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t14999.62021-03-30best girl?Illya is best girl, the best ship would be Sakura x Shirou.
t14996.32021-03-30A masterpieceI m not spanish, but I can understand most of it... If this VN never gets translated to english, I guess I will have to go with the spanish version
t15770.32021-03-30Hapymaher GD *spoilers*#2 This is a game discussion though, obviously there would be spoilers. Now, I dunno much about using bbc code and the like here, but I could have
t15770.12021-03-29Hapymaher GD *spoilers*First 15-20 hours, I choose Saki as the first route, I think may have been a mistake, since I wanted to leave Maia's to just before Alice's, and I
t8308.122021-03-29Island Review and GDThis game took a while to finish, but overall it was a surprisingly emotional journey in the end, after finishing the true ending and understanding
t11252.52021-03-27This game definitelly needs another Review.#4 Nah. Going off topic but, really while both this game and FSN had really pleasant pacing, to me FSN, specially UBW and Heaven Feel routes, had way
t11738.102021-03-27Change of an official translation?This is at least a start I would say, just a small first step is enough to eventually gain momentum.
t14046.122021-03-27Top 5 hardest boss battles? (slight spoilers)#11 Thing is, not everyone is gonna go to this VN and want to spend that much time learning the combat, I recall needing at least an hour for the
t15318.82021-03-27Walkthrough for the remake#6 They are mostly the same as far as I m aware, and when I started to play the remake myself, searched and searched and couldnt find anything else
t13083.22021-03-27Setsuna and Rinné's Goal?If I had to guess is that Rinné wanted to have a future where mankind wouldnt have to live such a dire life on ISLAND, so while preventing an Ice Age
t11754.52021-03-16Confusing parts. (Spoiler)This is soo complicated in how it handles its "time travel"... So #4, what you said is something that keeps happening in all cycles, in which MC
t11252.32021-03-11This game definitelly needs another Review.Oh boy, I think I need to add some comments to what the OP said here. First and foremost, Baldr Sky isn't even close to how good MLA gets. Baldr Sky
t10802.52021-03-11I recommend itI would say the endings for this short but enjoyable VN where better than what I expected, left me really pleased and definitly bumped the score a
t14046.102021-03-07Top 5 hardest boss battles? (slight spoilers)I don't have much to disagree from the OP's... Just finished Sora good ending, still have to go back and replay for the true ending epilogue, but I
t14448.382021-02-24Best place to start in the Rance series?#36 Didnt knew about that. #37 Rance 9 translation has been 100% done for awhile, still needs to be tested and going in beta, hopefully they will
t14448.352021-02-23Best place to start in the Rance series?#34 Then why are you here man? You in the deeps, would have guessed anyone here had at least played one rance game. That said this thread is for
t14448.332021-02-23Best place to start in the Rance series?#32 That is too god damm long if I have to suffer from Rance 2 dated gameplay again... KR otherwise is the predecessor for Senkogu Rance, so I know
t15318.22021-02-23Walkthrough for the remakeYES. I have reached the point in the game, where you don't need it any longer, in the remake, and I was good using the walkthrough till there. Keep
t14448.312021-02-23Best place to start in the Rance series?#25 The 2010 release of Rance 2 proved to me that I will not have a lot of fun with older entries, and while I do want to try Kichikuou Rance, after
t8592.532021-02-23Rance 5D and VI GDRance VI Game Discussion: I don't see much love for this entry, maybe because only with the official release, it was available to western audiences
t15078.32020-12-04What happened to the Remake for PCs later 2020?!So it was freaking delayed then.
