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r5873.92021-10-25 at 19:22eacilInfinity Cure.importing the note
p1873.82021-10-25 at 02:49eacilOrcsoftwikidata: about time!
r83928.32021-10-25 at 00:03eacilRettou Idenshi ni Yogosareruproducers, reso, engine, voiced, animation, website > external link (dude, you still don't know how to properly fill a release?)
v32545.42021-10-24 at 22:19eacilRettou Idenshi ni YogosareruReverted to revision v32545.2 "Plain event CG images without any text or interfaces are allowed to demonstrate the drawing style, but should not
r45904.52021-10-24 at 10:50eacilTonari no Seki no Gyaru Bitch ~Boku wa Kanojo no Sexfriend!?~pretty important note
r16655.52021-10-24 at 10:39eacil*joku Chikan Bus - Download EditionReverted to revision r16655.3 you can do that only if you can prove that it was published on another store where it wasn't censored or that it wasn't
v14.522021-10-24 at 01:22eacilSchool Dayshard to tell if it's a better cover but it's less blurry and has better colors (faces are not all white)
v21049.62021-10-24 at 00:54eacilInsatiable Creaturesartist, composer
s24865.12021-10-24 at 00:53eacilShidastaff entry
r2337.42021-10-23 at 09:03eacilKamaitachi no Yoru internetwebsite, engine (動作環境 macromedia FlashPlayer 6), dev, no age rating, note updated