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t14282.22020-07-02English Episode 2?link
t14277.22020-06-30Developer?Outbreak Games has been making adult video gaming entertainment since 2008. Started as a hobby by founder CypressZeta [...]Cypress Zeta is not
t2108.32522020-06-30Candidates for deletionMy first sentence comes as a little~ rude as she came for a confirmation and I am sorry for that. I agree with her and ask her to merge the entries
t2108.32502020-06-30Candidates for deletionIt's a deletion thread. Correction: I agree with you but you need to merge the entries before we can delete them. What you need to do is to move all
t14272.22020-06-30About the eng patchEverything is explained on the translator's blog... No, it doesn't make a 100% patch. One is for the Animation version and the other one for the
t9827.182020-06-28Absolute trashIt's literally in the official website.
t14249.82020-06-27Changed names of real thingsNever heard of self-censorship? What tells you they are unable to plan ahead? It can pretty much have something to do with the PC release itself, as
t14249.62020-06-26Changed names of real thingsIf Kabukichou is the only place which had this kind of treatment, you might be onto something with a switch VN not wanting to make a direct reference
t8242.2642020-06-25The how to edit threadIt's the availability of the product itself that matters, not what channel it passes through. You should explain that in the note field to not
t14246.42020-06-25strange criteria in this databaseIt's not because a game by a developer matches vndb's rules that this dev's other games fit too. Inclusion is on a per game basis. In fact, if you
t14245.22020-06-24A 6 for artIt's been a while since I came to the conclusion that being a great artist doesn't equate to being great at anything else. I wouldn't be surprised if
t3617.23122020-06-24Tags suggestions/fixesPlease guys, no discrimination because the guy is Chinese. Not all of them are spammers. The only thing that matters: are they good tags or not
t14232.52020-06-22Genre not appropriateA sea rise impacts every part of the globe the same unless you can tell me a sea rise can happen locally (not talking about closed seas). If the sea
t8242.2622020-06-22The how to edit threadI assume Kiru put non-standard because the reso list stopped before so even if you knew the reso it would have been non-standard whatever it would
t8242.2572020-06-22The how to edit threadThe game resolution shouldn't be the size of the pictures. It should be the size of the "viewport". So, when I read "ren'py game resolution 1500x1080
t8242.2552020-06-22The how to edit threadIsn't non-standard meant to be deleted? The reso should be left blank as that information can be found separately in the releases the compil is made
t14232.32020-06-22Genre not appropriateIf it had "experienced an apocalyptic event", it should be post-apo. The expectation between apo and post-apo are not the same at all. In apo, the
t14217.112020-06-19Do full animation novels still exist?This is a misunderstanding. I have one change to ask if you allow me: the Only should apply to CG/tachie separately, not to the whole VN. I mean
t14217.82020-06-19Do full animation novels still exist?And I created a tag just for that feeling you had when looking at ad:lib's VN. It's Flat Tints Only and I almost single-handedly tagged it as no one
t14217.62020-06-19Do full animation novels still exist?See, Darksshades, when I tell you that people can't even tell the difference between hand-drawn and vectorial animations?
t14217.32020-06-19Do full animation novels still exist?Yeah, no, VN using hand-drawn animation pretty much do not exist anymore. It was replaced by crappy vectorial animation. You don't need a whole
t14197.82020-06-16When trials are basically spinoffs?If their number is really low, then why is it a problem to split? Another solution, without splitting, is to make those releases "partial" instead of
t8242.2512020-06-15The how to edit threadTwo words glued together are fine to look at but keeping SweetSummerRainbow would be silly. It's a matter of readability. Anyway, if you observe the
t14195.62020-06-15Brainstorming release imagesI would choose the first package cover of the stack to illustrate the VN page. To prevent hosting the same cover ten times, I would allow the users
t8242.2492020-06-14The how to edit threadStill, Japanese have no spaces and they often do this mistake when they use our words. I think spaces should be inserted and are presently inserted
t3972.142020-06-14SSSS -GD-Just read the description. Pretty pretty good. The dlsite version is also quite tasty. Bollocks, you say? Oh yes, they're emptied daily into
t2108.32212020-06-10Candidates for deletionI am no expert but "reference" should refer to the fact that the alias is linked to a role. Meaning you must unlink the alias from any role before
t14152.22020-06-09Help me find this visual novel please and thnxOf course, it doesn't work. Download the pic and reupload it on imgur.
