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t14480.32020-08-07What happened to this company?Okay, I understand that. I honestly don't know any other other titles from them because the website has been removed. But! When I researched online
t14480.12020-08-07What happened to this company?I came back to look at my list of VN's and noticed this particular game has been removed. Looking further, the company's webpage is also for sale
t9262.82017-06-04MangaGamer commits to free Steam uncensor patchesYes, the all age version is the console port. and still it lessens the effect of viewers by changing/ removing scenes.
t9220.22017-06-04Is there any info about CoreMoreco?It seems that their last release was back in 2005. I think they might have shutdown or merged with a parent company? Not too sure.
t9262.62017-06-04MangaGamer commits to free Steam uncensor patchesIt would be nice to see companies do the same. Really, localizing games and cutting content sucks for various reasons. Just having the option is a
t8851.12017-02-17Little Busters and Angel Beats English TranslationHmm... Whats up with the translation Status? I haven't heard anything for a while. Did Fruitbat factory drop this? And what about Angel Beats 1st
t8798.32017-02-06Rewrite: Ignis Memoria ArtI thought she left because she felt she was not needed as much. Na-Ga pretty much has Charlotte and Angel Beats Covered, and that's the recent stuff.
t8798.12017-02-06Rewrite: Ignis Memoria ArtI was wondering, who is going to do the art for Rewrite's characters from now on? Since Hinoue-san is no longer part of KEY. Is Na-Ga doing the art
t8190.22016-08-29NEW VN "Farewell Ours"Sorry, never mind its a Light Novel. I just assumed it was a VN cause Itaru Hinoue does art for those usually. It was covered at Kazamatsuri, but I
t8190.12016-08-29NEW VN "Farewell Ours"Hey, I was reading the latest Dengeki G's Magazine Sep 2016, and found this. Itaru Hinoue's latest work. Edit: Removed links
t8177.82016-08-28Rewrite+ New Route/I finished Rewrite a year ago. And this version intrigued me. I guess it doesn't add much but what Berunka stated above. So I might hold off on that
t8177.62016-08-28Rewrite+ New Route/Ok thanks thats good to know, too bad though. I suppose they might have also revised the script on some parts to make it more consistent. BTW whats
t8177.42016-08-28Rewrite+ New Route/Yes, I heard that too. I just assumed there was a Kagari route.
t8177.12016-08-27Rewrite+ New Route/So, I heard that Rewrite+ has a Kagari route? Not to mention some new CG's. Has anyone played this yet and can confirm this? Is her Route available
t6958.142016-07-26Anime adaptation announced!!I just noticed during the Anime OP after it shows Esaka, for 2 seconds it quickly shows Imamiya. We've yet to see him in the Anime. . And what is
t7637.112016-07-13After 8 hours of playI haven't Heard of this before. What made this game so hype worthy? Is this game really all that? Fuwa's facebook post had over 200 Likes and 80
t6958.132016-07-11Anime adaptation announced!!I watched the first episode too. After 5-ish min it spoils pretty much every single route in less than 3 seconds...If you read the VN you'll be like
t7826.72016-07-09Any new info?There was an ad for Tomoyo After on the back cover of Otaku Usa. (Not sure what issue, A recent one) Only ad I've came across. Key is really busy
t8007.92016-07-08Little Busters EX ProblemsAlright!! I got it working! I installed it on my Windows 7 Computer and it worked like a charm. I guess Win10 is not Little Busters EX compatible
t8007.72016-07-08Little Busters EX ProblemsNo, its still giving me the put in original disk error. Thanks for the help though.
t8007.62016-07-08Little Busters EX ProblemsYeah, I'll try that.
t8007.42016-07-08Little Busters EX ProblemsIs there a cracked RealLive.exe for Ecstacy version I can download? I know theres one for the original.
t8006.112016-07-07Alternative versionsI did mention about not removing (as in not moving it to Lovers or deleting it) it so I thought you were inadvertently mentioning me sorry about that.
t8006.82016-07-07Alternative versionsWell aren't you lucky that someone bothered to go out of their way to help a complete stranger. Besides it was only an opinion, don't take it so hard
t8006.62016-07-07Alternative versionsWell, I've never played this before. I'm just pulling up what I found. But yeah thanks tyr, its good to know that.
t8007.32016-07-07Little Busters EX ProblemsHmm.....I opened AlphaROM as admin and tossed my RealLive.exe on it and it made a shortcut just fine, but when I click on it, my mouse has the
t8006.42016-07-07Alternative versionsI think its fine how it is. It should note what I said above in the summary. Besides its a different game name and company, we shouldn't need to
t8006.22016-07-07Alternative versionsLove Escalator, Published by Umitsuki Production Lovers~ Koi ni Ochitara published by Palace and Jellyfish Lovers~ Koi ni Ochitara is possibly a re
t8007.12016-07-07Little Busters EX ProblemsSo, last night I decided to whip out my copy of Little Busters EX - Limited Edition and Play it, after installation I had problems. When I try to
t7972.12016-06-30Corona blossom HELP!I was considering backing this campaign for Corona Blossom, but I don't know the details about when the 2nd and 3rd Volume's release date is... Do
t7902.22016-06-06Missing Orb and scene, need your help pleaseThe same thing happened to me but for a different scene. The game is weird, I've viewed some of the scenes before, but it didn't give them to me. I
t7880.22016-06-01Kanon Voice PatchNever mind, I found it. link
t7891.22016-05-31Don't think about play games when you get oldI've always thought about forgetting what I just read when reading Visual novels because I kind of read a bit then take a long break (at least 4-7
t7880.12016-05-27Kanon Voice PatchHi everyone, I want to play Kanon Standard Edition, but I don't know where to get the Voice files. Could someone direct me to where I could Download
t6775.162016-05-27[RUMOR] Possible Simultaneous JP+ENG ReleaseToo bad about the delay. I was wondering what was up with this since it was pretty much forgotten.
t7835.52016-05-17Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya?Thanks, I just wanted to make sure.
t7835.32016-05-17Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya?Alright then, time to invest some time into Anime. Thanks!
t7835.12016-05-17Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya?So, I finished Fate/Stay Night a few months ago and I loved it! I've known of this spin-off anime series "Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya" for a
t7712.52016-04-24How Long Have You Been Reading Visual Novels?Wow, compared to me I'm just a rookie. I've known about visual novels for a while, but I recently just started reading them. I feel a bit better
t7712.12016-04-22How Long Have You Been Reading Visual Novels?(Sorry, before hand apology due to the wall of text) I've been Interested in Visual Novels for a many years, but never had a computer or money to
t7690.72016-04-20Importing from Amazon JapanAlright thanks for the help, man.
t7690.52016-04-20Importing from Amazon JapanOk , that's good info to know, Thanks. I just don't want to pay a ton of cash for one game, but that can't be helped I guess. Do you think tenso
t7690.32016-04-20Importing from Amazon JapanReally? That kinda sucks I can't find this anywhere else where I don't have to use a proxy. But all age Vn's are OK to import through Amazon Japan?
t7690.12016-04-20Importing from Amazon JapanHi everyone, I've been interested in this visual novel called "Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai" ever since I've seen the Anime many years ago. I finally
t6649.32015-07-01Windows 8 Tablet for VNs?At home I own a Windows 8.1 2 in 1 Asus Laptop. When I play VN's I flip it to Stand or Tablet mode. I suggest getting one of those. Its got the