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2.5FinishedA Chance For NekoThe art is not only bad, but inconsistent; still, you can tell the creator made an effort in that regard. The writing isn't bad and if it wasn't fanfiction the story would be less cringy, BUT the creator didn't even write it themselves; and yet, this fic wasn't a terrible choice because it was kind of interesting, longer than I imagined and I don't remember many mistakes in the text; the creator of this VN even gave two different endings, and definitely the strongest point of this whole thing is how they used ADV and NVL modes so effectively (it really impressed me in a good way). This might be garbage overall but there are surprising little details that were done right. I was expecting to give it a 1 but I can't, because it's not complete crap.2019-07-14
3.5FinishedAyasato-ke no IchizokuDon't have the heart to give 'em a 3. Music's actually good, comedy in Japanese is kind of funny, style imitation has some effort put into it. Plus there's the nice bleeping text option. But it's way too short, stupid, OOC, cliché and badly animated, which is a turnoff along with the several mistakes in the art.2017-05-06
6.5StalledBackstage Passfailed to get Ben's friEnd; Plan: Alvin(get)→Ben→Adam→Nicole→Matt→Lloyd→John2016-05-18
7FinishedBlazBlue: Calamity Trigger100%2019-11-19
4FinishedBrooks Cafe2019-07-03
6.5StalledCute Demon Crashers!2019-07-27
2FinishedDaisuki Da Yo -In springIt's fairly long for an amateur pastime OELVN, and most of the assets look very good and are royalty-free. That's the only redeeming quality of this... thing. MC is Homura fanart from somewhere edited on Paint, and I don't tolerate stolen art nor can I stand this VN's writing style or title. (To be fair, this might've been made by a kid and it's a bit of an impressive achievement if that's the case) It also baffles me how more than 1 translation group could've taken interest in this OELVN in particular.2016-07-13
5StalledDandy Shot1 route in and it's already better than that MaruMitsu garbage. Hopeful that the other routes, even if generic, will have interesting/cute character interactions and romance.2019-07-09
7FinishedDate Warp100%2019-07-032020-01-022020-01-05
5.5FinishedFlandre's Quest2019-07-07
-StalledGakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble!2019-12-13
-StalledGakuen Hetalia2014-07-07
-StalledGo! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~2019-07-17
8FinishedGyakuten Kenji2014-03-13
-StalledGyakuten Kenji 22017-05-06
8FinishedGyakuten Saiban2014-03-13
7.5FinishedGyakuten Saiban 22014-03-13
9FinishedGyakuten Saiban 32014-03-13
8FinishedGyakuten Saiban 42014-07-07
7FinishedGyakuten Saiban 52014-03-13
6FinishedHadaka Shitsuji2014-03-13
5FinishedHadaka Shitsuji ~Yarashitsuji & Yasashitsuji~2014-04-22
3StalledHarem Protagonist2019-07-27
-StalledKamigami no Asobi - Ludere Deorum2017-05-06
6.5StalledKatawa Shoujo2017-05-06
-StalledKichiku Megane2014-07-07
6FinishedKinbaku Ouji2014-04-06
-FinishedKonbini Life2019-07-13
3FinishedKougai Kinshi (Mitsu) Office Lovespeedread the last few extra scenarios. Fucking garbage2019-07-09
6.5FinishedMagical Otoge Anholly100%2019-06-24
7FinishedMagical Otoge Ciel100%2019-06-24
-StalledMagical Otoge Irisdownloaded demo2019-07-02
9FinishedMasquerade ~Jigoku Gakuen SO/DO/MU~100%2019-11-192019-11-192019-11-25
5.5StalledMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~2019-12-17
6PlayingNonke Ippatsu TabehoudaiOnly Misaki route & extra chapter left2019-11-182020-01-09
6StalledOre no Shita de Agake2019-11-27
-StalledOtometeki Koi Kakumei★Love Revo!!2017-05-06
-StalledProjects ID2019-07-02
6.5FinishedRE: Alistair100%2014-03-13
-StalledRistorante Amore2020-06-21
7StalledRondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ff2016-06-29
7StalledSachi no Tenbin2016-02-072020-01-18
-StalledShin Gyakuten Touhou2018-10-18
6Finished[text] - A Summer Story100%2019-07-02
8PlayingTokimeki Memorial Girl's Side2014-05-07
9PlayingTokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Kiss2014-05-07
10PlayingTokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 3rd StorySakurai brothers 3P end (DS)2014-07-07
-StalledTrue Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~THIS is probably the dating sim I was looking for, the one with the gay ending.2020-03-02