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t1273.22011-03-17Format change on Orion HeartGetchu : "メディア:CD-ROM JANコード:4995669512222 品番: Por001" Comshop : "メディア枚数 : CD1枚"
t1232.42011-02-28I hope you read this soon"Then do you know someone who does?"u1153
t1232.22011-02-28I hope you read this soon"Anyway, what I wanted to ask you is if you know Japanese, because in that case I'd like some help with romanization on some VN titles I'd like to
t1154.12011-01-21Accidental duplicater12291 - please delete. Sorry.
t860.12010-09-23RequestPlease remove cancelled release: link
t840.12010-09-11Duplicate of visual novelv4826
t788.12010-08-11Accidental duplicate, please deleter9471 - please delete.
t776.12010-08-04DeletePlease delete r498, since it fandisc.