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t7344.32016-01-05[Heavy Spoilers] Clearing some things upThis wiki contains a fair amount of theories which was quite interesting to read. link link Regarding Yae and Gregory: A friend, Bolverk, told me
t7344.12016-01-03[Heavy Spoilers] Clearing some things upI just finished the game but since my Japanese is terrible, I have a few things I want to get cleared up. Regarding the past with 八重 (Kou's mother
t678.72010-06-24Visual Novels with great musicI adore the pieces by Tenmon & Eiichiro Yanagi so I'll recommend: - Ef - A Fairy Tale of the Two - Eden* They were only two on the planet
t386.172010-04-13Sekien no Inganock -GD-I just finished the game and I have to say, the ending is more of a mind-fu*k than the rest of the game. This game had be captivated until it made me
t548.242010-04-08Any VN that are highly emotoinal?You could try Ef ~ A fairy tale of the two. The translation group (NNL) should be releasing the entire translation soon but in the meantime, you can