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t11074.42018-08-16Would having H scenes make this even better?No it wouldn't
t11049.32018-08-14general discussionIt's clearly not a nukige. 24? h scenes, most being relatively short, for a 25-30 hours game.
t11049.12018-08-12general discussionNot really sure what to say apart from that this is a lot better than I expected. Admittedly I only just finished the first 3 routes of the game
t9561.82017-08-28This game is ridiculous@#6 - there are no "routes" so to speak in this game, in the sense that there are no choices, but there is still clear separation between the
t7750.132016-05-03Does this one have a 'true route'?This is the worst piece of garbage that Eushully have put out after Madou Koukaku. The last 3 (non Ikusa Megami series, haven't played them) have
t6067.32015-01-05'Engrish' or actual English?There are lots of mistakes in the translation e.g. misunderstanding basic grammar(になっている etc), getting the subject the wrong way round and plenty of
t5926.132014-12-11Hey, it's Looseboy (writer of G-Senjou and Sharin)^ This battle won't end until there's only one left standing
t5997.32014-12-11"Translation"The project seems to come from someone on hongfire and isn't a machine translation, just someone who isn't a native speaker in either English or
t5687.302014-08-26Official LocalizationI don't feel like attempting to answer some rhetorical questions so you'll have to excuse me. Since you like making "proverbs" then how about you use
t5687.262014-08-25Official LocalizationCare to point out what I did wrong according to you?
t5687.242014-08-25Official LocalizationWas #22 commenting on my comments on their translation or on their translation? Either way, if #23 is to be believed then lul.
t5687.192014-08-24Official LocalizationEdit:probs should ignore this comment unless those translations are actually from the doki translation. That translation gave me aids. Translations
t5617.42014-08-03GD and ReviewAs I'm currently playing this on very hard and I've nearly finished the first route I would agree that long range weapons are more useful. It took me
t5553.42014-07-18Best way to play this with machine translations?There's no point using machine translations. If you're already going to have to learn a new language (Shittymachinetranslation) then you should just
t5268.122014-07-15Another patch?Your translation is already googolplex times better than moenovel. Their script looks like that one from Edelweiss link which gave me cancer when I
t5268.82014-07-14Another patch?@7 I feel your pain. I originally learnt a little Japanese and then stopped and went back to reading in English. Then because I had learnt enough to
t5486.142014-07-08F/HA English Patch@12 link lol
t5437.182014-06-17English Translation Start... ish - cancelled#17 ignores 分け入る for some reason (so does the original translation) and the prose leaves something to be desired, but is perfectly fine for pointing