay here is minimal and the games are almost fully narration/dialogue only. They should be allowed to be on the DB.
t9765.12017-10-14Trial EditionIs it possible to get the trial somewhere? All links are dead and the information is scarce. I spent a few hours googling, yahooing and doing many
t9764.12017-10-14A few questionsHi, sorry to disturb you, but is it possible to contact you outside vndb in any way? I'd like to ask you a few questions about the vn you've read
t6702.162016-04-05What's your opinion and at what age did u read?I was 15 if I remember it right.
t6065.12015-01-04TheresiaWhy is it deleted? Perhaps it has an unusual gameplay, but as for me you still can call it a vn.