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2022-06-0689-nine- Shinshou
2022-06-068.5Rance Quest
2022-06-068Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete
2022-06-067.5Café Stella to Shinigami no Chou
2022-05-098.5G-senjou no MaouQuality wise this VN is a mess, it has some highlights, especially the epilogue of Usami's, or scenes from either Kanon or Shiratori's, yet the very beginning and 1/3 are boring to read, a lot of the plot twists for the game of wits feel cheap and lack bite... Kanon route was one of the best but had some very boring moments, Shiratori's needed to be longer and more focused on the romance (lots of potential), and Usami's was a disappointing for a good chunk, especially with the big twist feeling retarded and forced, poorly executed, Usami as the main girl leaves a lot to be desired, questionable actions on her route aside, I just expected way more chemistry between both leads, romance-wise Kanon and Shiratori was far superior. What olds the VN, in the end, is a superb epilogue that was heartfelt and kinda the redemption arc for the MC after all the shit he did, such a strong ending washed away a lot of sourness I had, otherwise would have scored lower. Overall I expected more, and am disappointed, but the ending redeemed most of it, very flawed with some really great scenes and a good OST.
2022-05-098.5DoukyuuseiSurprisingly high production values at parts, great vibes especially for a summer play, 3-5 really great girls (Misa the MVP), loses points because the rest of them are not that good, besides most 18+ stuff being too short and disappointing. The origin of the problem is that this is a remake for a game that came the year I was born lol. So understandable, but I wanted full lengthy routes for some of the girls, wasted potential there, at least there are epilogues for them all, and most range from decent to FEELS and memorable. Would support the remake of the sequel without hesitation, need more Misa!!
2022-03-238.5Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai vol.3Finally touches on things fans wanted to see, teased since vol1, some sequences were very tense, liked the 2 endings provided (great to see Tokiko back), but it felt too lackluster as a conclusion for the series, really sucks the WN is on hiatus. Some side plots and characters are abandoned or rushed, so writing really took a hit vs previous volumes, everything can be pinned on WN, but the devs could have done a bit of work to develop it more IMO.
2022-03-1399-nine- Yukiiro Yukihana YukinoatoCertainly the most exciting and thrilling episode, stakes are high and are delivered, Noa being the second-best girl (after Haruka), has her highs, but romance wise I still prefer the Haruka's episode. I also don't feel this episode was that much better vs Ep3, the last 1/3 did not impress me as much as the hype led it to believe, despite that, it doesn't disappoint and keeps you engaged till the end. Thankfully an extra final episode is scheduled to be released soon, which will hopefully fill the blanks and unfinished threads.
2022-01-098.89-nine- Haruiro Harukoi HarunokazeHaruka is easily one of the most adorable and funny heroines ever, her interactions with MC and the cast, are a big reason why I love this episode soo much, the other being better OST, plot execution & reveals that can be both chilling and ruthless but also very exhilarating to read. The 18+ actually adds a lot, IMO deepening the development of the leads, it will be a while for me to find a character as refreshing & adorable as Haruka!
2022-01-058.49-nine- Sorairo Sorauta SoranootoClearly a big improvement all around, the problem is I feel the OST ends up letting down in the most emotional scenes, these deserved BETTER tracks. Sora needs the prize of best imouto because she was that enjoyable, funny and refreshing, even into the 18+ content! But in the end, I still can't see her and the MC as the best ship, but it was great for laughs and I enjoyed the direction the plot took. Overall this episode just makes me more hyped for Haruka's, my best girl so far.
2021-12-307.89-nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka KokonoiroGets better the longer it goes, both the plot and the characters, nonetheless, it is still a prologue, and features the less interesting heroine, at least she had her moments. The potential is here, now we just need better heroines as focus and more reveals!
2021-12-288.9BALDR SKY Dive2 "RECORDARE"Need to replay the last 2 routes for plot purposes, to understand how I feel about the game, cuz the story is a mess and I definitely have mixed feelings about how disappointed the conclusion to Sora's was.
2021-12-279.2Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NOThe remake of this VN stands the test of time, if you can enjoy the casting and the MC for what he is (I cared deeply for Kanna & Yu-No and enjoyed the rest), USE a guide... this is an wonderful experience that even its modern version feels special and big in scope. An emotional journey with a memorable conclusion that just makes me wanna play Chrono Trigger all the more, outside some controversial stuff, this is an amazing VN.
2021-12-148.7Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai vol.2Reminded me again why I enjoyed reading vol1 so much, what looks boring on paper is very compelling and tense, addictive to read. Liked to see focus on a newer character like the doctor, but Mitsuki was sidelined like crazy here...
