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r70125.22020-05-29 at 19:20eacilSilverio Ragnarok - 15+ Download Editionthis not all-age, even on steam (publisher imported from there)
r68397.22020-05-29 at 19:14eacilSilverio - Saga Series - Destiny Packagethe name changed apparently, also the number of memory cards though I can't say if 2枚組 refers to DVD+card or DVD+2 cards? ; voiced
r67030.72020-05-29 at 19:05eacilSilverio Ragnarok - 15+ Regular Editionthere is no such thing as a 18+ regular edition
r67031.82020-05-29 at 19:05eacilSilverio Ragnarok - 15+ Regular Editionduplicate of r67030
r67031.72020-05-28 at 21:05eacilSilverio Ragnarok - 15+ Regular Editiontitles fixed, rating, jan, voiced, reso (I didn't check but there is no reason it should be any different than the other releases)
r70124.32020-05-28 at 20:41eacilSilverio Ragnarok - Download EditionReverted to revision r70124.1 ok, so the steank release is the E15 r70125 even though it's filtered behind the 18+ wall
r71218.52020-05-28 at 20:11eacilSilverio Ragnarok - Download Editionduplicate of r70124, see t2108.3193 (the publ and link were exported)
r70124.22020-05-28 at 20:10eacilSilverio Ragnarok - Download Editionpubl/link from steank
r72116.12020-05-28 at 19:43eacilIsekai Hentai Seikatsu! ~Tensei Shita Ore wa Shokushu ya Mamono ya Onna no Ko...Copied from r72115.1
r72115.12020-05-28 at 19:42eacilIsekai Hentai Seikatsu! ~Tensei Shita Ore wa Shokushu ya Mamono ya Onna no Ko...release