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t18693.92022-07-03Sekai Project New TitlesBtw, seeing Beliar adding the entry, I didn't notice that you forgot Yeguang in your list! Not PC, though. I already wishlisted it and it's one of
t18693.82022-07-03Sekai Project New TitlesI am not crazy, Denpasoft's panel is done and they only announced some 3D crap from Blue Arrow Garden and a pseudo NTR game? Meaning no Parfait 18
t18696.12022-07-03Jast USA's Anime Expo 2022 announcementsGore Screaming Show Tokyo Necro Shin'yaku In'youchuu Gears of Dragoon 2 ~Reimei no Fragments~ Naka no Hito nado Inai! Tokyo Hero Project (you can't
t2108.47802022-07-03Candidates for deletionJust so you know, you can modify a release <> vn(s) relation without having to create a new release. Also, localizations don't keep the jp name. God
t6358.232022-07-03Another new Science VN (not Sci-Adv series)Coming to PC next year. Localized by Spike Chunsoft. It's pretty good compared to what we were used to get from 5pb. Not a joke this time. link link
t18693.22022-07-02Sekai Project New TitlesI am not sure what to think of that. Nie no Hakoniwa is intriguing but it's a brand owned by Sayori. On the other hand, she doesn't seem to be
t2108.47732022-07-02Candidates for deletionYou are lucky I got reverted in less than 3 minutes. I feel doubly powerless.
t2108.47712022-07-02Candidates for deletionOnoreeeeeee Nah-ee-yo-hoe-ra!!! Who gave this m*********er mod's rights to deliver some hard truth around like that??? I am removing your mod's
w4601.12022-07-02Onee-chan no YuuwakuWhy don't you use the note field instead? If you missed this feature, it's the bubble next to My vote.
t8242.11932022-07-02The how to edit threadIn my case, I use vndb's characters and staff to find which reading is the most common (probably feeding a loop). If it's not on vndb, I try
w4592.32022-07-01Sei Shoujo ~Seido Ikusei Gakuen~That is exactly what happens in Enkou Shoujo. It's a little abusive at the beginning but it quickly switches to what you call "awakening" with the
t18684.62022-07-01Shiravune localizes Great Deceiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No, Lemnisca LLC handled Iwaihime's "translation, editing, quality checking". link
w4592.12022-07-01Sei Shoujo ~Seido Ikusei Gakuen~What the flying fuck with this name?! When I saw your review in the stack, for a moment I thought that someone made a VN to the glory of Sei Shoujo
t18685.22022-07-01Engine NameGood chance it's Artemis Engine based on previous releases from this dev.
t18684.32022-07-01Shiravune localizes Great Deceiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nope, I never read anything from them. Marco to Ginga Ryuu wasn't their translation, Eden's Ritter and Sakusei Byoutou, I read them in Japanese
t18684.12022-07-01Shiravune localizes Great Deceiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Holy cow, I don't know how bad are DMM Shiravune's translations but if they are not, Empress finally was freed from Jast's extra snailness. Also, no
t18670.142022-06-30Huge change of the tagging systemIt's like when I get reverted by Mrkew for making Miyazono Mikumo a side heroine because, well, she is important and all, but she is not compared to H
t18683.12022-06-30When is Lewdness taking place?No spoiler of any kind, thanks. Like don't tell me when the VN ends or what the VN is about. When is the VN starting, if that is specified or can be
t18670.122022-06-30Huge change of the tagging systemBeing in the minority, I reverted my changes, to keep going with the ambiguous rules that everybody can interpret how they see fit. I thought I was
t18674.32022-06-30Source ?My source for this game and Ningen Fushin no Renkinjutsushi to Moto Heishi no Homunculus was Waffle's latest stream: link.
t18670.22022-06-30Huge change of the tagging systemDude, you got riled 15 minutes after I made this edit. When did I have the chance to write a heads up? Instead, I waited a little to see if there
t3314.29162022-06-29TraitsAs it currently stands, Subject of > Bimbofication is messing with the results. It makes bimbo and gyaru equivalent. You can see that searching for
t3617.28492022-06-29Tags suggestions/fixes"Sperm Inside Mouth" and "coming inside mouth" is not gokkun as it has nothing to do with swallowing sperm.
