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t15446.12021-01-22New version worth playing if you played original?I know they removed content (the h) but did they add anything new and if so anything significant enough to give it a second run through if you played
t8399.72016-10-30Eiyuu*Senki English patch completedident even know someone was working on a full translation for this, certainly a pleasant surprise. Thanks for your hard work :D edit: read the
t6223.32015-02-14Unique Looking Visual NovelsAnother beautiful series from Liar-soft is the "What a beautiful [x]" series (ex Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People-). Edit: Another that
t5837.442015-02-05Grisaia Trilogy Kickstarter AnnouncedA few days late but since no one else mentioned it, its finished! Grisaia successfully reached $475,255 i.e. just under 3x what they asked for. :)
t6137.72015-01-28Mangagamer's top 10 most selling vns from 2014@5 i dont really think that says much about the popularity nukiges vs non-nukiges though, only that steam is far more popular than MG's own web store
t6080.42015-01-08Getting Grisaia now with fan tl VS waiting for KSthe official version should be uncensored though so if you care about the h scenes that is a reason to wait.
t5837.202014-10-12Grisaia Trilogy Kickstarter AnnouncedSekai Project cant do anything without Front Wings approval though so you also have to consider this from Front Wings point of view. Licensing the
t2108.6722014-09-03Candidates for deletionAnother one i doubt belong here, v7571 this is just a straight up quiz. The game gives you a number of questions and then a score at the end and that
t5622.62014-09-02does anyone have this vn?@5 any update on that re-upload?
t2108.6672014-08-26Candidates for deletiondid you miss Orpheus (v15825) or did you decide to keep it?
t2108.6622014-08-18Candidates for deletionv15825 while interesting i dont realy think it qualifies as a vn.
t5215.52014-04-13this game sucks nigger cockwow thought this would be an account created today but "Registered 2011-05-10", kind of surprised he dident get banned before this. (of course this
t4275.72014-03-12duplicate entry (one vn two names)Another great chapter and another evil, evil cliffhanger. :P like before i'm already looking forward to the next part. :)
t5032.12014-02-02unfinished game(?)Just a warning, this seems to stop right after meeting with the rabbit so the whole "[...]with tales that defy everything she thought she knew about
t4792.12013-11-15Narcissu on steam greenlightsurprised that nobody has mentioned this here yet (as far as i have seen atleast). the greenlight page: link vntls interview with Sekai Project: li
t4655.12013-10-07The general JRPG threadfrom what i have seen this is just a ordinary trpg without any vn segments whatsoever. It does have adv style dialogue (with zero narration) but as
t1416.562013-08-02Air translation?Isent it about high time a mod locks this thread considering that it has long since devolved into a pointless flame war about the translation quality
t1416.472013-08-01Air translation?*edited as what i posted seem to have been incorect* is there any reason there is no way to delete posts btw? (or is there one and im just beeing
t4244.292013-07-19Megatokyo VN on kickstarterand its finished at at just shy of 300k, almost 15x what they asked for. :) Well this was interesting, now we can only hope they actually produce
t4309.42013-07-06VN with a focus on either Jazz/Harp@3 that would reasonably only apply for stuff that can be found through searching/ filtering though, its not like there is a jazz bgm tag he can
t4306.222013-07-06JAST announcements from AXyay a new raidy game, for some reason i have always liked them despite them objectively speaking not being all that great. :P
t4275.32013-07-01duplicate entry (one vn two names)oh okay, must admit i dident expect the creator herself to pop in and answer, fun to know you are a fellow vndb member. :D i just finished the game
t4275.12013-06-29duplicate entry (one vn two names)these two are the same vn according to the project page link "Project Title: Ex Astris (Formerly 'LINEAR - Divine Seer')"
t4244.172013-06-26Megatokyo VN on kickstarter...and they hit 150k i.e all 3 parts funded, seems one can drum up real interest for visual novels on KS after all. :) hmm, i wonder if as #12
t4244.132013-06-20Megatokyo VN on kickstarter@12 well that and the fact that kickstarter does not allow porn so it would have to be an all-ages game...
