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t8014.12016-07-08Does the ps3fication work on Steam?Does the ps3 port mod work with the steam version?
t6260.12015-02-25How-do? Okaeri or not?Hey Y'all I got a hankerin' for some familial lovin' but I was wondering if the remake is worth it over the original. Which do y'all druther play?
t5963.32014-12-18What's the difference with the Low Price Edition?They took off a few yen.
t6017.52014-12-17Still worth reading after being spoiled?I see, I generally don't mind slice of life and the fact that almost all members of the cast are adults interests me. I don't have high expectations
t6017.12014-12-17Still worth reading after being spoiled?I was spoiled and now know that Izumi and Okuhiko are lying to you about the premonitions and are secretly in league. Is that the big twist and is
t5916.92014-11-07Arc's Route Last?But I don't care what anyone thinks, best girl IS best girl......Whatever I'll just read it the way you all stated, thanks.
t5916.62014-11-07Arc's Route Last?#5 Would I mess up my experience if I did? I like to read "best girl" last for VNs which is why I asked this question.
t5916.12014-11-07Arc's Route Last?I finally caved in and decided to play this game. I wanted to wait for the remake but then I thought; what if I died tomorrow or next week without
t2989.452014-08-03Co╬╝ -GD-Is it ok to skip Mayuki's route? I read the basic summary of her route and I don't like it. Can I skip her without missing anything?
t5267.12014-04-25Any Space Operas?Just finished watching LoGH and now I am hungry for some space epic VNs. I would prefer one with some great political drama. English or Japanese is
t5257.172014-04-24VN for my 7 yr old nieceYour niece seems pretty smart enough to read something like Clannad or other key games so try that. Although the former isn't great right now since
t5251.142014-04-24Why isn't this translated yet?@11 Yes Purple and shaped like a Type 00d sADS awd asd Also I like to read at night to soak in the atmosphere so the battles are a waste of my
t5251.82014-04-24Why isn't this translated yet?That and the gameplay must be as painful to translate as it is to play. I might end up loving the story but the gameplay is just a waste of time. I
t5251.12014-04-23Why isn't this translated yet?Because its not really that good.
t5238.12014-04-21Horrible Video BugI have this really odd bug that stops the videos halfway. The first prologue video stops after the "I am completely sane" line then moves on to the
t5115.32014-03-08Do you need to read Tsukihime?Thanks I will read Tsukihime one day but I'm one of those people who can wait till the end of time to read the remake. I just can't stand the
t5115.12014-03-06Do you need to read Tsukihime?i've seen and read every Type-Moon work except the aforementioned and its sequels. i know who Touko is since I watched KnK.
t5000.32014-01-22Is the current beta patch good?I don't expect it to be perfect, that's not what I'm asking. I just want to know if its good enough to play (No random Japanese lines and Horrible
t5000.12014-01-22Is the current beta patch good?I really wanna read this now but I don't want to ruin the experience with crappy editing like the Clannad After Story translation. Should I wait for
t4985.12014-01-18Yukito Unvoiced Patch?Is there a voice patch that leaves Yukito unvoiced? I prefer to read VNs with the protagonist unvoiced.