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9 -Nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka Kokonoiro[JP] Whilst the story mainly offers basic elements and relies on continuation, the execution of the romance is done unusually effective, with two very likeable main girls, a voiced protagonist, cute voices and art and eventual hot moments. More please!Finished0/07.1
9 -Nine- Sorairo Sorauta Soranooto[JP] However standard this content is becoming, I keep having to praise the phenomenal voice acting as well as the hotness of the erotic content. Sora can be a delightfully unpedictable imouto. Here`s hoping that the third part knows to captivate me again.Finished0/05.2
Aiyoku no Eustia[ENG/JP] Deeply flavoured and detailed medieval setting that focuses on dark aspects of lowest lifes, carried by a fantastic soundtrack, voiced protag and steady progression in terms of locations and connections. Whilst some characters are kinda weak and a few things repeated too frequently, Caim's freelance life is a godsend.Finished0/09
Ame no Marginal[ENG] Fantastic short work to read as a breather. Surrounded by the rain, an unusual story unfolds that uses VN's capacities well in order to make me look forward to the end. "It's a question of whether living without anything could be called living."Finished0/07
Baldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”[JP] Intriguing mix of snippets from both present and past that build a sci-fi mystery environment like not a lot else can. Protag with full voice and sprites, the incredibly detailed statistics/helps and all the general comfort (enjoyable battle system btw) make this a smooth read... even though I'm not the biggest fan of complex AI and mecha elements.Finished0/08.4
Baldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”[JP] Flawless continuation that answers virtually every question whilst also giving my favourite heroines their moments to shine. Quite funny how even all of the cliche evil guys eventually grew on me. Satisfying finish, and the battles stay challenging yet always fair. All in all well used 125 hoursFinished0/08.5
Clannad[ENG] After watching the anime beforehand, I played this for Kyou and Tomoko's routes and dropped as soon as I had them finished. Best soundtrack ever and very fulfilling mood for a mere school setting.Dropped0/07.4
Clover Day's[JP] (10%) Way too slow, though both Anzu and Anri might eventually get me back to it. Such sweet imoutos~Dropped0/05
Dangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei[ENG] Once finished, I was like "yup, worth it", even though quite easy and in regards to characters mostly cliche driven. Monokuma, Kyoko and Byakuya, unlockable concept art, the entire climax... those are the things I want to remember for a long time.Finished0/07
Dasshutsu wa SEX no Ato de -City Resort Hotel kara no Dasshutsu-[JP] If only these adventure/detective stories weren't as fiddly and down to the smallest details, they'd be so much smoother to digest. Having your girlfriend there to get lovey-dovey and clue-giving with certainly makes up for a lot though, especially if she's as cute as Yuihime!Finished0/04
Deatte 5-fun wa Ore no Mono! Jikan Teishi to Atropos[JP] (40%) Gosh, Ikegami Akane's character art is as splended as ever, and their cuteness speaks to my soul! The time stop shenanigans could have been nice I guess, but where are the fascinating group dynamics or hilarious situations? Feels way too standard considering the premise. Sakura one of the cutest imoutos ever >-<Dropped0/05
Doki Doki Literature Club![ENG] Oh hey, look, trying something different does get you the attention you are looking for. Tapping into the seemingly limitless pool of possibilities revolving around visual novels, this literature club is so much more than it seems. Lovely character art and music.Finished0/06
Dracu-Riot![JP] (partly Azusa's Route) my first Yuzusoft game, and expectedly I got captured by the crisp character art and sweet voice acting. Had I known of the vampire centered plot beforehand though, I'd have chosen something else...Dropped0/05.6
Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.[ENG] Voiced protag and tons of event CGs bring this world and love story to life extremely well, and wow, Sion is so unbelivably cute. The peaceful slice of life moments and ever-present mood of doom serve as nice contrast to the rather generic military setting.Finished0/06.8
Evenicle[ENG] Ahaha, how could I ever dislike an RPG with such a comically comfy style. Surprisingly effective and manages to bring its protagonists to life (while perhaps overrelying on perverted actions and story twists at times). The buy items vs find items ratio is particularly interesting. Riche favourite girlFinished0/06.2
Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-[ENG] Most intelligent VN I have read yet. Absolutely stunning plot twist that is crucial not to be spoilt about beforehand! Rather generic characters, though they fulfil their roles in this underwater setting of a special kindFinished0/09.2
Flyable Heart[JP] (30%) My first attempt to read a VN entirely in Japanese, and although it started promising with a pretty amusing school setting and charming girls, the overall character interactions simply couldn't convince me to stay any longer.Dropped0/06.5
Fox Hime Zero[JP] Calm and collected iyashikei with a clear message and natural looks and sounds. Gotta look for some mysterious foxes too >~<Finished0/06.2
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? Wonderful Party![JP] These girls truly know how to stay on my mind in whatever form and medium they appear in. Very basic plotlines as usual. Mood, some of their costumes and Syaro keep treating me well =w=Finished0/06
Grisaia no Kajitsu[JP] Gotta say that this is a piece of quality from start to finish, particularly the group dynamics, voice acting and fleshed out protagonist that feels great to have situations dealt with, and the monologues add the special flavour. If only the setting didn't feel lifeless at times and the character routes weren't as drawn out. Hopefully the sequels deliver the final touch. Michiru fav girlFinished0/07.3
G-senjou no Maou[ENG] (50%) Awesome idea from the likes of Death Note. Unfortunately the main heroine annoys every so often, and there's too much time being idled around.Dropped0/07.8
Gyakuten Saiban[DE] Einspruch! This entire courtroom setting and mechanic works better than expected, and even though some cases are far-fetched or overly tailored towards gameplay, the fun and pure enjoyment out of the twists and turns between Phoenix and his charismatic antagonists keeps me smiling.Finished0/06.8
Hanahira![JP] Easiest way to learn a lot of basic Japanese. Cute moments throughout.Finished0/06
Hard Work[ENG] Although obviously being surreal and lacking impact without voice acting, some of their activities and conversations are at least semi-pleasant, and the ero art cute. Night and day regarding my fav girl: Celeste suits my tastes well, whereas Scarlett's content couldn't be much more tedious.Finished0/03.8
Harmonia[ENG] Starts slow and saves a lot for later, all the while carrying its wistful and melancholic keynote to the end. Sweet female characters, and Key's attention to music is always a treat.Finished0/06.2
Highway Blossoms[ENG] Western VN that starts off intriguingly with the treasure hunt, but is brought down soon after by the lack of any voice acting. A few unusual elements because of the American setting couldn't prevent me almost stopping on this road trip.Finished0/04
Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-[JP] (25%) Nice bait in form of astronomy themes. Boring and drawn-out presentation and characters with several unenjoable quirks tarnished the experience all too fast, and I also missed something to look forward to. Impeccable highlight: 同じ星に生まれてDropped0/04.2
Imouto Paradise! ~Onii-chan to Go nin no Imouto no Ecchi Shimakuri ...[ENG] Quite the quality here, both in presentation and harem situation. In the end though, I mainly played it for Koharu (and Hiyori to some degree) who's such a sweetie. The other girls do their job in terms of pleasing other fetishes for different tastes.Finished0/05.5
Japanese School Life[JP] Funny educational year as exchange student that features basically everything of what's interesting to students and tourists. Nice character animation, and Arisa's voice acting + the bgm "Actively" are so lovely~Finished0/06
Kamidori Alchemy Meister[ENG] Such combinations of JPRG and visual novel sit surprisingly well with me! Very admirable story and messages to be found here, and the diversified cast always produces quirky moments. The actual RPG/battle system can induce frustration or boredom of grind, but fortunately it doesn't go overboard (can't speak of New Game+ since not tried). Emelita and Elizasleyn charming me the most >-<Finished0/06.9
Kanojo no Seiiki[JP] (15%) 「いい子ね、偉いわ」Pff, no chance I stay any longer even after hearing this sentence over and over again.Dropped0/02
Kanon[JP] (20%) I thought that this might be a good addition to having watched the anime adaptation, but both style and looks are simply too old.Dropped0/05.5
Karakara[ENG/JP] The epitome of an eroge that doesn't overstay its welcome in any way, and yet tries to be unique. Two very lovable main girls that have fascinating personalities and get the setting alive in a way that makes me look forward to the sequel!Finished0/06.3
Karakara 2[ENG/JP] I don't read it for the story, but for the calming artstyle and promising atmosphere. Extremely short, so the few and short moments I could spend with Mari need to be remembered dearly, before we continue in the next part.Finished0/05
