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c7930.62019-05-20 at 03:09eacilSammy Stephensname fixed: it's explicitly said in-game that the name is the same as the one of a tv witch (Samantha Stephens > サマンサ・スティーブンス)
v24211.82019-05-18 at 22:03eacilSeigi no Henshin Heroine o Sasaeru Ore to Aku no Onna Kanbufixed line breaking
r63777.12019-05-17 at 22:35eacilGreat Deceiver - Download EditionNew release based on r63772.2
r63772.22019-05-17 at 22:34eacilGreat Deceiver - Package Editiondiff pk/dl, jan, cat
r63776.12019-05-17 at 22:33eacilKisaku-tachi - Download EditionNew release based on r63387.3