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v14484.92023-01-21 at 07:59zantaxTsubasa no UtaAdding some more screenshots
c19175.22023-01-21 at 07:35zantaxMichaelShe is just a side character (only several lines of text).
v574.222023-01-15 at 10:51zantaxRondo LeafletReplacing some event CGs with normal scene screenshots. The way it was before suggested, that this game have a lot of events CGs or even no character
v26338.132022-12-20 at 10:45zantaxRongrong Bianli DianAdding some more screenshots (you can choose resolution in game options - this is default settings).
c81500.42022-08-15 at 17:17zantaxRuri DarenShe is just a side character (no character route and relatively low screen time).
v23060.102022-08-15 at 17:14zantaxFox Hime Zeroremoved one redundant scenery screenshot and added some new character sprite and event screenshots
v27512.72022-08-14 at 11:52zantaxShoujo to Tsumi: Shiori Hen ~Jalouse~just adding some screenshots from the game
v6216.142022-04-10 at 15:25zantaxMune Kyun! Heartful CafeAdded screenshots from the game.
c1464.72019-08-18 at 18:55zantaxYukishita MiyuriI finished reading VN and there was no ahegao