Length votes by Ileca

2022-06-18Good Girl Gone Bad15h44m-r69560Dropped roughly a little before completing half the game according to the gallery mod. Used a time tracker.
2022-06-14Jiju Yu Guaiqi Shijian Bu50h9mSlowr69598100%. Used a time tracker. Slow because this game was a chore to read.
2022-06-11Prince of Suburbia6h29m-r55150Played version 0.6 (first oral sex with your mo... landlady). Used a time tracker.
2022-05-25One Small Fire at a Time4h55mNormalr45569100%. Used a time tracker.
2022-05-25Mio no Mystery Adventure1h22mNormalr19137100%. Used a time tracker. No guide.
2022-05-25Spectra1h31mNormalr62651100%. Used a time tracker.
2022-05-25Suishou no Dragon2h56mNormalr10878100%. Used a time tracker. No guide.
2022-05-25Lynne2h44mNormalr54216100%. Used a time tracker.
2022-05-25Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken15h21mNormalr8741100%. Used a time tracker. Didn't use a guide contrary to those who want to make you believe this is a 2 hours game, which is absolute BS.
2022-05-25N no Shokutaku2h26mNormalr74477100%. Used a time tracker.
2022-05-25If Found...4h41mNormalr77106100%. Used a time tracker.
2022-05-17Doll House2h45mNormalr74728100%. Used two time trackers.
2022-05-01AI: Somnium Files56h51mSlowr66321100%. Clicked on every single freaking object. >.> Listened to every single voice. Slow because I reread some segments instead of jumping directly to new stuff. Used a time tracker.
2022-02-25Tsumugu Logic29h57mNormalr83044Main story. Times recorded manually so expect +/- 10% inaccuracy.
2022-02-25Luoxuan Yuanwuqu62h21m-r80817S1, chapter 6/11, sub-chapter 8/12, level 72. Times recorded manually so expect +/- 10% inaccuracy.
2022-02-13Shironagasu Tou e no Kikan19h45mNormalr76020100%. 15h57 main story. 3h48 extra story. Used a time tracker.
2022-01-28Kurokami-sama no Bansan8h41mNormalr8569599%? Missing one ingredient. Four endings (submission, fight, true ending, love Kurokami-sama which is the real true ending). Listened to every single voice. Used a time tracker.
2022-01-25Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York13h39mNormalr84480100%. Used a time tracker.
2022-01-23Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York22h33mNormalr77923Two playthroughs with Lamar. All events cleared except the ones linked to Eric and Amanda. Used a time tracker.
2022-01-22Necrobarista8h4mNormalr83498Main and extra stories. Used a time tracker.
2021-12-287Days3h32mFastr80148Two playthroughs and all endings. Times recorded manually so expect +/- 10% inaccuracy.
2021-12-28Underworld Office3h43mNormalr80467All endings but not all pictures. Used a walkthrough for 14mn/one token ending. Times recorded manually so expect +/- 10% inaccuracy.
2021-12-04London Tantei Monogatari1h52mNormalr25004100%. Times recorded manually so expect +/- 10% inaccuracy.
2021-12-03Ripple Island4h13mNormalr59446100% (3 endings). Used a guide for area 2 and I suggest you to do the same because it’s insane. Times recorded manually so expect +/- 10% inaccuracy.
2021-11-30Kangoku Shounen14hNormalr52473100%. 13H main story. 1H extra content. Used a guide once at the very end. Times recorded manually so expect +/- 10% inaccuracy.
2021-11-15Haishin6h14mFastr79831100%. Used a guide and started skipping voices after I got fed up with that garbage. Used a time tracker.
2021-10-21Pale Cachexia8h40mSlowr76506100%. Used a time tracker. Had a hard time remaining alert cause it is way too boring slow.
2021-10-11Actual Sunlight2h50mNormalr83336100%. Used a time tracker.
2021-09-27STARLESS79h23mNormalr37542100% thoroughly fapped on everything like a madman. Listened to every single voice. Used a time tracker.
2021-08-03Rinjin -Neighbor-6h24mNormalr55153100%. Listened to every single voice. Used a time tracker.
2021-08-03DEAD END JUNCTION15h5mNormalr47512100%. Used a time tracker.
2021-08-03Will: Meihao Shijie19h3mNormalr56040100% all endings with the help of a walkthrough after a short while because of bad game design. Used a time tracker.
2021-08-03ENIGMA:15h4mNormalr47566100%. Used a time tracker.