2021-12-149.3Utawarerumono: Futari no HakuoroThe emotional climax to what some could argue started at the very beginning of Uta 1! Mask of Truth is much more inconsistent in quality than Uta 1 or 2 were, but 1 << 2<< 3... you can't argue the most development and highlights come from Uta 3, yes its structure into 2 arcs is not natural and there were a lot of less interesting scenes but the development pays off and I think most people would be pleased with the ending of Haku. The villains and the forced gameplay bring this game down too, but still, 1st villain, Raiko, is much better (like fuck the last villain, pure SHIT), and the gameplay shined strongly at the climax giving me a rush of emotions. I feel this VN is a bit too hyped, the only 10/10 is from the art, still, the writing was great considering this is a Third Installment that even delivers on the shit ending from Uta 1 (a miracle the third one is the best, so many years after Uta 1), OST was memorable too. One of the best VNs I have played in years, definitely makes me eager to look forth what they will come out with next, hope this is far from the end for the series.
2021-12-148.6Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no KamenBig improvement over Uta 1, way more likable characters, it is pretty chill for the most part, so never boring to read, and with top-tier art, what evolution in art from Uta 1 to this, some of the very best art in VNs! Ending connects really well to Uta 3, what an unforgettable cliffhanger that leads to the climax of this very long but worthwhile trilogy of games! It has to be stated that 2 sequels so long after Uta 1, that are tons better with Uta 3 even being better, is nothing sort of a miracle to the context of most sequels long in the making, or not, coming out to be so disappointing... this series is an example to follow!
2021-10-187.8UtawarerumonoConsidering how old the VN is, the plot holds itself very well, reaching some dramatic highs, and definitely, a must-read before the sequels, ambitious for its time, but doesn't hold itself much higher above on average, than most VN nowadays, that is worth a read. The MC stole the show for the most part, he was well written, aside from the moments where quality really dips, sometimes to annoying levels.
2021-03-278.8ISLANDNever expected the plot to go in this direction, and the journey IS a rocky one, first 2 routes are nothing to talk about, Rinne's route is when the real deal starts, and from there it gets even better, mind you, the plot can be very confusing due to how things are presented, but once you finally get it, it is genuinely rewarding. The true end of the VN is the culmination of a lot of stuff, if you have reached this far, you will care, a lot. The plot was great in the end, and OST and art are top tiers too. Turned out to be a way more memorable adventure than I could have guessed at first sight. Kuon = best girl
2021-03-107.5Wolf TailsWhile the story is not gonna win any awards, the art is surprisingly good, with some decent comedy and 18+, but more importantly, the ending was very pleasing for both girls, so you are bound to finish the VN in a really great mood~~
2021-02-238.7Sengoku Rance
2021-02-238.6Rance VI - Zeth Houkai -For something of this scale, released in 2004, the plot really gets long and epic, with great additions to the cast of Rance games (good twists and villains, Camilla gets me M easily), plus lots of FUN and LEWD time with the returning casting. The gameplay also gets better with time, but by the end, it lost me a bit. A good entry for newcomers in the Rance franchise, that will surprise many by how serious and grounded the story can be, outside Rance misgivings.
2020-11-097.8Rance 5D - Hitoribocchi no Onna no Ko -This game has a really enjoyable story, charming with interesting reveals, but the whole experience would have been better, if the game didn't have a lottery system that controls almost everything, giving almost no freedom at key moments, it is very punishing if you fucked, you may end losing hours of your time, having to reload from the beginning to grind battles.
2020-11-076.5Rance 02 Kai - Hangyaku no Shoujo-tachi -Rance 2 1990 with a 2010 skin, as such, suffers deeply from being an OLD game, just use a guide and get done with it ASAP, characters were the only part thing I enjoyed from this game.
2020-11-058.2Rance 01 - Hikari o Motomete -This game meant to be an introduction to the series, and it does a great job at not being overwhelming, being simple and just fun, addicting to a point for its gameplay and wanting to get all the CGs (but you have to use a guide for those, otherwise is very easy to miss a bunch of them). The controversial side of the series is here, but I do think it does a decent job of making it light with some comedy, so really, just don't take it seriously.
2020-09-198.5Yeguang8.5 Short but memorable, the art and OST really go a long way to deliver something surprisingly meaningful that I definitely won't forget, while the topic may be controversial, it was handled really well, just wish the final ending was longer.
