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t16217.352021-06-12Visual Novels Are games?#33, motion comics and movies have menus and can have bookmarking or chaptering. Are those games too? Seriously, guys, your arguments are really weak
t16217.302021-06-11Visual Novels Are games?@butterflygrrl: Yeah, I didn't want to mean take any VN and strip it of its choices but more like strip the VN genre of its choices and the genre
t16217.272021-06-11Visual Novels Are games?I am grasping at what you gave me, i.e. everything is a game as long as it's a software. Not my bad if you think it's enough to close the debate
t16217.252021-06-11Visual Novels Are games?QED Photoshop is a game. Thank you Kiru. (Link in #3 if for you.) QED a plain book in a book reader with some throttling decided by the writer is
t16102.322021-06-02this sucks`adduser iwannarategames --home /home/bill/shelter1879325 adduser iwannarategames sheep`
t16102.292021-06-02this sucksI tried `man friend` and `friend --help` and found no entry. What is this command for? Probably something useless.
t7099.452021-05-28Black Cyclet No-Nos official gourmet threadBlack Cyc is commemorating its 20th anniversary. Every month Ueda Metawo and Shiizaki Hinaki will create original tapestries for past Black Cyc's
t13050.1302021-05-28SalesAll Lose's stuff except Last Run is at 100 yens on dlsite.
w1429.52021-05-25Lewdness ~Vita Sexualis~We will know what Jast USA picked up next... in six years no less.
t2520.5652021-05-25Minor error/sPeople on mobile can't hover over staff's overflowing notes like SoulSet.
t8242.5712021-05-24The how to edit threadThis is a different matter entirely. I checked the game and on window mode it's 1014*768 and on my 1600*900 the viewport is stretched to 1188*900 aka
t8242.5692021-05-24The how to edit threadYou want to input 1024x768 for a game that will only run at this resolution if you mod it? I don't think we should do that. You don't even know if it
t16054.242021-05-24Reporting MTL releasesDo we really have to not judge every release by Moshi Youxi Zhongwenhua Xingqu Xiaozu as MTL because they deny it even though you can't possibly
t16096.12021-05-22Does anyone have this game?The guy decided to hate his own game half a year after release and removed it from everywhere. Did anyone archive it? (The windows version.)
t16054.212021-05-22Reporting MTL releasesI am tempted to flag Souls's English as MTL based on the screenshots, synopsis, trailer, and like two reviews complaining about the atrocious grammar
t2520.5622021-05-21Minor error/sI noticed that Ouka Sabaki has a blurry cover and that is caused by the css's width which is one pixel wrong and stretch the cover. This is far from
t3314.25212021-05-21TraitsIt doesn't matter, it's avoidable. It doesn't matter, it's avoidable. It doesn't matter, it's avoidable. It doesn't matter, it's avoidable. It doesn
t3314.25182021-05-21TraitsI think there is a slight problem here > link.
t16084.22021-05-20Regarding r63531.9I stopped anyway because I knew there was going to be some reaction but I didn't expect you. I can only think of Lemnisca LLC which is a team that I
t8242.5632021-05-18The how to edit threadThis guy keeps tabs on everybody. Never tell him where you are from. As for the matter at hand: it's good to format the titles correctly but there
t15877.442021-05-17The messy display of multiversionlanguage releasesThere should be an original language flag for collapsing. Coz I hid every language but English and Japanese but I just came back from a Chinese VN
t8242.5542021-05-16The how to edit threadI think you should either lowercase the whole title or do nothing. A bastard ruling would be uglier than keeping ChäoS;HEAd. Imagine starting to
t12755.1112021-05-14Linking Databases, part 2When a steam link is dead, removing it will also remove the steamdb link when this one still provides info. Example: r59842.5 (link is still alive
t16039.22021-05-12Archiving this GroupChocolate Love > link I found one with the wayback machine. Try the same for the others.