t950.7482020-06-09VNDB Suggestions!".chardetails a[href='/i 6']" selects a single tag (the link with the attribute). It's the whole nondescript tr parent I want to hide. <tr> <td
t950.7452020-06-09VNDB Suggestions!Can you put some id on the character's table rows where are sorted the traits per namespace (hair, eyes, subject of, etc.) so we can hide some of
t2108.32162020-06-08Candidates for deletionWhat the translator wants is irrelevant as to what should or should not be on vndb. From what I can decipher from this message is that the download
t215.922020-06-07Edelweiss - General DiscussionLike you played Kira Kira, can you tell me when exactly the VN takes place? Month, day maybe?
t2520.4092020-06-07Minor error/sThe warning should be enough to prevent us from overwriting other people's edit. Show the last diff to prevent the user from opening a new tab to
t14123.82020-06-07Character sprite change mid-sentence. New trend?Tachies changing in mid sentence is more of a bother than something great. You have to read and stare at the tachies at the same time. What happens
t2520.4072020-06-07Minor error/sWhy don't you timestamp the form when it is opened and check it against the newest edit's timestamp when it is submitted to see if a new edit was
t14130.82020-06-06Good Places to Find Guides?Forgot that one which is just for games from the period you want.
t14130.62020-06-06Good Places to Find Guides?Lol, why did you not ask for that first? Couldn't find a single walkthrough, though. If you have money and are truly desperate, there is one for this
t14130.42020-06-05Good Places to Find Guides?-
t14111.32020-06-02is this a cloud gaming site?t13970
t10302.1522020-05-30Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadu176131 is not necessarily trying to manipulate the votes. He might use his votes for another purpose than the intended one. Some votes on CG alone
t215.892020-05-29Edelweiss - General DiscussionYeah, you could fill vndb's quote database just with Edelweiss' ones. That's pretty much what saves it from being completely generic. Hope to find
t2108.31992020-05-28Candidates for deletionDidn't see the warning. Hmmm... What is the purpose of hiding a 15+ release behind the 18+ filter while warning you that it contains "Adult Only
t2520.3982020-05-28Minor error/sHe doesn't like staff anymore. Or maybe... we did something wrong and he is punishing us? Oh my god... what should we do? What should we do!?
t2108.31962020-05-28Candidates for deletionSeems perfectly reasonable. I will do that.
t2520.3962020-05-28Minor error/sThere is a little problem with the "Add Staff" page. I am currently in safe mode so I have NO ADD-ONS enabled.
t2108.31932020-05-28Candidates for deletionI don't know what to do with #3190. A new publisher should be enough to warrant a new release, and Ares Co., Ltd. is not another way to say Light as
t14068.32020-05-27Sol Press quits the VN marketImpact of Sol Press on my life since they came into the market: zero. Impact of this news on me: still no pulse, doctor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (< sound
t14053.62020-05-25What is the policy on RPG Maker games?Corpse Party and stuff like Dangan Ronpa/Gyakuten Saiban would have never been accepted even by the new more inclusive rules, if it wasn't for that
t14045.52020-05-25Regarding c45458.34Intersexualism is a spectrum, you are not de facto a perfect hermaphrodite with perfectly shaped penis and vagina. Gender is a social construct
t2108.31862020-05-25Candidates for deletionLet it be. That's what instances are here for. If you merge them, you will end up with original all-age Anal-chan having tons of hardcore traits and