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t12189.12019-04-13Weird Title Texti have a windows 10 and played on a vista the last time i had kamidori and to my knowledge i didnt have this problem on vista. whenever im hovering
t11269.102018-12-20Anyone read this?mm, details are a bit fuzzy but i believe so. happens on another route later in.
t11269.82018-12-11Anyone read this?sorry, forgot about this for a bit. yeah, i think at this point theyre not really in a relationship and shes kind of doing it mostly against her will.
t11269.52018-10-25Anyone read this?i think only the mother doesnt have a route. as far as i can remember, there wasnt any ntr and there is a harem ending. not sure what exactly you
t11269.32018-10-21Anyone read this?huh, i dont actually remember any ntr. been a long time since i read it but i dont remember the ntr. mustve played a very small part of the vn.
t10310.42018-04-11is there a walkthrough....theres literally only one option window that youll ever see in this...
t8045.22016-07-29threesome endings?yup.
t7363.22016-03-09Relatedness to other Eternal gamesyou might need to get the true end route in yumina which requires you to beat the game at least four times, i think. there is a big plot point that
t3838.52014-02-25How much [spoiler] does the game have?dont know if im too late but yeah the ntr can be pretty much avoidable. ill try not to spoil anything but in arisa's route she is sexually harassed