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r27249.12013-06-11 at 06:31enigmaBoku no Yumemiru MiraiAndroid version.
v10978.42012-09-14 at 23:22enigmaSanarara RAdded some eye candy.
v7156.32012-04-30 at 21:02enigmaDQIII RPG All StarNSFW? Are you people monks?
v1510.82011-04-12 at 15:00enigmaSanararaWhy am I the one to get a notification on an edit I didn't make?
v1710.32011-01-23 at 14:12enigmaMiko Mai ~Tada Hitotsu no Negai~Added some screenshots of the game.
v1510.52010-08-29 at 18:39enigmaSanararaIf you're going to add a new release at least add some screenshots from the source xD Added screenshots from TL Wiki
v3008.62010-07-29 at 21:54enigmaM&M ~Torokeru Mahou to Amai JumonAdded english screenshots which can be found on translator's website.
v3008.52010-07-29 at 16:17enigmaM&M ~Torokeru Mahou to Amai JumonAdded screenshots from Japanese version