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BodyAcne, Dirty, Phimosis, Small Penis, Teen
PersonalityAntisocial, Boku, Feminist, No Sense of Direction, Otaku, Romantic, Strange, Thrifty, Timid
RoleBased on a Real Person, French, Gamer, Hikikomori, Living Alone, Lonely, NEET, Present in Flashbacks Only, Sexual Submissive
Engages in (Sexual)Anal Masturbation, Discreet Masturbation, Humping, Masturbation, Masturbation with Object, Penile Masturbation

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r16173.42022-05-28 at 07:45IlecaRinkan Gakkou - PC9821 CD Editionsame cat number btw
r16173.32022-05-28 at 07:44IlecaRinkan Gakkou - PC9821 CD EditionI now have the proof that this release exists too thanks to the back covers > link don't ask me what's the difference between the two releases coz I
v11415.92022-05-28 at 04:41IlecaOtotama ~Boku-tachi Girls Band Desu~cover without copyright
r64408.32022-05-28 at 00:43IlecaGeu Kkochipe Immatchumeul - New Generation!this MG release is 18+ with uncensored content
r64411.32022-05-28 at 00:33IlecaGeu Kkochipe Immatchumeul - Cheonsaui Donggyeongyou forgot to add the platform and rating/etc., I am guessing them as website is dead
v15080.622022-05-27 at 20:31IlecaHatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yorimouse is visible on those screenshots
r52360.242022-05-27 at 20:18IlecaSenren * Banka - All-ages Editionyour note is barely understandable, bro, and you are removing part of the information; also I see no proof this is all age as the "all-age edition
r51326.62022-05-27 at 20:02IlecaMagical Charming!t2108.4722
v8029.112022-05-27 at 09:07IlecaRinkan Gakkoucropped cover with better colors
r16173.22022-05-27 at 08:41IlecaRinkan Gakkoujan according to surugaya link date is probably wrong coz the copyright is dated 1996 link