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t11816.212019-01-16HaraChuchu Translation Notesthe deep world of preggo porn is far more complex than any of us could've imagined. thank you loe for all the hard work. it is very much appreciated.
t11791.22019-01-11Is this gonna have H-scenes?Type-Moon has given no indication one way or another, but it's probably safe to assume that it won't. They're too mainstream to do porn anymore, and
t11450.162019-01-11This title is getting pounded.#15 People assumed Kyakuusei 2 was going to be a pure love romance game when it actually had a much more serious story that featured non-virgin
t11716.82018-12-28[Spoiler] Major gripe with Nene's true end@5 Timelines 1 and 2 as you call them are the same. There is no division there. In the first ending of the nene route, the things that happened with
t8378.42018-12-22Virgins?When bad project management leads to more realism.
t10211.152018-12-22New localization company with 5 titles announced.Please don't be misleading. You're making it sound like Akerou said they're definitely going to use kickstarter for physicals, when he just asked for
t11657.72018-12-15how old are they?The two train girls aren't humans and the concept of human age doesn't apply to them or some such nonsense. I mean, they're trains, after all. The
t11645.692018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...They didn't remove the audio, because why would they? I've never heard of anyone doing that for translated honorifics before. And the honorifics are
t11645.602018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation..."Dude" isn't a word used exclusively by ruffians. In fact, it's probably used less by ruffians, lol. Their language tends to be much more crude. Dude
t11626.22018-12-10Two people making changes at onceIt happens somewhat often when new releases/VNs are announced and added to the database. Those of us who like to add information to the database as
t11575.112018-12-01Harem Game or Harlem Game?I don't understand your point, honestly. Technically, we aren't romanizing it at all. We're disregarding the romanization entirely, which our
t11044.52018-12-01updates?We probably should've deleted this when they announced they were stopping development on it. I decided to pull the trigger on deleting it today after
t11575.92018-12-01Harem Game or Harlem Game?And just to put the nail in the coffin: Harem Game 2 ~Futsuu ja Nai Shujinkou ga Harem o Kizuku Fantasy (?)~ They changed "Harlem" to "Harem" for
t9560.1132018-11-30Does not belong hereYou can read the arguments presented in this thread to find the answer to your question. That concern especially is one we've already addressed
t10263.142018-11-28Translation project deadThree heroine routes are translated, plus the common route. The heroiens being Kana, Ureshino, Shirasaki. Note that some characters actually have
t11566.72018-11-27Translation?Dunno what you were asking for in the first place. It's not like we can predict the future. Only thing we can say is that there is a 99% chance this
t2108.25882018-11-26Candidates for deletionAdd all of the hundreds of Beskonechnoe leto fan games/mods/whatever for all I care. Well, that'd make a mess out of the relations, but they do all
t11549.52018-11-23Media coverage over censorshipObscenity law in America is state-by-state but they all follow roughly the same laws. Valve follows Washington state law, which has typical US
t11543.22018-11-21some questions about...The only official guideline we have on this is from d12: If a characters' role or the entire existance of that character in the visual novel is a
t11542.42018-11-20Suggestion for a locked character (spoiler)@3 That's not how spoilers should be set for characters. Yes, (almost) all spoiler characters will be introduced deep in a story in character routes
t11542.22018-11-20Suggestion for a locked character (spoiler)Both of the spoiler reverts are correct, and I'd say the proposed edit is correct as well. And what a surprise, all three are reverting edits made by
t11539.82018-11-19How to remove mosaic censorship@6 There has been recent development in everyone's favorite new computer trend, ~deep learning~, to have the AI redraw parts under the mosaics for us
t11531.22018-11-17Troll entryYou don't need to post a separate thread if you've already posted in the candidates for deletion thread. And I also kind of doubt this is a troll
t11525.102018-11-17this is not a visual novelYeah, if this is an actual piece of software that is presented as a visual novel, then it belongs on this site no matter how short it is.
