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t11672.62019-03-17One true endIf you have to wonder which ending is the true end, then the answer is probably neither. A route being unlockable, hidden, or otherwise special does
t12018.52019-03-17Quality CGThis is a real-world phenomenon, and it can be happen at day and night. However, it won't be seen with the naked eye, because it's actually a camera
t11979.402019-03-11Minori is no morefreshift is offering an extremely sensationalized account of the rapelay incident. "facing a mass extinction" is more than a little overly dramatic
t12031.62019-03-10length (again)Your policy of making a change and then starting a poll/thread was backwards in the first place. If you know you're making a change that warrants
t11444.42019-03-08Why fan disk and not squel?@3 Can't say I agree with that. I see plenty of people enjoying fandiscs for what they are while referring to them as such. Some people are
t12005.62019-03-05MG Survey 2019if everyone votes for white album 2 mangagamer has to license it. that's the law.
t11654.192019-03-04English TL deadkoestl and Makoto are "official folks" now too and phar doesn't translate anymore, which plays into my primary point. The two that continued
t11654.162019-03-04English TL dead@14 CR's Kaguya-sama subs make me want to cry. As did their Seibuta subs. Actually, know what's in common between those two? Aniplex, the geniuses
t11965.102019-02-25h-scenes actually part of game or in menusThe tag people apply for this is Only Avoidable Sexual Content. One user voted it +2 on this game, another afterwards voted it -1 to bring the
t11967.42019-02-25Removed?Okay, I'm reinstating it. The page about it was also taken off their site, which contributed to my decision, but if there's a semi-recent tweet about
t11967.22019-02-25Removed?No announcement, just years and years of complete silence, with the developer doing other things instead.
t11968.42019-02-25Mangagamer TranslationMost likely the same kinds of "changes" they made to 5D/VI to keep consistency. I put changes in scare quotes because it's not an issue of change
t11887.62019-02-19Irotoridori no Sekai KSNot gonna lie, I still have no idea how Kyuuketsuki no Libra got funded.
t11946.42019-02-18Is it possible to limit a trait?I think it's safe to assume that at least two thirds of the games covered by Protagonist's Sister as a Heroine have only imoutos, since that's the
t11893.92019-02-17Daru who?I wonder how much of this was due to different translators. How many of you are reading/have read these games in Japanese?
t10999.82019-02-17Not a VNHuh, I missed this thread the first time around. So there's really only around 20 minutes of VN-like content in this "2-10 hour" game? Just one super
t2108.26992019-02-16Candidates for deletionWeird. I work on visual novel translations professionally and every single translator I know personally or have worked with knows Japanese. If we
t2108.26972019-02-16Candidates for deletionOkay, I deleted the releases and the producer page.
t2108.26932019-02-16Candidates for deletionIf a translation is bad enough that you genuinely can't tell if it was machine translated or not, then we should just assume it is and delete it. It
t11907.482019-02-15TitleYou are making the mistake to believe we are _translating_ アパート when we are not. "Apart" in a romaji title never aimed to translate アパート and those
t11907.462019-02-15TitleIs it not simplest to say only loanwords use the original language spelling? If it's not an obvious loanword/contracted loanword, treat it normally
t10852.562019-02-13Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.As far as anyone can tell, Aokana DID sell pretty well. It's possible they accrued too much debt in the four years it took to make it, followed by
t11907.182019-02-13TitleI'm against relying on logos to divine titles. Logos can contain anything. Covers and title screens often contain all sorts of irrelevant text
t11896.22019-02-06Translation Project>So someone's doing work on a translation of this game. >He does need an actual translator tho since he's just a hacker. [thinking emoji] I would
t11890.72019-02-06A round of promotionsI really appreciate the offer, but I'm gonna have to decline, sorry. I haven't been especially active lately and I won't have any more time in the
t11384.112019-02-05Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesnone of those entries are locked. We've only had a couple character pages locked (yuuma and yuuri, due to dispute over romanization). I'll unlock
