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t12617.72019-07-18smartphone conversation ?Or use an OCR. Less 面倒くさい (if there is enough contrast).
t12613.272019-07-17Start the Engines!Ask yourself: can you fill the resolution field of TBA releases if the information is known?
t12613.242019-07-16Start the Engines!To those who are working, not talking, here are 385 doujins that can be tagged with LiveMaker > link On Freem, doujins tend to specify the tool they
t12613.102019-07-16Start the Engines!I mean converting an Other+note into a proper searchable list option. I initially thought Other was the same as Staff+note for staff, but as I
t12613.72019-07-15Start the Engines!Need Tyranobuilder and LiveMaker entries. Starting from how many releases an engine can pretend to its own entry? I was gonna add Floating Frame
t7121.392019-07-15Feature request: Add "Engine" field to releasesI was gonna say keep amateur translations but then I remembered Saya no Uta was ported to PONScripter. I believe Ren'py is versatile enough to not
t7121.332019-07-14Feature request: Add "Engine" field to releasesMG are porting some games to another engine when required. Thanks to the useful producer filter (NEW), I was able to quickly retrieve that Tick! Tack!
t12610.22019-07-14CV creditIt begs the question: why are you opening a useless thread instead of filling a 二上聖 entry with that information?
t12609.112019-07-14What Game...There is no such tag because it's release based. Check the Misc tab of release filters.
t12608.22019-07-14EmptyIt's the norm. BCG with people on it are the exception.
t12602.162019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?Only Virgin Heroines Babysitting Snowflake Protagonist High School Plants & Flowers
t12597.112019-07-12VN or anime first?Didn't read the VN but there was nothing good in the 2006 Deen anime, and certainly not the fighting scenes. It flabbergasted me to see so much hype
t12596.62019-07-11Can you identify the anime figures Takumi has?Because C;H is not only Nitroplus but even more 5pb./Mages. and both have tons of business relations. Mages. is a big cash factory which also
t12596.42019-07-11Can you identify the anime figures Takumi has?link
t12537.652019-07-11Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionExH is bad example. They joined shemale and futanari tags with "dickgirl on/on dickgirl" tags, which means that when you search for shemale you get
t12537.612019-07-10Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionYou are really uselessly derailing the subject at hand which is to find a way to incorporate the freaking exception brought by #1. Currently, the
t12580.32019-07-10Mahjong Gensoukyoku -General Discussion-Everything he is credited on vndb is true for the PC98 release of the first Mahjong Gensoukyoku, apart maybe from character-design which I am pretty
t12580.12019-07-09Mahjong Gensoukyoku -General Discussion-Like Jast decided to sit on Empress' licenses one more year, I decided I had enough and play Sei Shoujo's games all by myself. See, Jast, I am
t12537.472019-07-09Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionI said headaches. Hm... how to show that if no direction, it must default to Newhalf? Newhalf/Shemale (noFtM & Penis & No Vagina) ?
t12537.442019-07-08Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionCan't we have: Futanari (Penis + Vagina) Dickgirl (FtM & Penis & No Vagina) Shemale/Newhalf (MtF & Penis & No Vagina) Tranwoman ? Two traits will be
t11303.102019-07-08Translation?Encrypted12345 disagrees with you. It is not 100% sure as long as MG didn't announce it loud and clear.
t12566.12019-07-08Orcsoft localization pollWe would like to sell works translated into English and other languages overseas in the future. (There is no specific milestone because it is just
t11303.82019-07-07Translation?Don't forget to vote for Rance 03 next survey.
t9801.922019-07-04Partial English H-patch released!Surferdude, a news for you. You will love it. Edit: or they bought your tl and I am the one you are laughing at.
t11670.62019-07-03Where is this?link
t12537.352019-07-02Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionSometimes, trait/tag threads are giving me headaches. I understand why you go into depression for six months every six months. You want to get rid
t12537.332019-07-02Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionJust discussing how - cis female character who grows a penis and loses a vagina would be tagged shemale but not trans womanis wrong (a newhalf can't
t12537.292019-07-02Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionFutanari can't have only a penis... It's even worse than tagging her with newhalf. At least it fits the appearance. Instead of creating a trait for
t12537.272019-07-01Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionWrong, Ensemble's otokonoko appear to not be gay because they didn't meet me yet! Those school are like jail. You have to go with what you have. It's
t12537.242019-07-01Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionE-hentai uses dickgirl but like they are dumb, when you search for shemale you get futanari. Rule of thumb: never use colleagues as a reference
t12534.62019-06-30Fan TranslationIs this game so short that it can be translated in two weeks? I don't know, I am always very wary of translators who are faster than their own shadow.
t12507.172019-06-29Tagging system improvementsNext... producer filter? ;_;
t7442.5312019-06-29Game inclusion in the DBLength is not a criterium for inclusion/exclusion.
t3617.17482019-06-26Tags suggestions/fixesIf you liked it, I know a very disturbing set of two Winnie the Pooh doujinshi. Worth reading imo.
t3617.17462019-06-26Tags suggestions/fixesLooks bad. Also, it could reflect the actual ratio of bunnygirl human/kemono, meaning it would clearly be mistagged. Not sure if I made myself clear
t3617.17442019-06-26Tags suggestions/fixesWhy not use Rabbit Heroine or Bunny Heroine and delete Bunnygirl Heroine as there is no way it won't be abused to tag, you know... (human) bunnygirls?
t12506.32019-06-24Quotes at the bottom?t1052 although I don't know if quotes are still added or not link: >As far as I know there isn't even a single addition since at least 1.5 years. If
t12498.22019-06-22Mistake, was looking at edit history by mistake.Did you read the description?
t950.6052019-06-20VNDB Suggestions!There is a way to sanitize the multi-updated multi-language steam releases. Instead of linking every language to the superseded releases, you keep
t12382.42019-06-20Incredibly disappointing. 3/10Warning: spoilers. I see you were under the wrong assumption that this game was going to be a NTR game when there was no way it would. It's a
t8242.2042019-06-19The how to edit threadThe problem is we don't know why he did that! Maybe he thought it was prettier? Who knows? Btw erogetrailer romanizes it Ryuuki. link i will reverse
t8242.2022019-06-19The how to edit threadI believe v20592.19 should be reverted by I have no idea how to justify it...
t11175.1212019-06-19The state of VNs on SteamI don't think so. MG has a whole bunch of 18+ titles like Kyonyuu Fantasy on steam. link
t12405.792019-06-18The worst translation I've ever seenOrcsoftr61202
t5599.162019-06-18What will Tenco do next?What the heck with those fuckers blocking TOR Japanese exit nodes?? I had to put up with that gogole cancer bullying me for using a proxy. Im-po-ssi
t2108.28202019-06-17Candidates for deletionIt's no duplicate, if you look at the VN page, one is all-age steam garbage and the other one is 18+.
t4268.82019-06-15Walkthrough/guide?The fuck, I finally tracked down the official website of this tiny circle just to find the character's page is all pictures and... see for yourself
t5599.132019-06-15What will Tenco do next?I hope they do something else than Eiyuu*Senki PLATINUM. I want a visual novel, without gameplay or few SLG elements at best. I know it won't happen
t5599.112019-06-15What will Tenco do next?i was going to say the touit is just saying a notice is planned for next week but then when I wanted to close my tab I saw the てんこちゃん 新作準備中 and this
t12017.562019-06-15Dies Irae offends ChristianityI should have stopped at "the Bible is the objective truth of the world" but I knew something better was coming and I was right. I learnt so much