t4244.42013-06-20Megatokyo VN on kickstarteroh great the first two responders are trolls trying to provoke a flame war, there goes any hope that this thread will end up meaningful or fun in any
t4244.12013-06-20Megatokyo VN on kickstarterjust noticed this when browsing kickstarter earlier and thought i'd post a link here for anybody who might be interested and has missed it. :) link
t4225.12013-06-16proper translation or..?I just skimmed the thread for this and saw that they (initially atleast?) accepted machine translations and that some of their real translators use
t4216.92013-06-15How is this site financed?@6, 8 yeah, i have always thought of them more as a feature than a nuisance as well. Good for the site, good for the user, all around great idea. :D
t4066.922013-05-10AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!are games like this usually rated by the ESRB though? cant remember seeing one of those annoying little rating info boxes in/on MG/Jasts games. If
t4057.22013-05-07VN?my thoughts exactly, after playing it for a day just to try it out after seeing it listed here the only vn like part i saw was the tutorial (which is
t3729.42013-05-02difficulty of text insertion?now three people (that i know of) have expressed tentative interest in doing this (2 on the blog and warfoki above), does anyone know if any of them
t4021.322013-04-27Jesus Christ!?@jackuars: So now not only do you presume to have the right to talk for the community (which you obviously dont) and talk back to the mods when they
t3943.12013-04-05troll voteranother one, 71 10 votes of 88 total. -.- u40734
t3892.112013-03-25Seems goodlinking to it from here is against the rules but just google Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou english and you can find it in one of the first results.
t3892.72013-03-25Seems goodWell second confirmation here, only played a few minutes yet but this does indeed seem legit. Had no idea this was being translated so this was a
t3892.22013-03-25Seems goodThis must be the oddest way to distribute a new translation i have ever seen. :S For those who havent checked it out yet they havent released a
t3840.162013-03-13"Meet and Fuck" flash games@15 are you sure you dont want to call them Nazi pedophile terrorists to? While everybody is of course entitled to their opinion on what they like
t3833.82013-03-11VNs ratings of 1ladies and gentlemen i give you... v3274! out of the over 300 vns i have played this is the only one i have ever felt deserved a 1, other shitty vns
t3729.12013-02-10difficulty of text insertion?For those who have not checked out this project yet the translator has finished the translation but released it as a html file rather then a patch
t2316.842013-01-22VNDB 2.22 and a Happy New Year!@yirba actually you are the one who is wrong. Check the dropdown menue on the actual page for a vissual novel (ie not the list where that screenshot
t2108.1782013-01-03Candidates for deletionaccording to the comments here and on hongfire it seems the translator said this HGTP project is also dropped link and a quick search showed nothing
t2108.1722013-01-01Candidates for deletionlink no updates in the group journal for a year and a half nor any mention of it on the founder or co-founders journals for about as long and as
t2108.1662012-12-26Candidates for deletionlink blog has not had an update in 3 years, think its a safe bet that this will never be released. and since my topic regarding HGTP seems to have
t3512.42012-12-22should be deleted?hmm, not usualy one to bump my own topics when i have no new info to add but is this being looked into or did this topic fall between the cracks?
t3512.12012-12-16should be deleted?considering how this group seems dead and has never released anything shouldn't it (and all its tba projects) be deleted? (for that matter i thought
t2454.92012-11-28Alternative VI? (SPOILERS!!! Possibly...)well while we are having a thread like this anyway i guess il throw out my own "why dident they do this?" solution as well. what annoyed me was how
t3412.22012-11-17Makise Kurisu The game ends with the protag meeting beta Kurisu who seem to have some memories of him from the other time line but how much she remembers and what
t3405.12012-11-15duplicate entrythese are the same vn
t3305.192012-10-22Amaranto ~GD~ yes, they members of the same organisation when they where young. much if ria's route cover what happened to them back then and how all that led to