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t8853.22017-02-17H-codeWell, after searching for hours, I decided to use an OCR. It's not perfect but it does the job. VNR has this function.
t8853.12017-02-17H-codeAre there any h-codes for "Eve: Burst Error A" ? I've tried ITHVNR and Visual Novel reader, both are giving partial text. I've tried searching in
t8777.32017-02-04Multile Endings?I just remembered that there was a choice in the Demo version {SPOILER} where you can choose to become an outlaw. Maybe that why they are referring
t8777.12017-02-03Multile Endings?Does this game have multiple endings? (It's tag as Multiple Endings) I've played the game when it came out but I remember only one ending. If we
t7561.32016-03-17About the patchokay, thanks
t7561.12016-03-17About the patchI've played the regular edition and then saw that some patches came out. What is the difference between the regular version and the"Yuugi Kyouka
t6944.32015-09-21JKokay, thanks.
t6944.12015-09-21JKWhat does JK means? I've seen this a couple of times now.
t5392.72014-06-10Error on startup@#5 - Thanks for the reply. @#6 - I think you are right. I recently installed some action games and the videos from those game are not playing
t5392.42014-06-08Error on startup@#2 - i have installed it in the default directory with the default name. @#2 & #3 - My windows is already in Japanese. I have even set my keyboard
t5392.12014-06-06Error on startupFor some reasons, the movie at the start showing the logo is not playing. I got this error "モジュール 'PrincessLover.exe' のアドレス 004E9200 でアドレス 00000038
t3950.12013-04-07Translation droppedTranslation has been dropped. the link should be removed. i got excited thinking that this was translated, only to get disappointed.
t3865.12013-03-18Official Website ProblemSeems like not everyone can access the new link for the official website. I'm Getting: "Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this
t3858.12013-03-17Official Website deadAnyone who has the VN and can upload it please. Also the official website link has to be revised.
t3855.12013-03-17About the VNTitle -------------------------> Happening! ? Genre -----------------------> ADV romance for women Endings ---------------------> 6 Endings Play time