w4572.12022-06-28Camera o Tomenaide! ~Wakazuma no Kakusareta Yokubou~"hastily put together just to fill a quota"Appetite and co. literally have a monthly quota to achieve. What you are saying is not surprising
t10302.4802022-06-27Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadLike the Scarlet Hollow's reviews were flagged instead of using the "The reviewer is suspected to be engaged in covert advertisement" feature, I
t18648.12022-06-27Need h code plz plz i beg uYay, another thread asking for an h code. \o/ Specifically for the first windows release, the one with the GOD AWFUL FONT (link link). I hope the one
t950.13012022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!I can refer you to a good doujinshi if you want.
t950.12992022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!I like your first suggestion. I propose this list of "punishments": 1 dekopin 2 spanking 3 bukkake by ten vndb users 4 nipple dick-shaped piercings 5
t18638.112022-06-26My pet peeve, background voice in H-scene.I said I was reading Motoyan Oku-san to Gyaru Musume-chan and it has intermittent sound of copulation but the guy is moving his hips to the speed of
t18638.62022-06-26My pet peeve, background voice in H-scene.If we are going to talk about annoying things that loop, what I truly don't understand is the voice button that loops the voices. You have to click
t950.12872022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!You can order by vote...
t18629.52022-06-25Problem with animated H-scenesUsing XP for Windows 10 only VN from 2021-2022 VN is likely to be a waste of your time. Elf no Oyome-san's website is telling you that you need
t18638.42022-06-25My pet peeve, background voice in H-scene.I am in love with BGV since I read Buta Hime-sama ten years ago and I still remember to this day this ero scene with DOUBLE BGV. ♥__♥ The thing would
t950.12852022-06-25VNDB Suggestions!You mean like voting on your favorite VN higher and then ordering them by vote? As long as your list is public, everybody can find your favs. If your
t2520.6832022-06-25Minor error/sI see. I need to replace them anyway like they are not using the right resolution. I had to extract the assets to check as it was driving me crazy
t2520.6812022-06-25Minor error/sPrince of Suburbia's screenshot section is broken.
t18581.52022-06-25About BD-PG and DVD-PG releasesThank you for that report. That was very interesting. If you ever upload those screenshots, don't forget to post the link here. I remember a long
t950.12832022-06-24VNDB Suggestions!Actually, the relation the most used is, by 8 points (lol): Shares characters 3694 Same series 3686 Sequel/Prequel 2908 Same setting 1556
t2108.47682022-06-24Candidates for deletionI didn't read it yet so I can't judge and everybody who has been talking about it seems to not have read it either. I just made some basic cleaning
t3314.29132022-06-23TraitsBody > Very apparent muscles "Two wrongs does not make it right, Ileca. I understand why you want this, but rather than cleaning the actual original
t18342.62022-06-23how many episodes are planned ?With the planned release of Sakusei Byoutou COMPLETE, you have the answer to your question: three volumes total.
t18621.22022-06-23What is popularity?t97.8 That's my default ordering.
t8242.11892022-06-22The how to edit threadUnlockable Gallery doesn't mean the VN doesn't have a gallery that is coming in in a later version but that "the gallery button is initially not
t18589.132022-06-19No lolibaba tag or trait?I said most of the time because I am not knowledgeable when it comes to Touhou Project and I think she can switch into some kind of psychopath. But
t18588.72022-06-19Problem opening the gameNo, I meant the the game might simply be checking that you have a DVD drive, not that you have to use it. In the end, it's just speculation. It would
t18589.112022-06-19No lolibaba tag or trait?Lolibabaa has nothing to do with personality. Flandre Scarlet is one of the most well known lolibabaa and she is childish, most of the time
t18589.82022-06-18No lolibaba tag or trait?A lolibabaa is a girl with the body of a loli but who is actually (much) older. I would say you have to be at least an adult to be qualified as a
t18588.52022-06-18Problem opening the gameIt's a game from 2007. Everybody had a DVD drive. I had this game that drove me crazy and what happened is that it refused to start because I didn't
t18588.22022-06-18Problem opening the gameIt's written on DMM that you need a DVD drive.
t2108.47602022-06-18Candidates for deletionNope. Accomplice is the main story, and Fukushuu no Odaku is a side story and the reason why it's called ACCOMPLICE番外編. Go to Accomplice's official