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t10087.312019-07-19About The Romanization of Chinese "女"@30 为啥上一次都过了一年多了又要把这个翻出来 如果这个网站使用的搜索能够将v,yu,u,ü这四种的搜索结果里面都包含ü的话,我觉得标准化为国标没啥问题,但是刚刚我测试的结果表示shaonu并不能搜到shaonü,这样会造成很大的麻烦。目前兼顾标准和搜索的方法我觉得只有把标准作为主名字
t12595.12019-07-11Developer changed?I don't know how to title the question. Dokidoki Oyakodon ~Mama mo Issho ni Obenkyoukai~ is developed by Rolling Star, at the time Shining Star did
t12511.62019-06-27VNs with nonstandard kanjiWell, there are also japanese kanji like 峠 that don't have official chinese pronounciation since they are made by japanese and are not included by
t3617.17522019-06-27Tags suggestions/fixesThen I support the idea of renaming the tag to "Rabbitgirl Heroine" to avoid ambiguity. 3 certain mistags out of 10 surely is not great. The NOTE in
t3617.17422019-06-26Tags suggestions/fixesUsagimimi Heroine should be named "Usamimi Heroine" and change its description to For games featuring heroines with rabbitlike ears or anything
t12425.262019-06-15Visual *novel*?I though it was the western audience that insist on calling them " read Visual Novels". Almost no one in japan and china (I can not understand korean
t12465.52019-06-15Option to select title languageAnd it can be applied to other fields with multiple languages such as character and staff.
t3617.17012019-05-30Tags suggestions/fixesFor after all, designers may choose to implement the jump like how the voice replay is, by making one click the very line (due to being a larger
t3617.16842019-05-25Tags suggestions/fixeslike I said in the other posts, namely t12369.3 and t3314.1682 The Usagimimi Heroine should be named "Usamimi Heroine" without "gi" according to link
t3314.16822019-05-25TraitsThe Usagimimi Heroine should be named "Usamimi Heroine" without "gi" according to link and link. And considering Bunnygirl Heroine is a Child tag of U
t12369.32019-05-25Bunnygirl Heroine, a general call for helpAlso, usamimi should be used instead of usagimimi according to pixv dic and niconico dic.
t2108.27802019-05-24Candidates for deletionr63871 duplicate of r63870
t11979.502019-03-15Minori is no moreWell, minori is the only company I know that insert some political sensitive phrases in their source code. Shame on you Sakai.
t3617.12332018-06-16Tags suggestions/fixesYaoi refers to male only, female only is yuri. There are usages where yaoi can refer to female, but these are extremely uncommon. And for bara, bara
t10458.12018-04-07Patch, complete and partialThe visual novel Monobeno -Happy End- havs several releases labeled as patch, some of them are partial, others are complete. So basically Lose
t10457.12018-04-07u#54156Like I said in my edit, if you do not understand Chinese, then do not just copy the information. link This is the original information. The third
t9971.32017-12-04Regarding titles on SteamBut I just checked that regarding this problem, Kangoku Shounen use the name you will get when you play in the corresponding language as the original
t9971.12017-12-02Regarding titles on SteamSome visual novels are now on steam. There are a few questions I want to ask? 1.Do they need seperate releases from DLSite or DMM? 2.How to address
t2108.16562016-09-26Candidates for deletionThey are different games. The one with morning is prelude Edit:Also, how to determine the release date? It was released on DMM 9th Sept, but 23rd
t2108.16542016-09-26Candidates for deletionHow about the romanization? Which one?
t2108.16522016-09-26Candidates for deletionlink and link Only one should be kept
t7456.12016-02-12Ask for delete: Soreyuke! Burunyanman Ecstasy!!!This game is a STG not a Visual Novel. So I think we should delete it.
t5447.122014-06-20How can I delete characters?No I'm not talking of this.I have searched but with no result but someone manage to get it. So I'm just wondering how it can be possible.
t5447.102014-06-20How can I delete characters?Also I didn't see those characters applied with heroine tags.
t5447.92014-06-20How can I delete characters?Oh,I'm not so familiar with the identification. And you may see it all right to remove the tag. And, how can I get the JAN code for something that
t5447.72014-06-20How can I delete characters?Yes, so I move those who are not so important to Side Characters. As those side characters are all related to the main plot so I think you can treat
t5447.52014-06-20How can I delete characters?OK.than you very much.My browser seems to give me troubles.
t5447.22014-06-20How can I delete characters?And some more important characters are not listed such as Seishin Himemiya who plays an important role in Alice After Story.
t5447.12014-06-20How can I delete characters?I just want to say, some main characters listed are not main characters at all. Such as Chima who only plays a small part in the game. Also, both the