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t19360.62022-11-12Moege is the True Kamige of Visual NovelsYour lack of experience is glaringly obvious OP. If you had done at least half an hour of research you would know that josouge is the real kamige
t19124.42022-09-23How... heavy is this game?Rawdogging nakiges off your meds, I commend your bravery. As #3 said Chie and Sarina are safe but stay far away from kirari, better yet go read
t18701.92022-08-25How do you cope with sad/emotional endings?Prevention is better than cure. Used to recklessly consume utsuges and alcohol, at some point I realized if there is no source of pain I didn't need
t18808.292022-08-25Here we go againlink
t18979.32022-08-23Best girl?Mihiro is high test choice
t10302.4882022-08-03Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread#487 based degen downvoter
t18801.62022-07-20Am I missing any Nekopara content?Ah yea you're right, prob just the wrong tag then.
t18801.42022-07-20Am I missing any Nekopara content?Haven't read the series myself but vol 0 has a +18 release, could be hiding in there. Could also be tagged wrong, wouldn't be the first time.
t18801.22022-07-20Am I missing any Nekopara content?link link ?
t16785.32021-08-11supporting vndbvery helpful, thanks!
t16785.12021-08-11supporting vndbhello, been using vndb for some years and would like to show my appreciation with a one time payment. cant find a wallet anywhere so im asking here
t2073.332014-03-21Thank You OverdriveThe absalute best VN i have EVER read! I suggest to start with Haruka rout, and if you know you cant cry just keep vodka close to you near the end