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t3617.23182020-07-01Tags suggestions/fixes@2300 Aren't hero(in)es any character that has a route? I guess that'd be the most "purist" definition. I wonder if it'd be a good idea to just mark
t13285.22020-06-29LolSame, lol >consumer remake
t13613.22020-03-01Revoke tag votes Tokimemo Girls SideOk, I'll remove them. Thank you. The description for Heroine is very unclear in that regard. I remember voting on the basis that each girl has her
t2108.30372020-01-17Candidates for deletionPlease delete everything by troll account u168889
t4366.42020-01-07Incorrect TagSorry to post in such an old thread, but I also think that this trait's description and name are wrong. Antisocial got its description from three
t3617.17802019-07-19Tags suggestions/fixesI think Furry should have "Kemono" as an alias, as people who want to search only for Japanese furry VNs might not know that both styles are treated
t10302.1092019-07-04Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadOh, I see. I found it suspicious because those are his only votes.
t10302.1072019-07-03Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadu146084 Seems to have voted 10 on the only two VNs he made. Is it allowed to vote on your own VNs?
t12492.12019-06-21Can't add to wishlist or vote most of the timeFor some reason, when I try to rate a VN for the first time or add it to my wishlist (or to my VN list, though I found a workaround for this in the
t5463.62019-06-21Naruhodou RyuunosukeI know I'm 5 years late so my comment is now irrelevant, but... They look similar because they were both designed and drawn by the same artist
t3314.14562018-10-07Traits#1446 Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I just wonder why it's not a trait yet. Since I'm inexperienced, I'm afraid of creating it myself.
t3314.14452018-10-06Traits#1439 #1441 Did you consider Anthropomorphized Inanimate Object in this conversation? To me, sentient objects are more fitting of the "Non-human
t9318.92017-11-08HelloI replied so late dammit. Absolute Obedience was my first BL game, fuck yeah. You have a huuuuuge backlog but you've also read so many more VNs than
t9318.72017-06-29HelloI don't know how many JoJo VAs have worked in yaoi VNs, but it's kinda awkward when I find out who has. Daisuke Ono has voiced quite a few characters
t9318.52017-06-23HelloAnother good seiyuu that surprises me even within JoJo is Koyasu Takehito, Dio's voice. He has voiced a guy in Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, and I
t9318.32017-06-19HelloMost of the time he sounds nothing like Kars though, I didn't notice until some random person on the internet told me. It's a bit embarrassing for me
t9318.12017-06-18HelloHello, Chibicirno. We were talking about Hadaka Shitsuji, right?
t3935.72014-03-13It's looked really hilariousThis game is f-awesome, it's hot and funny, period.