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v25587.32019-04-04 at 03:04takafumiBy Your SideAdded screenshots
v25587.22019-04-04 at 02:50takafumiBy Your SideAdded Seiyuu
s18368.12019-04-04 at 02:50takafumiCaitlin MyersAdding voice actor
c82161.32019-04-04 at 02:36takafumiThe ProtagonistAdded Darling alias.
c82165.12019-04-04 at 02:35takafumiEuonAdded a side character.
c82164.12019-04-04 at 02:30takafumiThe HeroineAdded Heroine
c82161.22019-04-04 at 02:23takafumiThe ProtagonistRelease fix.
c82161.12019-04-04 at 02:21takafumiThe ProtagonistAdded Protagonist
r63040.22019-04-04 at 02:04takafumiBy Your SideAdded itchio link.
r63040.12019-04-04 at 02:03takafumiBy Your SideAdding release.
v25587.12019-04-04 at 01:54takafumiBy Your SideAdded to database.
r37408.12014-11-22 at 23:42takafumiAir - Unofficial All Ages PatchAdded information of a tweak patch for Air - Standard Edition.