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t11315.32018-10-01Nakige ?naki means crying in japanese so yeah, it doesn't have to be a bad thing.
t9967.52017-12-03H-code Please@tyr sorry, i didnt know such a feature exist in ITH i used ITHVNR only, thanks for the tip
t9967.32017-12-03H-code Pleasesince ITH doesn't really like to display it into 1 output (it just randomly split output text to 2 channel) i had to use ITHVNR and original ITH 3.0
t9462.22017-08-06H-code for this VNif anyone experiencing crashing with hook code above try this code : /HWN-4@1C3C29:mashimaro.exe
t7177.52017-05-09Moo,(>.<) The protagonist is very old.this thread shoudnt exist