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t13199.72020-06-02sprite rises from the ashes...It takes time to make stuff, you know.
t13727.2942020-05-17Flagging ImagesWhile I disagree with the... particulars of eacil's assessment, it is the fact that this is a 'compromised' position that led me to thinking of it as
t13727.2902020-05-17Flagging ImagesFound a case that doesn't seem to be covered by our guidelines or the discussions had here thus far: link She's on the toilet and appears to be in
t13937.442020-05-08The MangaGamer controversy"Tsundere is pretty common in usage nowadays and a simple google will get it across very quickly. The fact they changed it is indicative of ulterior
t13937.372020-05-08The MangaGamer controversy"I don't know the context for the scene so I don't have a strong opinion on it as a whole, but I'm fairly certain that the author doesn't know the
t13572.52020-02-24Best translation?tellcools clearly doesn't understand Japanese. He's also wrong about them randomly inserting memes/references. No idea what he's talking about there
t13411.162020-02-23Is Sekai Project struggling?The only real relationship NekoNyan has with Sekai Project is that NN sells their games on the Denpasoft store (as do some other eroge localization
t13512.32020-02-07is this game similar to noble works?In terms of humor and length? Yes. It does have a little bit more drama here and there, though not much. There are also action scenes, unlike Noble
t13299.342019-12-21All h content cutYes, the patch creators had to have predicted exactly what was cut and needed to be replaced. They also knew about a specific bug that could happen
t13299.262019-12-20All h content cutVery convenient how quickly that was released despite the engine differences and tech issues that were surely in their way. Must be the same kinds of
t904.442019-12-08English TranslationNever trust someone who claims to be delaying a product because of "ungratefulness" and demands respect in return.
t13233.432019-12-08Translated character namesI'm in favor of warfoki's position. This would mean, for instance, all the examples in the OP should have the titles removed from their names and
t13173.42019-11-20Regarding c9785.24Now that I check, I see you've been doing these edits en masse. Thank you for your hard work, and also I wouldn't sweat this incident too much since
t13173.22019-11-20Regarding c9785.24The description is wrong. That description came from the Majikoi Wiki, which was written by people who were simply making assumptions based on what
t2520.3152019-11-09Minor error/sNot sure if this has been reported anywhere else, but when linking to some staff database entries in t13122 by their ID, the names came out wrong
t13122.32019-11-08Vns where the writers are female?By 'dating VNs' I assume you mean galge? Because obviously otome and BL have many female scenario writers. In the galge space, three that come to
t13116.152019-11-07Rating 'bad' games@14 What on earth are you even talking about? You realize I wasn't singling out any specific VN as a piece of garbage, right?
t13116.82019-11-07Rating 'bad' gamesI will rate VNs on a curve to an extent, keeping in mind the kind of VN it is and what it hopes to achieve, but that only goes so far. A low-effort
t7442.5622019-11-06Game inclusion in the DB"Actually, now that I think about it, constant interruptions was exactly the reason I used to kick "Long Live The Queen" out of the database and
t7442.5562019-11-05Game inclusion in the DBAlso, I actually forgot about Tokyo Dark. We never actually made a final decision about that (beliar and I both punted on the issue and then forgot
t7442.5542019-11-05Game inclusion in the DBThat is a very fair argument. Also a part of the reason why I didn't outright say that I think we should add Disco Elysium. I only said that I think
t7442.5522019-11-05Game inclusion in the DB@549 Story of Seasons/Harvest Moon games aren't even in the same galaxy as VNs. I'm struggling to understand the logic of requesting their addition
t12889.82019-10-29Has anyone played this?Going by the promotional screenshots they have released, yes. And totally unnatural/bizarre phrasing. @6 Sorry, but your post is absolutely littered
t13062.282019-10-29I just cant........Clock Up always provides customizable censorship options for gore and scat. It doesn't remove the gore from the game entirely, but it does blur or
t13070.72019-10-27Not a Nakige?@6 I suppose this is another possible reading of the "pure" in "pure love," the purity of the characters. Though the virginity aspect is not
t13070.52019-10-27Not a Nakige?In the english media world, we would call nakige "tear jerkers". They're stories devised explicitly to make people cry, often with downright cruel
t13061.192019-10-26MangaGamer vs Arunaru controveryRance Quest was done by a different translator. This shouldn't affect that, but who knows.
