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Akai MajoYou know, this is kind of the 21st century equivalent of a bedtime story. One that you'd read to your kids to leave them thinking about more or less grave stuff before they sleepFinished1/15
2012-01-06  Red WitchObtained
2017-07-28      Ambre - Steam Edition v1.2Obtained
Analogue: A Hate StoryDichotomic nature of the paths was a little jarringFinished1/16.3
2012-01-31   Analogue: A Hate StoryObtained
Beskonechnoe letoStill sorting out my feelings on this one. Sound design and backgrounds are great thoughFinished1/18
2014-11-19   Everlasting Summer 1.2Obtained
Break Chance MementoFinished1/18
2015-12-16  Break Chance MementoObtained
Cave! Cave! Deus Videt.Innovative, but doesn't rely (only) on its innovative features to stand out. It is indeed captivatingFinished1/18
2013-07-11  Cave! Cave! Deus Videt. Prototype (Episode 0)Obtained
CindersPolished, clever and atmospherical. Great fairytale impression.Finished1/18
2012-06-20  CindersObtained
ClannadI found it kinda boring except for Kotomi's route, which redeems it allFinished1/17.5
2012-06-07  ClannadObtained
Coffee Talk1/1-
2018-07-28  Coffee TalkObtained
Cursed SightGood characters, weird timeskipFinished1/17
2015-08-03  Cursed SightObtained
Digital: A Love StoryGreat interface. Or I just have a HUGE thing for so-called "web 1.0" and Windows 95 and stuff. But really, it's too confusing. Barely playable.Dropped0/1-
2010-03  Digital: A Love StoryDeleted
Doki Doki Literature Club!Finished1/18.5
2017-09-22  Doki Doki Literature Club!Obtained
Dysfunctional Systems Episode 1: Learning to Manage ChaosThe assets are incredible, but... somehow they don't blend into an enticing whole. Maybe further episodes will catch up.Finished1/16.5
2013-04-04  Dysfunctional Systems Episode 1: Learning to Ma...Obtained
Emily is AwayFinished1/16
2015-11-21  Emily is AwayObtained
Fate/Stay NightBest VN structure ever developed by a writerFinished2/29.5
2008-11-01  Fate/Stay NightObtained
2009-12-16  Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] - Conversion PatchObtained
Grisaia no KajitsuGrisaia is now my archenemyDropped0/02
2016-09-23  HarmoniaObtained
Hatoful Kareshi ~Kibou no Gakuen to Shiroi Tsubasa~1/1-
2014-09-04        Hatoful BoyfriendObtained
Her Tears Were My LightFinished1/17.5
2016-03-30  Her Tears Were My LightObtained
Innate ImperfectionsFinished1/1-
2016-04-15  Innate Imperfections Demo ver.1.2Obtained
Juniper's KnotThe ending was satisfiying, but how can such a short VN have such slow start?Finished1/17
2012-04-12  Juniper's KnotObtained
Katawa ShoujoMy favourite game and work of fiction ever. Call it overrated, but it's a really important story to me.Finished2/210
2010-06-25      Katawa Shoujo Act 1 v4Obtained
2013-07-08   Katawa Shoujo 1.1Obtained
Kehen 3 - The Innocent LunA: Eclipsed SinnerSPlaying1/1-
2015-06-04   Notch - The Innocent LunA: Eclipsed SinnerSObtained
Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.Finished0/08
Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o HirogeteStalled2/2-
2013-06-28  If My Heart Had Wings - Download EditionObtained
2013-07-15  If My Heart Had Wings Restoration Patch v1.0Obtained
Ladykiller in a BindFinished1/18
2016-10-10  Ladykiller in a BindObtained
Long Live The QueenAstonishingly cuteFinished1/17.8
2012-06-02  Long Live The QueenObtained
Lucy - Geunyeoga Baladeon Geos -Fantastic use of the VN formatFinished1/18.5
2016-02-26    Lucy - The Eternity She Wished For -Obtained
Millia -The ending-Finished1/15
2016-01-08  Millia -The ending-Obtained
NarcissuDelicate, simple, touching. A must-read.Finished1/19
2014-04-25   Narcissu 1st & 2ndObtained
Osananajimi wa Daitouryou: My Girlfriend is the President.The joke simply isn't enough to cover for the problemsFinished1/14
2012-01-10  My Girlfriend is the President - Download EditionObtained
Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~Absolutely brilliantFinished1/19
2005-02-28  Planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~Obtained
Sakura no KisetsuYou have to start somewhere, now don't you?Finished0/15
1996  Season of the Sakura
Sakura Swim ClubDosn't lend itself completely to anything it tries to doFinished1/14.5
2015-09-11  Sakura Swim Club - Denpasoft EditionObtained
Saya no UtaClever premise and good synergy of the VN's structure and artistic assets, but simply too gratuitous to be fully immersiveFinished1/18.5
2009-02-24  Saya no UtaObtained
SC2VNGreat characters, but some loose ends leave a weird aftertasteFinished1/17.8
2015-09-07  SC2VNObtained
Sepia TearsVery endearing, but confusing. Could have taken itself more seriouslyFinished1/15
2014-02-28  Sepia TearsObtained
2016-01-20  SicknessObtained
Silver JikenPlaying0/0-
2016-02-11  SolsticeObtained
Steins;GateSomeone described it as a "sob fest" before I played it. This someone was absolutely right.Finished1/19.5
2014-03-31  Steins;Gate - Download EditionObtained
Susanghan MessengerFinished1/18
2016-07-08  Mystic MessengerObtained
The 39 StepsStalled1/1-
2013-03-15   The 39 StepsObtained
The Confines of the CrownFinished1/17
2015-04-03  The Confines of the Crown - Steam EditionObtained
The Dandelion GirlSuch a great story, with such an iconic phrase, deserved a little more care and attention, artistically speakingFinished1/15.5
2010-02-19  The Dandelion GirlObtained
True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~Oh, come on now. It's funFinished0/16
1999-01  True LoveDeleted
Unhack 2Finished1/17
2017-01-13  Unhack 2Obtained
VA-11 HALL-AFinished1/19.5
2016-06-21  VA-11 HALL-AObtained
Venti MesiFinished1/17.8
2016-01-27  Venti MesiObtained