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t5908.42014-11-04Not a vn.Well, that's just disappointing...
t5801.202014-09-30We're at our Prime!Happy Birthday VNDB!!, congratulations to all of you who make of this such a great and complete site, and to another year of collaboration… カンパイ
t5686.52014-08-24No one has rated this visual novel yetPity... I hope it gets released soon enough, I was really looking forward to it.
t5575.22014-07-26john Edits on Love Pote GakuenOk, no problem! (Actually I had placed the rest of the characters name and info, but didn't wrote the info for Kaede and then I totally forgot about
t5569.182014-07-25Visual novel then Anime or vice versa?It's almost like the School Days anime adaptation, it was heavily panned by its ending and many people completely hate it, even though it also has a
t3604.102014-07-06lol@5 I might just have seen the ¨Stupidest Story Ever Told¨
t5477.32014-07-03The sequel"When hentai can bring you some wisdom." ...that's when you know you might just have watched a little too much hentai.
t4936.142014-06-27A slight comment about ratingsIt's only because that could have never been worked around it any other way, In the VN you would just start another route after finishing the first
t4936.62014-06-27A slight comment about ratingsDon't all KEY Visual Novels have, at least some reference or actually have time travel as a plot main theme? ..Or at the very least ¨Fate Changing
t1052.1112014-06-27Quotes question...¨I see. Then, I guess you're a hostess after all. A hostess cosplaying as a nurse¨ - v1999
t5454.452014-06-26Translation@cryingwestern Well, I haven't been able to download it because apparently I need permit from the uploader of the file. I guess that would be YOU
t5454.422014-06-26Translation@cryingwestern However you translate this game, you have a follower in me!
t5454.302014-06-24Translation@anyone-who-criticizes-amateur-translators As far as I'm concerned, aren't this supposed to be VNDB goals: *quote* "Our primary goal is building a
t5463.52014-06-24Naruhodou RyuunosukeMaybe, maybe not.... Who knows?.... But really, if Trucy Wright being Apollo Justice's half-sister didn't stopped people from making fanfics about
t5454.262014-06-23TranslationIt's a large world, lots of people, therefore MANY DIFFERENT TASTES, and really if someone begins translating a VN, even if it's just a nukige, it
t5463.32014-06-23Naruhodou RyuunosukeYeah, That's what I noticed at first, however, take a good look at him facing front, because on his side, standing at the defense bench, his chin is
t5463.12014-06-23Naruhodou RyuunosukeIs it just me, or does Ryuunosuke have quite a striking resemblance to Apollo Justice?. Isn't he supposed to be Phoenix Wright's ancestor?. Or maybe
t5454.172014-06-22TranslationIf anyone has a problem with amateur TL groups/individuals, I think that pretty much says how willing they really are to contribute to this community
t5456.12014-06-22Download Edition?Does anyone by any chance knows of a working torrent/link for Hara Min's Download Edition?
t4791.22014-06-21Help with translationI saw some of your other posts online, I don't really have any experience with the YU-RIS engine, but as it seems you're trying to translate the game
t2976.112014-06-19Inaccurate TranslationsAm I a fool too?? 14 days more and it would be a year, again!!
t1119.102014-06-19Is there a 1.2 patch?I don't really think so, and I don't think there will be anyone who REALLY wants to translate something that has already been translated. I think the
t4914.202014-06-19Boring?@pabloc. Heck!, this VN makes me feel A LOT more confident about my translation style, on a scale of near-robotic is an 8 out of 10. I'm not an
t5321.702014-06-15This... was translated...?Worthless or not, I guess you're right. It's ALWAYS up to the translator whether to use/waste/dilapidate his/her time on it. (Source: First Hand
t5419.42014-06-13CG WalkthroughThis should prove quite useful, I'll translate it as I translate the game.
t5386.82014-06-06How much is translatedWe'll see how fast I can work (Most translation projects stop because either the translators get bored, or they spend months without doing anything
t5386.62014-06-05How much is translatedThey usually do, but I don't really plan on taking so long, maybe 2 years tops, it's not THAT long anyway.