t12889.32019-10-26Has anyone played this?The translation samples shown in the promotional screenshots they chose when first releasing the game were abysmal. Full of broken english, with a
t13061.172019-10-26MangaGamer vs Arunaru controvery@16 Regardless of whether CR is or is not in the black (they are private and don't disclose financials, but we've seen no sign of them doing poorly
t13061.152019-10-25MangaGamer vs Arunaru controveryIt's important not to take the current drama as representative of the industry as a whole. Not every company offers pay as low as what Arunaru
t13047.102019-10-22Anime announcedOh, that's not a bad idea if you do that all within the first episode. Cold open in the hot springs event. It's a pretty cliched event and viewers
t13047.82019-10-22Anime announcedAnyway, back to the topic of this thread, I think an MLA anime in theory would be straightforward, and it'd be easy to avoid the typical pitfalls of
t13047.62019-10-22Anime announced@4: That was the basis of Altered Fable. Actually, Takeru PoV is unconfirmed, that was me speculating. It will be a proper sequel, though. link
t13047.32019-10-22Anime announcedThey also announced Muv-Luv Integrate, which I feel like will be bigger news for a lot of people. It's confirmed as a direct sequel to MLA, which I
t13036.42019-10-17Uncensored version important ?The infamous MLA scene is so ridiculously over the top and completely kills any emotion you're meant to feel over the event being depicted. Most MLA
t13027.152019-10-15Translators as staffI don't think it was ever in the plans to let users filter out releases based on staff involved. That seems to me like it would be of limited
t13027.82019-10-15Translators as staffIf we're adding localization credits, I would recommend including both translators and editors. I'm biased since I'm also an editor, but they do
t12972.72019-10-05Curling?Since this very quickly turned into a discussion about tagging... I don't think under-utilization itself is necessarily bad. I think the level of
t12957.112019-10-03Is there NTR in this game?Have you ever tried NOT self-inserting into a protagonist role?
t12952.52019-10-01No sexual content VS no explicit sexual contentFrom the softcore tag's description: "Softcore eroge games may contain low sexual content, but **as long as the game as the game's h-scenes remains
t3617.18202019-09-27Tags suggestions/fixesWould there be any opposition to removing Athlete Heroine from being a child tag of Sports? There are many VNs that may feature "athlete heroines
t11968.262019-09-23Mangagamer Translation"Not really true, there are many anime, manga and other Japanese mediums with modern setting that also use the term (at least the onmyouji one)."How
t11968.202019-09-23Mangagamer Translation@17: Disagree on all counts. There's no reason you need to go full 100% one way or the other. Language is far more complicated than that, and there
t11968.162019-09-23Mangagamer Translation"Nope, terms like ashigaru (literally means foot-soldier or lowest ranked soldier in the Japanese feudal system), Onmyouji (some sort of Japanese
t11968.82019-09-23Mangagamer Translation"Though I'm not 100% sure what's up with changing musket to arquebus, maybe it's a more historically accurate name for the weapon."The arquebus is
t12733.202019-09-19MangaGamer InterviewPeople may be holding off on pre-ordering the physical copies of Majikoi because JAST still hasn't explained what the deal is with the voice
t11152.292019-09-16Rejoice!"Anything new about the translation?"Releasing September 27th.
t12768.82019-09-07Resolution of the Unity ports"The display resolution the game first launches in" isn't even a good rule of thumb because some games will change that resolution depending on what
t12794.12019-08-30How often do you listen to the full voiced lines?The conversation in t6779 got me thinking, how often do people actually listen to the full voice clip in every line? I see people on VNDB talk about
t12741.62019-08-18So.. Neko gacha?Yeah, let's not jump the gun by adding this to the database. Someone can add it back if it does indeed turn out that this qualifies as a VN