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t10939.22018-07-18Guess which route did Niijima Yuu writeI feel Niijima wrote Kamome's route too, and he probably wrote Shiroha + ALKA + Pockets. I'm 99% sure that Hasama wrote Tsumugi's route because he
t10358.32018-03-15straight shotaconYeah and the protagonist is a woman...
t9368.42017-07-03Yaoi in v20159Oh no, my bad. Apparently Hero tags only apply if the character has a route. So main character =/= hero(in)e. Reiji doesn't have a full route as
t9368.22017-07-03Yaoi in v20159Yes, there is yaoi involved in Tantei Seven. Even if Reiji did not have sex scenes, he is a main character, because he is important in the story, and
t2108.12142015-11-01Candidates for deletionPlease delete Morino Seika, is a duplicate of Morino Seika