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t18841.32022-08-02your favorite after playing fandisc?Why Ria is an exception lmao. Even if Ria was listed there my favourite would still be Mina.
t18809.22022-07-22this game is anti-whiteWait til he figures out how Japanese treat all Christians as crazed zealots that are seconds away from blowing up innocent people for the glory of
t18782.172022-07-17Ok, let me get this straight...At least i don’t insult other people’s "shitty taste" for not agreeing with me on how a game should be. And put words into their mouth by stating
t18782.112022-07-17Ok, let me get this straight...Look, Yuzusoft and Saga Planets make chara-ge, Now there is a lot you can criticize about chara-ge, such as whether the romance feels contrived and
t18782.52022-07-17Ok, let me get this straight...Imagine getting so mad like Hans because other people enjoy a product lmaooo.
t18780.32022-07-17Kinkoi GT: Favourite Append RouteI played the fandisc while i mostly skimmed the previous main game because i just wanted to try Mina’s route. Probably unpopular opinion but i liked
t3617.28682022-07-15Tags suggestions/fixes#2864 "I can forgive Lesbians, but not gay men." - Lukashenko, dictator of Belarus: Probably also girls getting it on with other girls is not
t3617.28672022-07-15Tags suggestions/fixesI’ve noticed an trend where an character will be listed as both kouhai and senpai. This is usually the case for a 2nd year character that is "senpai
t17840.112022-07-13Anyone pissed off at Reina's first H scene?Newest Sagapla game from this writer also had 3P scene for every route. (Luckily it was just an optional unlockable for after you beat the route
t18724.172022-07-10Any good games where you can "pick a side"?Ahaha, yeah i played that… You’re not wrong…
t18724.152022-07-09Any good games where you can "pick a side"?I hope the tag get's approved, that's exactly what i was looking for.
t18724.132022-07-09Any good games where you can "pick a side"?Ah yes, that's kinda what i meant yes Butterflygrrl. I think Primal X Hearts comes a bit to mind in the general idea, (but with an pretty flawed
t18541.82022-07-08AMBITIOUS MISSION ROUTE GUIDEtried to delete this
t18724.32022-07-08Any good games where you can "pick a side"?Doesn’t necesarilly have to be an outright villainous route. That seems a bit extreme.
t18724.12022-07-08Any good games where you can "pick a side"?To be more precise. Are there any good examples of games where the protagonist can choose between two very distinct sides and the story changes
t3617.28542022-07-07Tags suggestions/fixesThere should be an tag for games that contain one or more attractive but uncaptureable heroines.
t18715.82022-07-06Any way to track a game’s popularity in Japan?Erogamescape was pretty useful. Than you for linking me this. There are many reviews from Japanese people and votes, which help me garner a game’s
t18715.12022-07-05Any way to track a game’s popularity in Japan?Is there any sites, or statistics central that holds records for the amount of copies sold or popularity of an eroge/VN in Japan?
t18638.162022-06-28My pet peeve, background voice in H-scene.#15 Not to mention that it typically sounds like they put an voice recording microphone in front of an vat of ketchup and started mashing a stick
t18638.82022-06-26My pet peeve, background voice in H-scene.#4 I know you can turn it off, the problem is that most games leave it on by default. So do people actually want it?? #7 Dunno, most games i’ve
t18638.12022-06-25My pet peeve, background voice in H-scene.Anyone else find this incredibly annoying in visual novels? Nothing kills a boner faster than realizing that someone put on an endlessly looping
t17192.332022-06-22Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a route@30 The "friend" character in any VN will always be either an mysterious speaks-in-riddles, gay, or a loser. This is to ensure that the fragile ego
t17192.242022-06-22Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a route@21 Yeah that's the truth right there. This is also why i tend to usually not like the designated "central heroine" in most VN as she is the one that
t17192.202022-06-22Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a route@18 I can read untranslated VN's just fine and i still want some side characters as a route.
