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t11135.12018-08-28Walkthrough?Can anyone link me a walkthrough for this game? Thanks
t2047.32011-09-12Need app locale or Japanese locale?Thanks. I'll probably play it in Japanese locale just to be safe.
t2047.12011-09-11Need app locale or Japanese locale?Hi, I'm about to play Katahane. I would like to ask If App locale is enough to play the game or I need to be in Japanese Locale. Thanks. Also can
t455.532011-05-16Top 10 Visual Novels1) Ever 17 2) G senjou no Maou 3) Cross Channel 4) Muv Luv Alternative 5) Sharin no Kuni Himawari no Shoujo 6) Ef a fairy tale of two 7) Symphonic
t1397.52011-05-15Walkthrough?Thanks for the walkthrough
t1397.12011-05-15Walkthrough?Does anyone has a walkthrough for this game? Also does the boxed copy contain a walkthrough? Thanks.
t1318.12011-04-04Walkthrough? [Muv-luv series ending spoilers]Does anyone have a walkthrough for this game? Thanks
t286.452010-08-22Cross+Channel general dicussionI liked the game a lot. When I started the game, I didn't like the Taichi, but during the course of story, I came to like the protagonist. The
t754.312010-08-13How is this #1 in score ranking?From all the games I played, I think Ever 17 is the best. The only game I played that comes close to Ever 17 is Cross Channel. The Normal routes in
t455.212010-08-09Top 10 Visual Novels1. Ever 17 2. Cross Channel 3. Clannad 4. Sharin no Kuni 5. Tsukihime 6. Fate Stay Night 7. Symphonic Rain 8. Planetarian 9. Ef 10. Kira Kira
t730.12010-07-1012 riven good but did not meet my expectationsJust finished 12 riven. The last route was good and was full of surprises though much of it was a bit predictable. I expected it to be as good as
t385.122010-06-30Opinions about gameI really liked the game too. It had the same feel as Sakura Taisen. The comedy is great, and the strategy part of the game although easy was also fun
t653.42010-06-01Ef walkthrough?Thank you very much
t653.12010-05-31Ef walkthrough?Is there an English walkthrough for Ef?
t606.52010-05-25Remember11 WalkthroughThanks
t540.232010-04-13How did you discover visual novels?I started with Fate stay night because I was not satisfied with the anime. Then I tried Tsukihime and then doujin VN's and in no time I'm addicted .
t564.92010-04-13How to play other songs in Symphonic Rain?Thanks a lot for sharing your views with me. I might try AS or ACE in the future.
t564.72010-04-12How to play other songs in Symphonic Rain?Thanks. This was very useful. Are the other Kogado games as good as Symphonic rain? I haven't heard much about them.
t564.52010-04-10How to play other songs in Symphonic Rain?Sorry, I forgot where I found those videos. I just searched for them in youtube and keep transferring from one link to another. Yeah, i was talking
t564.32010-04-10How to play other songs in Symphonic Rain?Yeah, I was asking about those I saw in youtube. I'm curious how they did it. Are there 10 songs in game?
t564.12010-04-10How to play other songs in Symphonic Rain?Do you guys know how to add other songs to play iin Symphonic Rain?
t563.12010-04-10Is there a review for I/O?Do you guys knows anywhere where I can read a review of I/O?
t561.62010-04-10CanĀ“t see any textI think the latest installer solves the problem. You don't need to use applocale or change to Japanese locale if you use it.
t542.62010-04-08Same setting of Ever 17Are there any reviews for this?