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c101475.142022-08-08 at 10:16norwegianboyeeCharlotte Di Curvehorn YeatzChanged trait to more specific option
c101475.122022-06-10 at 09:51norwegianboyeeCharlotte Di Curvehorn YeatzAdded relevant traits
c101475.112022-06-10 at 09:45norwegianboyeeCharlotte Di Curvehorn YeatzAdded relevant traits
c108081.32022-06-07 at 17:45norwegianboyeeNezu MiharuAdded relevant trait
c108080.52022-06-07 at 17:44norwegianboyeeArise HorokoAdded relevant trait
c101474.132022-06-07 at 17:29norwegianboyeeArise KaguyaFixed spoiler not really being a spoiler
c101476.92022-06-07 at 17:25norwegianboyeeArise AtenaAdded relevant sexual traits.
c104847.62022-06-07 at 17:20norwegianboyeeKallisto MidvaechAdded relevant sexual traits.
c101472.72022-06-07 at 17:13norwegianboyeeHongou NijimuAdded relevant sexual traits
c101473.82022-06-07 at 16:51norwegianboyeeIshikawa YaeAdded relevant sexual trait
c101473.72022-06-07 at 16:49norwegianboyeeIshikawa YaeAdded relevant sexual traits.
c101474.122022-06-07 at 16:35norwegianboyeeArise KaguyaAdded relevant sexual trait
c101474.112022-06-07 at 16:33norwegianboyeeArise KaguyaAdded relevant trait and sexual traits for the character.
c101475.92022-06-01 at 08:53norwegianboyeeCharlotte Di Curvehorn YeatzAdded relevant trait
c101475.82022-06-01 at 08:37norwegianboyeeCharlotte Di Curvehorn YeatzAdded relevant trait
c101475.72022-06-01 at 08:29norwegianboyeeCharlotte Di Curvehorn YeatzAdded relevant traits
c101475.62022-06-01 at 08:27norwegianboyeeCharlotte Di Curvehorn YeatzAdded relevant trait
c64264.252022-03-31 at 15:58norwegianboyeeEda Ichioadded relevant trait
c86988.32022-03-24 at 13:52norwegianboyeeWakatsuki TakuyaAdded relevant traits
c86987.52022-03-24 at 13:51norwegianboyeeShinjou YuuAdded relevant traits
c86986.72022-03-24 at 13:47norwegianboyeeKawagiri Hanaadded relevant trait
c63113.22022-03-18 at 20:54norwegianboyeeSasaki ShizuyaAdded relevant traits
c63112.52022-03-18 at 20:31norwegianboyeeChidori HinanoAdded relevant traits
c912.132022-03-07 at 11:51norwegianboyeeRindou RuriAdded missing relevant traits.
c85280.42019-12-22 at 09:48norwegianboyeeShirafuji MasatoAdded relevant traits to main character.
c73043.52019-04-27 at 23:31norwegianboyeeTokugawa MitsukuniAdded extensive amount of relevant traits and some revisions.
c55570.102018-08-21 at 07:19norwegianboyeeDoori KissAdded trait
c55570.92018-07-29 at 04:43norwegianboyeeDoori KissAdded item.
c55570.82018-07-28 at 15:19norwegianboyeeDoori KissAdded description to character.
v15744.322018-07-15 at 04:41norwegianboyeeAkiyume KukuruAdded missing character.
c72553.62018-07-15 at 04:38norwegianboyeeThe VirusTag revision.
c72553.52018-07-15 at 04:34norwegianboyeeThe VirusTrait revision.
c72553.42018-07-15 at 04:33norwegianboyeeThe VirusTag revision.
c72553.32018-07-15 at 04:29norwegianboyeeThe VirusSpoiler revision.
c72553.22018-07-15 at 04:27norwegianboyeeThe VirusGrammar fix
c72553.12018-07-15 at 04:26norwegianboyeeThe VirusAdded missing character.
c55570.72018-07-15 at 04:19norwegianboyeeDoori KissAdded another missing tag.
c55570.62018-07-14 at 14:57norwegianboyeeDoori KissForgot to add another tag.
c55570.52018-07-14 at 14:31norwegianboyeeDoori KissDoori Kiss, one of my favourite characters in this game had almost none of her personality traits and other information fleshed out. I added
c55568.52018-07-14 at 13:31norwegianboyeeIhashi AyumiAdded missing trait.
c63712.72018-03-29 at 02:36norwegianboyeeSasaura SuzunaAdded important personality trait.
c17470.92014-05-03 at 21:10norwegianboyeeTakakura AnzuAdded an description. (I am not the god of awesome descriptions... But it is better than nothing. ~-~
c17470.82014-05-03 at 20:57norwegianboyeeTakakura AnzuAdded personality trait.
c17470.72014-05-03 at 20:41norwegianboyeeTakakura AnzuAdded birth date.