t17192.152022-06-21Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a routeSometimes a game just has a very good and interesting side heroine that never get's the attention they deserve. That doesn't mean all players of
t17192.122022-06-21Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a routeYou live up to your name jerk.
t18589.92022-06-19No lolibaba tag or trait?Typically this sort of character is listed as having the body of a kid but an mature personality. I suppose clarifying between an younger character
t18572.212022-06-16Best Yuzusoft Title?Sanoba Witch is decent but i don't think it's their best title. I'd probably give it 3rd place. (I'm seeing it leading in the polls right now)
t18572.72022-06-15Best Yuzusoft Title?I have played most of their titles and i’ll repeat the same. Riddle Joker was the peak of their catalogue so far. An great blend of romance and
t18541.72022-06-09AMBITIOUS MISSION ROUTE GUIDEIt's not like you need a guide anyway. None of the choices really matter except for the route selection one, which should be quite obvious to
t18509.52022-06-03Ambitious Mission: Best Heroine PollI'm surprised the Gyaru is winning. ngl
t18509.22022-06-03Ambitious Mission: Best Heroine PollYou could have added Tsubame for trap lovers out there. Anyway my favourite choice is obviously Charlotte! Give us fandisc of her, Saga Planets
t18488.82022-06-02Does Charlotte not have an route?"So am I "cultured" if I want route for Horoko and Mitsuko?"Neither are my cup of tea personally, but i'll respect your opinion. *Cough* Traps being
t18488.52022-06-02Does Charlotte not have an route?" I'd rather have Tsubame as a "heroine" than charlotte, no homo Charlotte's gag gets old really fast, but it is weird she's not even included for
t18488.22022-06-02Does Charlotte not have an route?New plan. Hope the product sells well. Lobby Sagapla to create an fandisc Upgrade Charlotte into an playable heroine. ??? Profit
t18488.12022-05-30Does Charlotte not have an route?I just checked out walkthrough from Seiya Saiga and it appears that Charlotte does not have an route. Only Atena from the sub-character pool. My
t18122.72022-04-22This looks interestingIf it’s anything like previous game it will be very heavy comedy and slapstick with just ok romance thrown in. Pretty good H. If that’s your cup of
t16756.12021-08-06Visual Novel LabelsI’n having an bit of an issue with the classifications. I’d like to convey having partially finished an game, and leaving it at that. But that’s
t16194.22021-07-28Absolutely has to get an English localizationThis is a pretty funny game with good ero, maybe it’s not for everyone but the humor hit the mark and made me laugh a lot. Also i love imoutos so
t16685.12021-07-25Animated H scenes tag?This seems like an pretty important tag and i can’t find it anywhere. Titles such as link, link and link have an substantial collection of animated H
t16640.12021-07-19Romancing teachers but...?They are all lolis?! Just wanted to point this out. Normally with an female teacher fetish you find typically very mature women but here they seem
t15185.52021-06-05Do the idols last.Skipping the rest? No way, Nonoka best girl guys. Imouto route for life.
t16156.12021-06-01Is the game good?This game looks decent, but it has bad reviews. But it's hard to tell why it would be bad based on just numbers. Has anyone played this game? What
t15106.32020-12-01Yuzucurse strikes again.I mean, sure thing #3. But would anything have changed at all if the location was changed to an regular waterlocked island in the Pacific? Not much i
t15106.12020-12-01Yuzucurse strikes again.What is it with every second game since AmairoNauts being vastly inferior to the rest? Amairo had overly long scenes with nothing happening, and an
t14619.22020-10-10h codeI have a bigger problem, Textractor and ITHVNR both refuse to hook to the game. My level of Japanese isn't good enough to play a VN comfortably
t13310.32019-12-21Need H-codeI downloaded the Textractor program and it works much better. If anyone else has problem using ITH i suggest downloading and using the new program.
t13310.12019-12-20Need H-codeITHVN has problem hooking the text in this game, it skips over a lot of the characters. Does anyone have a solution or a H-Code?
t12797.32019-08-31Need H-codeThank you kind stranger!