t11886.32019-02-05Petition to list Yoda as an alias of Shumon YuuYeah, sorry, but this evidence is way too circumstantial. It's possible, but it's also possible that they're close friends or simply have ties to the
t11207.402019-02-04Remake or orignal?If any enterprising modders felt like it, they could probably replace those icons with blank transparent images. The actual smart way to implement
t11868.1072019-02-02Ruka's nameWell "ChäoS;HEAd Love Chu Chu!" is a name, no?To be more precise, it's a title, which consists of words, as most titles do (though some can consist
t11868.1042019-02-02Ruka's nameWords and names are not the same thing and don't follow the same rules. That's the decision we've made. To davixxa, if you wish to discourage your
t11868.1022019-02-02Ruka's nameWakaranai, knock it off. Do not stoop to this petty bickering. If you think they're being petty, be the better person. edit: kominarachromer too. No
t2108.26592019-02-02Candidates for deletionSound novels by their most commonly understood definition do contain visuals, though, and are a subset of visual novels. Otogirisou is a "sound novel
t9701.212019-02-01English version?The writing in the character bios is considerably better than the writing in the plot synopsis. It's hard to know what kind of quality we should be
t9701.152019-01-31English version?"she's kind of a plastic" what does this even mean?
t11864.72019-01-30More than seven love interests tagOne possible solution would be to merge the "more than seven hero(in)es" tags into a "more than seven love interests" tag and then let the other tags
t11606.112019-01-27Banned on SteamThey didn't lift most of the recent bans.
t11844.42019-01-26Which platform has the most Visual Novel readers?In terms of readers? Probably non-steam, as pablo said. But in terms of paying customers? Absolutely Steam, no question about it. For the English
t11816.212019-01-16HaraChuchu Translation Notesthe deep world of preggo porn is far more complex than any of us could've imagined. thank you loe for all the hard work. it is very much appreciated.
t11791.22019-01-11Is this gonna have H-scenes?Type-Moon has given no indication one way or another, but it's probably safe to assume that it won't. They're too mainstream to do porn anymore, and
t11450.162019-01-11This title is getting pounded.#15 People assumed Kyakuusei 2 was going to be a pure love romance game when it actually had a much more serious story that featured non-virgin
t11716.82018-12-28[Spoiler] Major gripe with Nene's true end@5 Timelines 1 and 2 as you call them are the same. There is no division there. In the first ending of the nene route, the things that happened with
t8378.42018-12-22Virgins?When bad project management leads to more realism.
t10211.152018-12-22New localization company with 5 titles announced.Please don't be misleading. You're making it sound like Akerou said they're definitely going to use kickstarter for physicals, when he just asked for
t11657.72018-12-15how old are they?The two train girls aren't humans and the concept of human age doesn't apply to them or some such nonsense. I mean, they're trains, after all. The
t11645.692018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...They didn't remove the audio, because why would they? I've never heard of anyone doing that for translated honorifics before. And the honorifics are
t11645.602018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation..."Dude" isn't a word used exclusively by ruffians. In fact, it's probably used less by ruffians, lol. Their language tends to be much more crude. Dude
t11626.22018-12-10Two people making changes at onceIt happens somewhat often when new releases/VNs are announced and added to the database. Those of us who like to add information to the database as
t11575.112018-12-01Harem Game or Harlem Game?I don't understand your point, honestly. Technically, we aren't romanizing it at all. We're disregarding the romanization entirely, which our
t11044.52018-12-01updates?We probably should've deleted this when they announced they were stopping development on it. I decided to pull the trigger on deleting it today after
t11575.92018-12-01Harem Game or Harlem Game?And just to put the nail in the coffin: Harem Game 2 ~Futsuu ja Nai Shujinkou ga Harem o Kizuku Fantasy (?)~ They changed "Harlem" to "Harem" for