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t10720.152023-06-01Thoughts on the gameI finally had the chance to read Munesada's extra story and wow, I did read some JP posts that said 1) they felt it stuff that was cut from the game
t20294.12023-05-25Review of the gameI recently finished this game... I figure I'd throw my 2 cents at it since there are barely impressions. The game is at the core an indie
t20276.22023-05-21Character Voice PollMunesada's turned me into a Furukawa Makoto's fan so I gotta go for him. I think even the writing was aware because I remember a line from Souta
t10720.142023-05-18Thoughts on the gameIt's definitely a fun game to read/write about haha because it's so long and so much happens, also some plot stuff being kinda vague. I definitely
t19695.32023-04-22Voice ActingYeah I'd go with Kawase as well. The dude who voiced it totally nailed the tone to the point I can't even imagine Kawase with another voice. I was
t10720.122023-03-29Thoughts on the gameAlright, finally done with Tsukasa's route. I... did not enjoy it much for some reason? It's a weird feeling, on paper I don't think it's a bad
t10720.112023-03-22Thoughts on the gameYeah, having finished Shuu's route now I was definitely impressed. It almost feels like he was a writer's favorite, in the way he gets the most
t10720.102023-03-18Thoughts on the gameDoing Shuu's route now, wow this is very good! Though tragically the plot left at this point is pretty paper thin in term of mystery, between the
t10720.92023-03-09Thoughts on the gameOh yay someone to talk about this game (also your nick... are you Italian too lol?) Regarding your post I never really got any noncon vibes from the
t10720.72023-03-04Thoughts on the gameDoing Kyou's route definitely improved my opinion of the game. Very fun, good pacing, decent amount of drama and lighter stuff, and the actual
t10720.62023-02-06Thoughts on the gameI can echo the comment over mine, at least up to the part about Mune's route. Common route was insanely good, and I was enjoying even the route but
t13085.122019-11-07ADELTA's comments on the last routeI think it's pretty normal to forget things, I found Hashihime decently fast paced, scenes often happen one after after and it's easy to forget
t13085.102019-11-07ADELTA's comments on the last route"#8 yeah, when I mentioned "his plan" I was talking only about his original one. Sure, he had his change of heart, and then he accepted the outcome
t13085.82019-11-07ADELTA's comments on the last routeThe last route is dog shit and barely makes sense. It's too short to say anything interesting and the overall message is nonsensical and contradicts