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t2108.10982015-08-10Candidates for deletionAfter reading link Nosebleed Posted 18 March 2015 - 02:00 AM To be fair the fact she is a succubus doesn't really matter much in the story w. She
t6663.42015-06-29Translation EffortTLwiki is another place to look.
t6658.12015-06-26How is it possible?This game appeared on Steam link I'm really surprised how its allowed to remain there for almost a month even though the makers obviously hold no
t2108.10402015-06-18Candidates for deletionr41001 and r41002 are made by Pearse Hillock previously deleted by beliar for being MT.
t2108.10302015-06-12Candidates for deletionHatsuyuki nothing produced
t2108.10262015-06-11Candidates for deletionLeaf Translations nothing produced According to this r40799 project was just started today, so yeah, nothing even close to being produced.
t2108.10102015-05-30Candidates for deletionDEVGRU-P no releases, the "official site" ie facebook page, was literally set up yesterday, hasn't even reached it's financial goal on kickstarter
t2108.10092015-05-29Candidates for deletionI've been on their site and saw nothing to indicate any work is being done. Just a piracy site, unless they are also just started updating the site
t2108.10072015-05-29Candidates for deletionOnly Hentai Games Nothing made. Great collection of downloads if you want to pirate VNs though /sarcasm. Also, I see nothing on their site that says r
t6508.32015-05-18Where is the translation?You mean this link ? Last update was 5 years ago, safe to say the project is as dead as can be.
t2108.9602015-05-13Candidates for deletionSkyspear Translations nothing released
t2108.9542015-05-09Candidates for deletioncafé con loli no releases
t2108.9502015-05-06Candidates for deletionKatawa+ (VNX+) no releases
t2108.9382015-04-28Candidates for deletionOkamiplz no releases
t2108.8962015-04-01Candidates for deletion@ skorpiondeath It has plenty of CGs if you have real money to spend on gatchapons to get rare cards. Most normal cards have no CGs. This is how
t2108.8872015-03-31Candidates for deletionFirst of all Nutaku for having no completed VNs on database. They don't publish VNs to begin with, they publish online freemium games. Taimanin Asagi
t2108.8762015-03-22Candidates for deletion@875 If the release date is only a week away then I think the mods will probably leave it alone for the time being. As long as it doesn't get pushed
t2108.8432015-03-12Candidates for deletionShougakusei Productions nothing released.
t2108.8322015-03-03Candidates for deletionSince we have a staff database now, can morning sea be deleted and added as character designer of 7 Day's Magic?
t2108.8252015-02-22Candidates for deletionFake Fairy nothing released
t2108.8202015-02-20Candidates for deletionTomo+ belongs in staff not producer Supposedly worked on Naomi.
t2108.8042015-02-11Candidates for deletionandoryu nothing released
t2108.8032015-02-10Candidates for deletionr38533 is the same as r37939.
t6205.22015-02-10Katahane Projecto EspañolIt was removed because at the time you hadn't made anything yet. In other words, you added yourself too early. Its all good now since someone made a
t2108.7992015-02-08Candidates for deletionTakeshi Yamazaki someone mistook producer for staff. Need to delete this one and transfer it as staff instead.
t6170.12015-02-03Is this the game I think it is?This is an online card battle game right? If this is the same game I'm thinking of then I'll tell you now that this is NOT a visual novel. I'll
t2108.7922015-02-02Candidates for deletionStill nothing released, its just a tba entry Just stating that he's going to translate something isn't actually enough to get him listed as a
t2108.7902015-02-02Candidates for deletionNovelas Ociosas nothing released
t2108.7822015-01-28Candidates for deletionr30966 dead see t6139
t2108.7732015-01-13Candidates for deletionTeam TTT nothing released
t2108.7682015-01-04Candidates for deletionAnother ReTrans machine translation patch r37908.1 even the person who added that entry admits its hard to read.
t2108.7662014-12-30Candidates for deletionCan someone who is able to read Spanish, test the "test patch" r37825.2 I have a feeling this patch doesn't have any translation and simply have a
t2108.7612014-12-27Candidates for deletionKatahane Projecto Español nothing produced. To add further insult this translation group don't even have a translator. Or editor (proofreader?) or
t2108.7602014-12-26Candidates for deletionEkanubaTheKittyCat nothing produced
t2108.7582014-12-16Candidates for deletionDouble entry, r37679 is the same as r37680. Keep one delete the other I guess.
t2108.7562014-12-16Candidates for deletionAre individual people from groups allowed to add themselves as producers? This person p4872 is a part of this p4792 group. Both have exactly the same
t2108.7492014-12-12Candidates for deletionp4864 no releases
t5997.22014-12-11"Translation"Its not allowed and past cases have been deleted such as Flyable Heart.
t2108.7452014-12-10Candidates for deletionOh crap, another one popped up p4863 has no releases.
t2108.7422014-12-10Candidates for deletionp4860 no releases.
t2108.7402014-12-06Candidates for deletionDo quiz games even count as a vn? A straight up quiz with no story, just questions to answer. If not, v11803, v11806 needs to go.
t2108.7382014-12-01Candidates for deletion@737 when I looked it said tba and the release didn't exist. Since it now exists, I take back that deletion request.
t2108.7362014-11-30Candidates for deletionp4847 no releases
t2108.7262014-11-21Candidates for deletionr37402 is a troll entry (look at the release date) r29479 is the real one
t2108.7142014-11-04Candidates for deletionp4819 is a duplicate of p1545 I'm not sure about this one v16283 Its a kickstarter project. I mean what if it fails to reach its financial target
t2108.7122014-10-30Candidates for deletionThis v9740 as well, unless you accept comics on this database too.
t2108.7032014-10-27Candidates for deletionThis v9740 is clearly a spinoff comic judging from the screenshots of DLSite link and DLGetchu link Also, is v16249 even real? There's a TBA entry
t5823.112014-10-07Scarlet Ink. A new translation startupAre you doing this out of passion or for money? If it's money then you're not going to make much. The costs involved with paying all the staff as
t2108.6832014-09-30Candidates for deletionIt's the words "bite size" that concerns me. It's like a cut down version of something that already exists. If that's the case, then its redundant
t2108.6812014-09-30Candidates for deletionDo we really need a "bite size" trial version r31101 when we already have a proper trial version r11449? Added almost a year ago, updated in February