t15078.12020-11-26What happened to the Remake for PCs later 2020?!Source: link As the title says, I m pretty much sure earlier this year, I could see an entry here, saying this game's remake was coming to PC later
t8592.522020-11-09Rance 5D and VI GD"5D is pretty bad, both gameplay-wise (RNG everything and chapter 3 ending is a dick move if you aren't prepared) and story-wise." "5D: Randomness
t14978.12020-11-07Rance 02 Kai GDThis game is kinda hard to swallow, after how much fun, engaging and vibrant Rance 1 remake was. Yes, it is not a remake, they just took the
t14967.12020-11-05Surprised this game works so well as it is.My sole contact with Rance Series was from a few months ago when I tried VI, for like 10 hours. And eventually, I did plan to go back and beat it
t14966.12020-11-05Translation status and length of the game.It is very odd that nearly all games from Rance are translated or with a translation planned from MG, they have 8 to release probably in the next few
t14965.12020-11-05Which version to play, if anyone is wondering.If you got the remake from Mangagamer, bundled with Rance 1 Remake, you have two scripts to go through, the normal one, and Kai. Won't go into
t14751.12020-09-19Pleasant surprised with this gameIt was short but long enough to make me care, and I have played VNs without sound before, like Higurashi. Thankfully, the OST was really moving and
t12521.42020-09-19Does anyone know who made the art for this game?#3 Yes it was quite good, short but definitely memorable. The art was TOP and the OST also really freaking good.
t9629.82020-06-28On Board to Naglfar lyrics?You did the Lord's work with this, sucks I cant find any romanji so I could better match, your translation with the sound itself. While flawed here
t9827.172020-06-28Absolute trash#1 Final game in the series? I would like to know which sources you have, to say such a thing...
t11151.82019-11-27Rating dropped by 0.1 in the past few years?#4 Subahibi is one of the most disappointing VNs ever considering the hype people built around it, very enjoyable for sure but people must be out of
t6105.62019-11-27Muv-Luv Alternative walkthrough videos.I just wanted to post and update in case anyone ever wants to use the links above again (considering we now have the game officially in the west
t9025.62019-11-03can't get the last ending#5 Thank you very much, I completed all the bad endings of this guide: link Had everything and the choice for making Rinné happy still wasnt
t4945.22019-10-05Political thriller by Suda 51It was actually nice that someone wrote something like this here, so others can at least know what to expect... maybe if it was more like MLA and
t11960.22019-04-22Hype?Finished this awhile ago, definitly overrated, wtf. Best game in the series, with the best case for the end for sure, but with that rating I was
t6266.32019-02-23ongoing commentsSo far from what I played, this is the pinacle of femdom to me, you are in the right place for that and for 10/10 art, but even if it is wrong to say
t11960.12019-02-23Hype?Just finished the 3rd case today, so far, enjoyable, as previous games, but I m not seeing all the hype people make towards it, and definitly that
t11738.12018-12-29Change of an official translation?Other Nitroplus games like SG had it, this is a bit older than SG, but seems like it would be too wasted to never get a translation, no matter how
t11207.332018-12-29Remake or orignal?So these 95 players are complaining since they prefer Retro art, or wanted something more unique, whereas this remake as more standart art? LOL Art
t11737.12018-12-29This VN is far from being completly translated.Closing Chapter is now finished but WA2 translation is far from over. I m just writting this for other people that were also led by the little
t11200.262018-12-14Impossible to findGuys, the problem is to get the most recent (2016) patch: link Links are not working any longer!
t10380.192018-10-15Karen's Ending - WTF?Finishing this route last night, while not as much, I agree with OP PoV. Underaged or not, I dont think that counts has kidnapping and it was kinda
t11233.12018-09-14Your impressions of the gameThis game took me by surprised, we dont get too many zombie setting in japanese media, good, but let those that appear be as great as this! It was so
t11108.62018-08-24Where are the save files located?#5 It was confirmed to me by Denpa, if you own this game, you will find the save files there, you are probably just looking in the wrong main
t11108.42018-08-23Where are the save files located?Seems like the saves for me are at the same location of the japanese ones, Users/you/AppData/Roaming/seacoxx, etc etc. Nice.
t11108.12018-08-23Where are the save files located?Been playing it alot today, will need to move out tomorrow, and would like to carry the progress with me, but I cant seem to find where is the save
t6436.312018-08-15Happy ending?Concerning the comment above, by no means I m expert on Mecha and I have seen alot of Gainax, but I have also seen alot of other Mecha like Code
t9130.22018-05-13Everything you need for this VNYou forgot to add "Lotion" to it.
t8188.22018-03-11NTRLol, I applaud your courage to admit it yourself... I dont agree with you both about that scene, since I m lazy for spoilers, I will only say this