t15635.982021-05-10Amayui castle meister Translation">Why are some entries marked as 'Counterfeit'? Sadly, an entry is marked as Counterfeit when unscrupulous people have made fake version(s) of the
t15635.962021-05-10Amayui castle meister TranslationStop deforming my words. MFC is the perfect balance between warning against thieves and not giving them support. Sure, if you are a thief yourself
t15635.942021-05-10Amayui castle meister Translation"It'd be nice to untangle this discussion from power politics and moral crusading"Which is impossible because accepting or not MTL is a political
t15356.82021-05-03Someone enlight meFor posterity, the game starts after the second arc which ends at S01E12. Episode 13 starts exactly like the game but instead of meeting with the old
t15942.32021-04-29There's going to be a sequel... Right?Probably link. Unfortunately, review's comments are not searchable.
t15356.72021-04-25Someone enlight meOk, thanks. I will do that.
t15356.52021-04-25Someone enlight meI started the anime. When is it advised to read it? No spoilers plz.
t15905.152021-04-21Naming characters. "Original" vs "Actual"Concise means "short and clear". The word you want is consistent. Just saying. :3
t15877.362021-04-21The messy display of multiversionlanguage releases"An alternative that hasn't been brought up yet in this context: tracking which releases have been "superseded" by others. That way all the
t950.9172021-04-04VNDB Suggestions!At least do not anonymize accounts of users who deleted their account after they were criticized for their edits. It became impossible to fix his
t14750.102021-04-01NEED HOOK CODEHonestly, even in Japanese this is damn awkward. Imagine having to call your wife chinko while you have sex with her. You are shagging a dick lol
t13883.202021-03-15it has english version nowr71234 (To be exact, unofficial MTL aren't accepted.)
t7442.7002021-03-13Game inclusion in the DB"The fact that you exclude Monkey Island based on the year, rather than any sort of features of the game itself, speaks loads about your "proposal"."I
t13727.3632021-03-10Flagging ImagesThis would defeat the system's purpose. You are basically asking for a loophole. The cover only got one vote. Give it time for others to vote and the
t7442.6902021-03-10Game inclusion in the DBThe point I tried to make is that even if they are not story-driven adventure games or are date simulators, they were PIONEERS and their elements led
t7442.6852021-03-08Game inclusion in the DBOoi! Kaguya-hime is a strip shooter. She wears a juunihitoe, a multi-layered ceremonial kimono. You have to find Kaguya hidden in the bamboos by
t7442.6832021-03-08Game inclusion in the DBWtf Beliar. Just when I spent two hours adding all the releases of Mystery House from Sierra and Micro Cabin. I am tired and now I have to defend
t15372.772021-03-08Advancing SearchRelease > Type > Complete.
t15551.102021-03-07Regarding VNDS.I hope you like the new platform's icon. If not, you are free to make a better one.
t10302.2122021-03-07Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI wouldn't be surprised if the 10 who voted on the troll entry link were the same people. u163108 also made a troll entry. There is a lot of overlap
t15551.82021-03-06Regarding VNDS.Do you know a logo representing VNDS so it could be made into a platform icon? Edit: how good are you with svg?
t15551.62021-03-06Regarding VNDS."There is some difference between what VNDS does and "proper" emulation, which takes a verbatim release and runs it on a piece of software. Here you
t15648.42021-03-05Regarding r61744.4: dead linkNo problem. All you have to do is click on the release's edit tab, fill the website's field with a new link or remove it, write "link replaced
t15648.22021-03-05Regarding r61744.4: dead linkYou know you can add a new one if you know one, or delete it yourself (like it's a non archived link)?
t2108.36782021-03-05Candidates for deletionQpo, you should fill every release's note field of Once10 because what you said in t2108.3661 is data of interest. It would remove a lot of
t950.8992021-02-26VNDB Suggestions!To be fair, guests who report missing information are greeted with a message telling them they can edit the db themselves and they purposely decide