2020-01-228.7BALDR SKY Dive1 "Lost Memory"Lost Memory is more about setting the world, preparing you for something truly special, that I hope that Recordare becomes, but the stepping stone is by no means unworthy of praise... Like FSN in the sense that it boasts great pacing for how long it is (also a great interface), the gameplay hits a sweet spot considering this is a VN, it gets your blood pumping, there is rarely a dull moment. Each route brought something new to the table, great world-building so far +addictive OST and an OP song I never skipped!
2019-06-177Nariyuki → Papakatsu Girls!!It is short but one of the best, if used for the "right" purpose, very spicy!
2019-04-228.7Gyakuten Saiban 38.7 Best game in the series, best cases, best final case, yet not that amazing game in itself, overhyped as hell here, but still a great send off to original trilogy.
2019-02-238Bishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo-
2018-09-199.5Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru
2018-09-199.2STEINS;GATE 0Overall great addiction to the franchise, it suffers from not having as much Kurisu on it, but it also introduces an exciting cast & a better ost. Some plotwists were in insane and cool (but also confusing at times), in short plot is still one of the best and fits quite well with the original. Reccomend to finish playing 0 before completing Steins Gate True End (for extra feels).
2018-08-248.8Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga OsowarenaiSurprised the setting could be this good on a VN, need MOAR! Very tense, great art overall, even on all those hentai scenes, also MC is kinda hard to get used to (very cold and logical). Very much worth read!
2018-08-128.9Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou GakuenBig improvement over the first, alot more feels and heart to it, aside some dull moments, great plot and plot twists.
2018-05-228.6Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~
2018-05-229.5STEINS;GATEThe anime is probably the best VN adaptation ever, the VN beneficts from the same pros, and has the cons, but also extra route content that fans for sure will be happy to experience.
2018-05-227Kyuuketsuki no Libra
2018-05-138.7Chrono ClockVery funny and charming, highly enjoyable cast, some routes were great reads and interesting premise, cant go wrong as summer read, provide you dont expect much from the story.
2017-08-298.3Dangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no KoukouseiThis game does shine sometimes but can also get quite dull, lucky most dialogue was pretty fun and interesting to read, most cases are too ridiculous to find out by yourself too.
2016-11-268.5Gyakuten Saiban 2Bit weaker cases than prequel, but still very enjoyable and colourful cast.
2016-08-199Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV - Zennin Shibou DesuNice improvement vs first one, very confusing at first, but there is an explanation, and the twists are awesome, still not has shocking as EVER17 but damm great game for 3DS!
2016-08-198.7Kyokugen Dasshutsu - 9-Jikan 9-Nin 9 no TobiraThrilling ride that overall isnt up to par with the best of the writter in Ever17.
2016-07-309Ever17 -the out of infinity-Tsugumi 8.5, Sora 8.2, Sara 8.2, You 7.2, Coco 9.4, great final route, but it took too long to get there, still worth the time though.
2016-01-297.5Furifure 2The art of this VN is great when it matters (the main girl), besides there is a good reason you are playing this, and you won't be disappointed with the amount of 18+ scenes, a lot for a small VN. Plotwise the first half, 1st route (the good route), will leave you harmed and all fuzzy inside, so adorable, the other 2 are smaller and fucked, the sole joy you can get is if you steel your heart, for some more faps, because there are still some hot stuff. In the end, the VN is nothing special but offers a lot, and those looking at the setting won't feel displeased by the end of it all.
2015-06-018.6Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no ShoujoSome routes were killing me at parts (so vexing). It is a mixed bag of highs and lows with oneechan and natsuki being the best girls!!
2015-05-199.5Umineko no Naku Koro ni1st=9.0, 2nd=9.2, 3th/4th=9.5 Last 2 episodes while with some slow moments too, were just mindblowing, each in a different way, and outstanding OST!
2015-02-159.3Fate/stay nightFate: 8-8.5, UBW: 9.3-9.4 & HF: 9.5. HF is my favorite route, loved the dark atmosphere and the better development of the cast.
2015-01-269.1Little Busters!The first VN I started, what brought into this media. And now after almost 1 year it is over... while most of VN doesnt shine VS other stuff I have read, Refrain= 9.5-10!! It is simply one of the best true end routes for a VN!
2015-01-269.2Higurashi no Naku Koro ni KaiMinagoroshi= 9.2, and Matsuribayashi=9.5! Really loved both final arcs. A simple yet complex story of friendship I wont forget!
2014-12-308.6Gyakuten SaibanBought the 3ds HD trilogy. 37 hours well spent with great and charming plot and characters!