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Bible Black -La Noche de Walpurgis-It's been 2 years, but I finally got around to reading the source material of one of the most entertaining hentai I've seen. Although I'd say this was an entertaining read, I seemed to enjoy it less and less as I tried to unlock the endings I hadn't already seen. The thing I liked the most about this VN is all the bizarre/twisted stuff you don't see in most works of pornography. Part of me is wondering how much of this crap is even real—like is there actually something you can inject into someone's scrotum to make them ejaculate indefinitely? [July 2016 -> August 2016]Finished0/0-
Boku no Mesu Hisho wa DoukyuuseiI had a hard time enjoying this one due to the huge number of fornication scenes (so many that I'm surprised this hasn't gotten an anime adaptation). So I didn't like any of the ten endings or most of the story that led up to them. But there are at least two moments that didn't bore me. I was slightly horrified during the scene with the men having fun with Ayane out in public at night. While the student rapists look normal, these adult rapists look creepy. The other thing is Miku's first encounter with the protagonist; it's probably the dumbest thing we see any character do in the whole read. [November 2018]Finished0/0-
Chaos;HeadIt took like 6 months, but I was quite satisfied when I finally finished it. At times I was bored, at others I was quite entertained. I enjoyed reading this at like midnight in a dark room. And the scene where the protagonist admits he's a pervert to the world is probably one of my favorite scenes from this medium. [July 2013 -> January 2014]Finished0/0-
Fate/Stay NightIgnoring the prologue, I'll talk about how the three routes went. The first few hours of Fate bored me. I enjoyed some of the action, but the only other thing I can recall enjoying early on is the bad ends with Illya. I think it's around day 9 (Saber vs Rider) when the enjoyment value starts to become more consistent. Two things I really liked are Shinji’s encounter with Illya (day 10) and the room below the church (day 15); the former feels like something out of a horror film, while the latter is the creepiest thing in the entire read. I didn’t get much out of the final battle (day 16) or epilogue though. And it's somewhat disappointing how little of a difference knowledge of Gilgamesh, classical mythology, and the postvulgate cycles makes (though this is all stuff I read before even being aware of this VN’s existence). Regarding the next route, Unlimited Blade Works, I prefer the anime adaptation (and I didn't even like the anime that much) due to Ufotable’s well animated fights. As for the last route, Heaven's Feel, I found it to be okay like the first route (and UBW too). Putting aside the routes, here's what I'll say about the characters. Shinji's not a joke at all in the source material. Heracles is an extremely threatening character (so much tension). Illya is the prettiest character. I found Sakura's conversations with our protagonist the most boring, so I guess I liked her the least out of our three heroines. I wasn't fond of most (if not all) of the comedy, but I wasn't fond of the comedy through Taiga in particular. And Issei's alright. I probably would've preferred it if Issei and Taiga had their screentimes swapped. Overall, this entire read felt like an okay one. I honestly don't know why this is so popular or well-received. Lastly, if I could do it all over again, I would do it in this order: Fate Zero, FSN (VN), UBW/HF (anime). [February 2019 -> April 2019]Finished0/0-
Heart Work Symphony of DestructionHaving seen the anime, I was surprised to find that most of the graphic stuff in the source material is left to the reader's imagination. This didn't have much effect on how much I enjoyed the read, fortunately. First, I like the fact Ichihara and Angel don't mess around (i.e. the bad guys are genuinely threatening and dangerous); the former is easily one of the most vile characters I've seen in pornography. Interestingly, it's not just the bad guys that are vile. Even our protagonist does some awful stuff. The "Chaos" route is pretty crazy, in particular. As for some highlights…the most exciting thing is Yuu versus Ichihara near the end of "The Hunter". I really enjoyed the eerie atmosphere in "Revenge Chapter" (which led to ending number 18). And the thing I found to be the most messed up is the protagonist's gross mistreatment of a classmate in the ending 1 route. [September 2018]Finished0/0-