Kimi to Hajimeru Dasanteki na Love Come[JP] Another nice example of why I heavily prefer romcoms in visual novels over anime: there's simply more development and actual choices. Shirayuki is not my type, neither in terms of personality nor looks, however there's Nono who makes up for most, carries this tricky love situation well, and also looks surprisingly good in a maid outfit (:Finished0/05.1
Koiiro Soramoyou[JP] (40%) Very rarely have I seen this level of cliche-ridden male characters (friends and especially the antagonists), and the conversation to content ratio also feels off and the game drawn-out as a result. On the flipside, the dynamic textbox position is amazing, the interaction of the character sprites with the background and objects nicely done, and some of the girls (Aya, Sera, Yuuki, Aiko) always getting the smiles on my face (:Dropped0/05.3
Koi ni, Kanmi o Soete[JP] Miyasaka Miyu/Naco were the first artists I ever called favourites of mine, and this VN shows me again why. Extremely comfy setting and conversations, cute girls, and awww-inducing moments of intimacy. Having someone like Chisato would make any café management easier to handle \o/Finished0/07.5
Koi ni, Kanmi o Soete 2[JP] Feels a lot shallower than the first game, story- and also character-wise. More of a small extra rather than interestingly comfy showcase of the café setting. Cute art style and voices remain~Finished0/05.8
Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo[JP] Awawa, Yui-chan is perfect >.< Everything else goes by in a particularly mellow mood which is amplified by the very pleasing art and piano centric soundtrack. School romance without most of the embarrassing stuff, though also without any outstanding elements.Finished0/06.1
Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete[ENG] Sky be ours! From start to finish, without detours, we are getting treated to what's making us appreciate the limitless boundaries of the world above us. And even though Hotaru as my favourite girl isn't part of the main cast, a very nice bunch of people to cheer for. Persistence pays off!Finished0/07.4
Little Busters![ENG] My favourite VN of all time. Riding this emotional rollercoaster so early in my anime life, enlightened by Kyousuke's quirks, funny baseball sessions, Key typical feelings (the climax literally got me to tears) and amazing soundtrack, showed me very early what Japanese media is capable of!Finished0/09.5
Lover Able[JP] (50%) Quite the character extremes here. I read the common route as well as Satsuki's and Tsugumi's routes, whereas the other three girls didn't interest me at all. Enjoyable beachside cafe setting and exciting romantic progressions.Finished0/05.5
Maitetsu[JP] What an absolute beast in terms of art and animation quality, voice acting and sense of professionalism (especially for friends of trains). I could listen to them talk for so much more (voiced protag helps a lot), and the animated sprites make it all so lively. Now we'd just need more elements that truly make me stick. Paulette favourite girl.Finished0/06.6
Maki Fes![JP] Some decently presented love for Maki, one of my favourite Love Live characters. You get what you come for, including animated scenesFinished0/05
Muv-Luv[ENG] What an unmotivating set of events, aimless and further brought down by an oftentimes stupid protagonist. Unlimited at least tries to make something out of the downer called Extra, however is still lacking fascinating characters or memorable events. (Extra 2 / Unlimited 4.2 -> 3.1)Finished0/03.1
Muv-Luv Alternative[ENG] Now that's what I call proper payoff after a poor prequel and also consistency in almost all regards for 50+ hours. Especially good for fans of military content and its unique interpersonal problems and questions. Frequent info dump hell and bad time/output ratio prevent a higher rating.Finished0/08.3
Nariyuki → Papakatsu Girls!![JP] Well, adultery happens quickly if certain influences are too strong and usual experiences unsatisfying.Finished0/02.2
Neko-nin exHeart[JP] Starts as sudden as it ends, and comes along with one or two nice CGs and a decent action scene. Other than that though, not worth the time. And eww at those monster boobs. Full of 拙者 and 二ンッFinished0/02.5
Neko Para Vol.0 Minazuki Neko-tachi no Nichijou![ENG/JP] Some slice of life fanservice, I certainly take it! Even though I still don't like half of these cat girls, their interactions provide the quirkiness required for such a story environment.Finished0/04.2
Neko Para Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita![ENG/JP] Probably the standard result when wanting to create a novel revolving around cat girls. Quality character animations and general presentation, and even though this volume feels pretty introductory, I like the general mood a lot. Shigure best girlFinished0/05.6