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r37188.52015-08-22 at 23:58logros13Sierra Opsrelease scheduled for December according to their steam page
c5318.162015-07-26 at 13:40logros13Kousaka Tamakitrait added
c2207.42014-11-04 at 13:20logros13Hashiba Soratrait made spoiler
r20464.22014-09-17 at 18:51logros13Super Otome Questworking download link added to description
r6460.42014-09-17 at 18:24logros13Mirai Imoutosite dead redirected link to lemm release thread
r25994.22014-09-03 at 23:01logros13Bunni and Kittyadded link to working download
r3471.42014-09-03 at 12:59logros13Catgirl: Panic! Free versionwebsite link added
r23799.42014-08-29 at 20:52logros13Yami No Romanceadded rpg maker rtp version requirerment information
v13828.22014-08-18 at 18:48logros13Serafina's Sagaadded lenght
v15506.32014-07-28 at 02:29logros13The Way We All Goadded lenght
r29468.32014-03-13 at 19:05logros13Dustbin Dreaming ~ The Beginningaccording to the release tread this is complete
v13890.32014-02-17 at 01:27logros13Halloween Otomeadded lenght
v14118.62014-02-13 at 23:53logros13After Guardian Angelchanged length to very short
r6472.32013-09-21 at 22:44logros13Starlit Skychanged broken tk link for working lemma one
r23846.32013-09-21 at 17:23logros13Holiday Hijinks: House on Haunted Hillchanged broken link for a working one
r29471.22013-09-21 at 16:59logros13Right in Twoadded project link
r28891.22013-09-05 at 21:46logros13Shadows In The Darknesslink added
r4066.42013-08-22 at 22:37logros13RenAi Bloggerworking download link
r27569.22013-07-01 at 19:10logros13These Yellow Eyesadded link to project page
r16607.62013-01-01 at 03:02logros13Break Chance Mementowas not released at the given date
r21677.32013-01-01 at 02:48logros13Moji Haikei Routewas not released at the given date
r16639.32013-01-01 at 02:29logros13Copy, Paste, Deletewas not released at the given date
r23838.22012-11-15 at 13:43logros13Adventure on the Other Sidethis stops in the middle of the story and is only part 1 of 2 and should thus be listed as partial (right?)
r21837.42012-09-26 at 00:50logros13In This Dream of Oursadded platforms
r18375.12011-12-23 at 07:07logros13Irotoridori no Sekaiprologue translation release added
r17128.22011-11-19 at 16:13logros13Irotoridori no Sekaiadded format and platform
r17128.12011-11-19 at 12:44logros13Irotoridori no Sekaienglish patch started by tokidan.
r13384.42011-03-26 at 23:49logros13There she he'splatform