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r54455.22017-11-24 at 03:47eacilHimitsu Inkou Chika Club ~Biyaku ni Oboreru Shitai~ Low Price EditionMGGW-0147 is for the original release, not this one; jan, for some reason, marigold.1000.tv doesn't work anymore and redirect to www.lune-soft.jp but...
r54595.12017-11-23 at 23:00eacilGrim Reaper! -Gaima Shikkou Shoujotai-release
v22179.12017-11-23 at 22:59eacilGrim Reaper! -Gaima Shikkou Shoujotai-vn - not sure at all about 刈魔
r54594.12017-11-23 at 22:49eacilBaldr Bringer - Basis Editionrelease
r54548.22017-11-23 at 22:45eacilKamaitachi no Yoru - Rinne Saiseijan, cat, rating (18歳未満の方は購入できません link), publ, website