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t17221.42021-10-22Dohna Dohna in EnglishWhat the heck is johren anyway.
w2986.52021-10-22STARLESSI like the art by this artist very much, but the actual games... yeah.
t17010.442021-09-30The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDB@43 vndb is a database not a drama club though. Description should give the reader all the basic info about the game and its plot, and preferably not
t17010.412021-09-30The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDB@26 I was not talking about links to sources, but replacing brief descriptions by promo fluff. Seriously, is there really a need to turn this: "Main
t17010.252021-09-16The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDBI kind of like the shorter descriptions more. Adding all those citation bullshit & fluff from game covers and websites is completely unnecessary imho.
t6951.32021-09-01Anyone knows which company made this game?This info still implies that the game has been originally produced in Japanese and then translated into English, yet does Japanese version actually
t16054.1302021-09-01Reporting MTL releases"Was mtl in the early 2000s even good enough for that?"Not really, didn't stop the pirates and even some commercial publishers of the era like Akella
t13727.3642021-03-18Flagging Imageslink why is this one rated suggested, I don't get it?
t14448.132020-10-30Best place to start in the Rance series?So, which version is better, 02 or kai, any ideas on which one to play?
t13936.72020-07-16Zero Time DilemmaStill ridiculous to break series like that, imo.
t14316.452020-07-16Lilith stole a fans' TL for commercial releaseCopyrights obviously should exist, same with patents, but the actual laws and regulations should try better to avoid excessive exploitation. Imo
t13727.412020-03-27Flagging ImagesIs rape violent by default? If there is no visible trauma or resistance for example.
t13727.382020-03-27Flagging Imageslink is this explicit brutal? }
t13010.1052019-12-19Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStar#104 I think some people tend to forget that one thing which is not made by yorhel on this website is the actual content, the very same thing
t7991.1282019-12-19Sekai Project translation confirmedAnd why would a porn publisher insist on removing porn from their product? Shouldn't it be the other way around? These japs surely are weird.
t7991.1262019-12-19Sekai Project translation confirmedWhom exactly are SP referring to when they say they weren't allowed to release the uncut version?
t12670.92019-09-10Regarding Shkol'nye Dni HQNot really surprising considering how terrible most vn engines are when dissected, especially in-house ones. I remember how I once tried to
t12491.22019-06-21vndb search functionAlso a question - is it possible to search for exact title match? Currently searching for games with very short names is a pain since some names give
t12491.12019-06-21vndb search functionWhen I input into the search field "下级生" I get Kakyuusei 2 when it should be either Kakyuusei or a list.
t12412.12019-06-03Connection?These companies must be connected somehow, since Caligula made remakes of Polaris games with the same people working on it. Couldn't find any actual
t12393.22019-05-30What's up with the screenshots?Genuine RCA output to CRT display badass experience.
t12388.42019-05-30Too short and takes so much disk space?1 uncompressed 1080p image is ~10mb. Just saying.
t12339.82019-05-22A Password Policy Update"That's not a very good strategy. Your pattern will be visible if one or two sites have been breached."Maybe, but imo it's ok for sites like vndb
t12084.102019-05-16What do you think?"It's probably more illegal to make a parody about Mao Zedong or Joseph Stalin"It's not illegal to make a parody about Stalin in Russia, thus likely
t12201.42019-04-26Any games like this?Understandable, yet the dlc would make little sense after the normal ending, since the protagonist dies in that one.
t12230.12019-04-25Merge releases into a single one?While the game chapters have been added consequently when the game was in early access, they are not available separately, nor do you need to install
t12201.22019-04-24Any games like this?Changed the image. Those are not the cracks, but the marks, still a spoiler. I also liked the game, a pity it's relatively short, could totally
t12005.272019-04-05MG Survey 2019"When was the last time a Eushully game didn't make it on the list? Kind of surprised about that happening. I guess people are starting to finally
t10690.12018-05-23Good luckWe totally need more translations of actual games, not the boring vn porn this site is about. //
t9714.442017-12-20Has the H Patch actually been released?Does the mangagamer version also require jap locale?
t9714.332017-12-18Has the H Patch actually been released?I'm really pissed. 1. A separate limited version instead of the ultimate edition promised initially. 2. Requires japanese locale. wtf? 3. Requires
t9796.162017-12-12Dies irae cover image warsHorizontal covers are shit within current design. Frankly, now that the common consumer resolutions are going beyond full hd, it is time to think
t8987.82017-04-03Steam ReleaseInterface is half-assed in the port, the game is still great. Also 15$ in Russia and doesn't seem to have a region lock. *wink*
t7084.782016-01-13Prefundia for the KickstarterGot this email from mangagamer today - "Hey friends and fans! We've got a special offer for all of you! A lot of you might have already noticed
t6951.12015-09-23Anyone knows which company made this game?Tried to find its japanese roots a couple of times in the past with no luck.
t5969.32015-07-30is this worth buying?I was one of the kickstarter backers for this game and played it when it was released 1,5 years ago so my memories are a little faded. While it is
t6677.12015-07-01Patch / not patch?link Kind of confused by this patch/standalone conflicting edits, link 100 mb (vs. ~2gb full game), no executables - looks like a patch to me. What
t5523.362014-08-05The Virgin Database"When I read the topic title, my instant thought was somebody posting a link to link."Exactly my thought. xD
t3262.1132014-05-03We're getting oldLol, I agree.
t4855.622013-12-09Paying for translations^Which basically means such mod should be hosted in a country with more liberal copyright laws not bought by corporations - that is, not in US.
t4855.602013-12-09Paying for translations^That's a tricky question, actually. Let's say I own a game and pay some dude 25k$ to translate it for me (not for public distribution). Is it legal
t4866.322013-12-09New Kickstarter: Sunrider"Sunrider handles dating girls more like Mass Effect"I think you should rename the captain to Marauder Shields, Kayto Shields obviously doesn't sound
t4863.92013-12-06So I recently bought a game on their site..Well, aside from some collector editions I'm buying games digitally since Steam happened 10 years ago, I own several hundreds of them - mostly on
t4863.12013-12-06So I recently bought a game on their site....and it took them 4 days to send me a download link. And, according to their help page, they actually consider 3 to 7 days a normal period to
t4857.292013-12-04Why so many Russian VNs/translations?" Twice translated text has a lot of mistakes compared to original one (for example, Umineko), so I prefer to read in English."Ha, never bothered
t2414.452013-11-27Don't Crawl VNDB!An official torrent is better than a crawler imo, for several reasons: 1) it doesn't require any additional skill and effort on the part of users
t2414.412013-11-22Don't Crawl VNDB!Sorry for a little necroposting, but I've been wondering as of late - I know vndb source code is open, but does anyone except yorhel have the actual
t4655.292013-10-14The general JRPG threadI've never seen a commercial jrpg translation to have the quality of (good) fan translations.
t4244.302013-10-14Megatokyo VN on kickstarterWe need a dedicated thread here to watch for vn kickstarters, some of them actually look promising, and I somehow miss most of the campaigns.
t3943.782013-10-04troll voter"to be honest, i can't wrap my head around why people would mind the troll votes so much."Oh people here care about lots of weird stuff, probably