Higurashi no Naku Koro niI can't say I was fond of the lighthearted stuff (e.g. club activities), but the darker stuff was pretty entertaining. Onikakushi ended up being my favorite arc of the four. It's also the one I found to be most creepy and eerie. And I really liked the thing where the background image slowly changed color (I thought the game froze at first, haha). I would've liked seeing it in the other arcs too, but it never happened again for whatever reason (not in Kai either). However, it took me several chapters before I really got interested. I can't recall the exact chapter where things became consistently good, but it definitely happened earlier than Watanagashi (where it took over 5 hours before anything interesting happened). Regarding the third arc, Tatarigoroshi, the most memorable thing was the Takano meeting in the last third (said scene becomes even creepier when we realize what she was actually doing in Minagoroshi). And the fourth arc? Himatsubushi has the most boring moments in the entire read (even more boring than club activities), but it was fairly entertaining whenever Rika was involved. How much of this VN did I enjoy overall? Probably less than half, but that's still pretty good since there's a ton of stuff I've enjoyed far less of. [October 2018]Finished0/0-
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni KaiLike the prequel, I'm still not fond of the lighthearted stuff. I actually ended up skipping a bunch of it; I don't think it took much away from the read though (besides boredom). Anyway, I think Tsumihoroboshi ended up being the last enjoyable arc. Interestingly, it did have one scene I loved: Rena in Keiichi's flashback (when we got an explanation for some of the things in Onikakushi). This scene is the first one in a visual novel to make me cry. The only other memorable scene in this arc is Rena's encounter with Rika; and of course this means I liked Shion's encounter with Rika in Meakashi as well. As for Minagoroshi...the whole Teppei dilemma was so boring that I ended up skipping through a bit of it (this is the only non-lighthearted thing I skipped parts of). But at least the tragedy towards the end held my attention extremely well. And Kuma-chan somehow ended up becoming my favorite side character. Finally, Matsuribayashi—this is my favorite arc from Kai, and it's the one that comes the closest to Onikakushi (in enjoyment). The stuff before "Connecting Pieces" is a bit boring. And "Connecting Pieces" itself was not fun. But I practically enjoyed the entirety of the remainder of the story. This arc doesn't reach the peaks Onikakushi or Tsumihoroboshi reached, but it had more consistency than any other arc in the series. It also has my two favorite pieces of the soundtrack: "You -Destructive-" and "Sora no Mukou". Lastly, I was pleased with how things ended. [October 2018]Finished0/0-
Kagetsu TooyaI didn't bother with Ten Nights of Dream, so all I know about is the main story. Did I like it? Only parts of it, as usual (and I'd describe the read as "okay" overall). For the most part, the not so serious stuff (e.g. the protagonist hanging out with a classmate) didn't provide much entertainment value. The only exception is probably the scene with Kohaku gaming; it amused me quite a lot for some reason (but I can't recall any other notable laughs). For the first twenty or so days, I think Nanaya and Len are the two characters who kept things interesting with their brief appearances. The CGs are another thing that helped out earlier in regards to enjoyment (meaning I liked how some of them looked). Anyway, the two things I liked the most are the eerie moments and Nanaya. Regarding the latter, I found his character interesting since it explained something huge regarding the protagonist's behavior in the prequel (it may or may not have been revealed in the prequel, but I don't remember). And regarding the former, my two favorite scenes are the meeting with the other Arcueid and the other Ciel. The other Ciel definitely takes the cake for creepiest looking character. As for some final comments: I prefer cat Akiha over cat Arcueid, the truth behind the black cat is neat, and I didn't find any of the endings to be particularly satisfying. [November 2018]Finished0/0-
Kaiki! Drill Otoko no KyoufuAs far as horror goes, this one is okay. Since a lot of the scares are supposed to be from the monster appearing out of nowhere, they didn't have as much of an effect after a point. I found demon priest's appearance to always be horrific though. And while not exactly horrific, Dr. Asizawa is so creepy looking. Continuing, most of the sudden bad ends didn't bother me (not even the anthropomorphized vegetables, which would be interesting to see animated). At least the basement stuff usually held my attention. As for the three routes, I got a similar amount of enjoyment from each of them. However, there's one thing in Hazuki's route I found extremely annoying: getting the blue dragon emblem (almost gave up on the entire route because of it). Anyway, my favorite thing ended up being the mirror world. It made me think of Through the Looking Glass, even moreso with the requirement to enter considered. [November 2018]Finished0/0-
Love ForeverPlanned0/0-
