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t7442.5782019-11-11Game inclusion in the DB@575 of course not, but there's no one out there saying they're not games
t7442.5742019-11-11Game inclusion in the DBfor something proposed by some to be a full on medium, visual novels sure struggle to fulfill even the most basic requirements to even be their own
t7442.5702019-11-09Game inclusion in the DBI don't think - and that is coming from someone who as always pestered mods for including this or that - Disco Elysium can be classified as a VN
t10856.192018-06-28New VN Recc site launchedI think it'd be cool if this could be added to vndb's faq as a place to go for recommendations - since it uses curated vndb data and all
t10856.32018-06-28New VN Recc site launchedWe didn't include any sequels in there. As for Eroge!, we deliberately didn't include the boys' love genre for it because a) the character in
t9665.92018-06-20Thoughts on the Game"for sjw crap" lol
t10750.1092018-06-14Best Starter Visual NovelI have no idea what you meant by Ikea and games. There is no Ikea where aí come from. In any case, you buy VNs on Steam - or gog, for that matter
t10750.1062018-06-14Best Starter Visual NovelReally. When was the last time you ordered your salad on Steam or sold your crops to GameStop? Misinformation would be to say VNs are a medium even
t10750.1042018-06-14Best Starter Visual NovelYes, books in digital form, programmed like games, played as games, produced, bought and sold like games, with other game genres as relatives and
t10750.1022018-06-13Best Starter Visual NovelI'd call books a genre if they were a subset of a certain media, which they aren't - unlike VNs, which are games
t10805.62018-06-13Newbie VN sorter quizWhenever there's such a thematic disparity between two VNs I simply go for the simplest approach possible: which one is more accessible? Is either of
t10750.1002018-06-13Best Starter Visual NovelVN is totally a genre though
t10750.952018-06-07Best Starter Visual Novel#93 well we disagree on a very fundamental level then (although yes I do agree the poll is flawed in that recommendations should be done on a case-by
t10750.872018-06-07Best Starter Visual NovelI completely ignored your next comment becuse there was nothing in it about "fuck oelvns, at least give them a Japanese game". I don't see what's
t10750.852018-06-07Best Starter Visual Novelyou're the one who needs to give proof here. ddlc steam forums is infested with recommendation threads/posts. If that was truly relevant, wouldn't
t10750.822018-06-07Best Starter Visual NovelPlenty of things are deep. Saya no Uta isn't one of those things.
t10750.802018-06-07Best Starter Visual NovelYou'd have to bring in some data to back that up, even if it's true that the fact that DDLC is a VN is not the reason why anyone played it and 99,99
t10750.782018-06-07Best Starter Visual NovelYeah, no - the idea that something not popular is better by virtue of not being popular or meme-filled doesn't hold up. It's an industry we're
t10750.762018-06-07Best Starter Visual NovelWhat a ridiculous statement. What's bad about DDLC memes or Nekopara selling well? It's not like it's attention or sales that are "lost" to some
t10750.742018-06-07Best Starter Visual Novel#68 that's it, that's the most ridiculous take we've had all thread I'd rather have a hundred sensible "normies" who don't try to make themselves
t10750.592018-06-06Best Starter Visual NovelTechnically, The Room's script is above average for film standards if you count the hundreds of thousands of pornos, camcorder recordings, and shitty
t10750.572018-06-05Best Starter Visual NovelDDLC's story is impactful, but doesn't hold up after some time. The impression just kinda vanishes. Which is good for a starter VN, actually. That
t10762.62018-06-05good vn from promising new brand@4 as youcan see from @5, they do
t10762.32018-06-05good vn from promising new brand"ace attorney vn version" so you mean like a sweet version of sugar
t10750.442018-06-04Best Starter Visual Novelsomething as complex as Saya? lol Saya no Uta is clearly the edgy option here. It features violence and - sometimes absolutely needless - sex
t10750.372018-06-04Best Starter Visual Novel@24 oh yes, Galaxy Angel is a great choice too. You guys seriously considering Saya no Uta are probably far detached from what normal people want to
t10750.362018-06-04Best Starter Visual NovelThe only correct answer would be True Love
t10670.592018-05-19Steam bans visual novelsAlso let's remember this is not a crackdown on VNs. Huniepop got the axe too and most VNs on Steam didn't. We still have no idea what's going on.
t10670.582018-05-19Steam bans visual novelsI can't provide evidence, but I have heard stories from some devs and publishers who have had their games rejected for explicit sex jokes and
t10050.52018-01-16VNConf 2018Nice, thanks~!
t10050.32018-01-16VNConf 2018Question! Is there any place where VnConf is normally organized? I'd like to keep up with the dates every year but it always takes me by surprise
t9112.262017-07-11Another jp indie with crappy engine from SPYeah, it's pretty much "and what are you going to do about it?" Also Western VNs published by SP are perfectly fine. You're just being a drag at
t9344.282017-07-10Depression Questpabloc's post If the interactive fiction database worked as fine as vndb, actually had these tags you mentioned and allowed some sort of relationship
t9344.252017-07-09Depression QuestPicture books also use narration and have pictures, but nobody really classifies them as VNs. I wonder why. It's almost like "uses narration and has
t9344.222017-07-09Depression QuestUltimately, this database was created to catalogue a specific style of game (this or this, basically), so fans or prospective fans of that specific
t9344.212017-07-09Depression QuestFar fetched, you say? Phoenix Wright is constantly used as an example by people who want to add similar games. What makes you think DQ wouldn't have
t9344.182017-07-09Depression QuestAbout the database being cluttered: there are some 2500 released OELVNs listed on the site (55 pages of titles and actually counting other original
t9344.172017-07-09Depression QuestThe very obvious reason why most Twine games aren't visual novels is that they use hyperlinks as gameplay (Example). You navigate through text to
t9344.122017-07-08Depression QuestWhat is even "proper visuals" supposed to be if not pictures? What, does it have to have empty backgrounds and sprites facing the fourth wall? Is
t9344.112017-07-08Depression QuestIt's my strawmen against your far fetched slippery slopes. I wonder who wins? The interesting thing about these slippery slopes of yours is that
t9344.82017-07-07Depression QuestHow more fragile can the concept of a visual novel be than disqualifying games that use a "Next" button instead of an arrow on the corner of a text
t9344.62017-06-28Depression QuestWe should indeed
t9344.32017-06-27Depression QuestI thought it was already here?
t9341.22017-06-25PC-98 Port in DevelopmentNeat indeed
t7442.3832017-06-18Game inclusion in the DBAlone With You, I don't think it could qualify as a visual novel. The reason - but that's my reason, it's not the guidelines - is that text doesn't
t7442.3792017-06-15Game inclusion in the DBNow that's a very weird title. I mean, it doesn't help that nothing seems to be in English.
t9303.42017-06-14Same setting as ROM?Well if that's the case that's fine then
t9303.22017-06-14Same setting as ROM?Sure there is this link But this seems more like a promo thing, the cameos and all. Doesn't seem like it's CANONICALLY in the same universe, they're
t9303.12017-06-14Same setting as ROM?Citation needed here
t7442.3422017-04-09Game inclusion in the DBjesus christ my heart always races when I see this thread is up again