t11512.132018-11-13Female anatomy / internal ejaculation in vnMy personal anatomy pet peeve is most writers' complete misunderstanding of how hymens work. I generally dislike but am willing to accept virgin
t11513.92018-11-13Interesting translationBasically, in the UK, "secondary school" is equivalent to US grades 5 through 10, with US grades 11 and 12 being covered by "sixth form" or "college
t11513.62018-11-13Interesting translationPQube is a british company to be fair, and in the UK 17 is college age. Of course, when translating a japanese work, you should try to follow the
t11495.82018-11-12Some advicesy74kya is still lashing out in the edit descriptions and telling other members, including mods, that they're pissing him off or are annoying. He
t11495.72018-11-12Some adviceAlso, I will point out that your edit reversion in Sagisawa Chiho immediately after being unbanned was uncalled for. Domestic Violence should be used
t11495.62018-11-12Some adviceThe point is, sy74kya, the information you're adding is actually extremely unimportant. There is no purpose to adding details of random conversations
t11501.32018-11-11New art sucks.Yeah, you really should specify which art style you mean. But I strongly disagree that any of the examples you linked would be preferable. Moe art
t11498.132018-11-11No Sexual Content Tag, Potential Spoiler@thewayfayer: I'm not entirely sure what you're asking for. If the tags are already rated 0 or lower, then there's no reason for mods to come in and
t11451.392018-11-09How "liberal" is the translation?The last thing I'll say about this. Like, 99% of the Sanoba script is actually fairly literal. We don't always use stock translations for certain
t11451.292018-11-07How "liberal" is the translation?I'm a huge Seinfeld fan, and the "George is getting upset!" line has stuck with me forever. The reason it's localized isn't because third person
t11449.42018-11-05No 16:9?4k and 1080p have the same aspect ratios (16:9), so there shouldn't ever be black bars in one but not the other. This game was made in the 16:10
t11451.212018-11-01How "liberal" is the translation?Most VN companies tend to be pretty relaxed with this kind of stuff. NekoNyan specifically aspires to be transparent. I'm not sharing any
t11451.192018-11-01How "liberal" is the translation?As for the translation itself, it is... interesting: They go out of their way to add honorifics where there aren't any, small rewrites here and there
t10558.2072018-11-01Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierThere are different classes of "monsters" in this game, including demons. So they actually are differentiated, just all under one broader category.
t10558.2042018-11-01Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierExcept here it's being used to describe monsters. You know, typical RPG enemies like goblins, slimes, and shit.
t10558.2022018-11-01Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierA whole bunch of people who don't know japanese or japanese RPG conventions complaining about "monster" being used as a translation for the japanese
t11452.52018-11-01finding the latest eng patched releasesIn case you're looking for prepatched downloads, ask elsewhere. This site doesn't allow people to links to pirated content.
t11451.132018-10-31How "liberal" is the translation?Liberal translations are good, actually. Don't @ me.
t11427.112018-10-31Order Routes????Okay, that's enough off-topic talk. This thread was solely about route order. The issue of game quality should never have come up in the first place
t11440.32018-10-30Main CharacterThe protagonist isn't especially unique, but he does have his own backstory, and he has a solid personal growth arc throughout the game. Which is
t10429.112018-10-26nice to see this getting translated#8 NekoNyan: link Fakku: link Nutaku: link MangaGamer: link
t11291.192018-10-26Great another episodic crap showRight, that makes sense. There's not much to change currently since there's only one volume in the database. For future volumes, feel free to add a
t11291.162018-10-26Great another episodic crap showSo, this game is basically a nukige. And just a 3-4 hour one at that. It's like 66% h-scenes, and they start right from the beginning. I just
t10429.72018-10-26nice to see this getting translatedYes. Sanoba will will also be available on Nutaku, MangaGamer, Fakku, and NekoNyan's own site. And I think JAST's store as well?
t11401.22018-10-20Why is the fact that benioWere her and akihito in an established relationship at the time? I recall that they weren't, but I'm not sure.
t10558.1882018-10-16Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierMost of the whales were probably japanese mega-fans trying to fund the creation of new bonus chapters and shit. A much higher percentage of backers