Moon.I wasn't bored for most of it, and there were even parts of it I enjoyed. The part I enjoyed the most can be found in day 20—the black and white CGs horrified me. There are a bunch of other scenes that would fall under horror scattered throughout the first 19 days, but none of it could compare to the stuff in day 20. As for the characters, the VN at least held my attention whenever something bad happened to them. And regarding the game itself, I found replaying it to be annoying (as we have to manually move our character through the maps every time). This is why I didn't bother trying to get all the endings. I've seen the true ending, normal ending, and 2 of the 4 bad endings. This was fortunately enough to unlock all the CGs. [October 2018]Finished0/0-
One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~I didn't find myself feeling that bored during the first route I played through, but I essentially got tired of the VN afterwards. That is, I mostly felt boredom while going through five of the other routes. Why did this happen? The game mainly focuses on romance, but I didn't like any of the girls depicted (so of course I wouldn't care for seeing them get closer to the protagonist). In addition, the game felt a bit repetitive to me after completing one route (which is likely why I didn't feel much boredom during the first route). It felt repetitive enough that I wished I had only played through the route of one girl instead of all six. Anyway, what non-negative things did I get out of this? I found Mio to be cute, and Misaki's eyes really caught my attention (I did feel surprised after learning why they're like that). The two of them are also characters whose endings I liked, with Misaki's ending easily being the saddest thing in the entire read. Putting aside the female cast, there is one character who appealed to me more than anyone else—Hikami. Even though he may not have gotten much screen time, I did like all of his scenes (especially the weird stuff he says towards the end). So I guess it's his route that I liked the most. I only wish the VN had done a better job at explaining the eternal world, which I found to be way more interesting than any of the romance. [November 2018]Finished0/0-
School DaysAlthough I enjoyed this visual novel to some extent, this is the one I've found to be the most tedious so far. Despite unlocking all the endings, I've only seen about two-thirds of the actual content of the VN. I was so tired of this read after getting through all of the endings that I didn't feel like going through the third or so of the remaining content. I probably would've been better off taking a 6 month long break or something at some point during the read. Anyway, the ending I liked the most was "Bloody End". And in regards to the characters, I'm really not sure how I feel about most of them. Some of them behaved decently at times but not so decently at others. Even Katsura, the character I liked the most, did some stuff I didn't like seeing in certain routes. Lastly, I found Itaru, Kokoro, and drunken Setsuna to be the most adorable characters, though none of them got enough screen time. [May 2017 -> June 2017]Finished0/0-
StarlessThe crazy stuff is what I liked about this read. Some of the stuff the characters do is laughable crazy. Three examples being the following: someone examining semen using a microscope, someone undergoing what seems to be a semen transfusion, and someone’s testicles being injected with sleeping medicine so his semen could be consumed to cause drowsiness. It would be interesting to have a professional play this game, so we could figure out how much of what we see is even feasible in real life. But most of the crazy stuff isn't laughable, it's either insane or gross. The curry rice probably isn't the craziest scene, but it's easily the most disgusting. It grossed me out so much that I had a difficult time just reading through it. As for the endings, I'm not sure which to consider the craziest (nor do I have a favorite). I did, however, find "A New World" to be the most pleasant, and "Flowers of Evil" is a neat title. The crazy stuff aside, I didn't get much out of the rest of the read. The fornication scenes feel like a drag when nothing crazy's happening; I ended up skipping many of them. Regarding the characters, the VN at least did a decent job at making me dislike Marie and Marisa. Those two felt the most vile to me, and I would've been fine with them getting killed off. And I probably shouldn't be mentioning them since they play such a little role, but I found the piglets to be extremely cute. Lastly, the weirdest thing is Makoto's appearance. He looks so similar to a character from a manga called Video Girl Ai. [November 2018]Finished0/0-
TsukihimeA decent read. I can't say I enjoyed most of it, but it had its share of entertaining moments. I think what I liked the most was the gruesome details that occurred every now and then. Oh, and I didn't really mind the real-life backgrounds or lack of voice actors. [August 2014 -> August 2015]Finished0/0-
YandereMy very first visual novel, and it was awesome. "Hmm...he doesn't look like he's enjoying this, maybe he'll enjoy it if I stab him." I liked the unintentional black comedy, the demented female characters, and the fact this is porn with plot. I don't think anything else needs to be said. [June 2013]Finished0/0-