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t12504.152019-06-24Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused TagsDoes the baby comples has to be a character trait since the start? I can think of a fex VNs but the complex usually starts at some point in a route
t12504.62019-06-24Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused TagsYou say they are open to deletion and im asking why a tag with so many VNs under it is even on the list at all.
t12504.42019-06-24Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused Tags>That list is under it. The first list is simply there to show you which tags are open for deletion for not having been used enough. That's all
t12504.22019-06-24Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused TagsWhy is the rape by others considered for deletion? I see a lot of tagged games. Well if anything maybe fold it into avoidable rape but instead limit
t12481.262019-06-23At long lastYou would get it taken anyways because when they localize it without them means they want people who dont care about H to buy it. Its not meant for
t12481.222019-06-23At long lastAnd if they want to release a game without H-scenes then let them. Dont like it? Then play the original one. Is that simple.
t8661.112019-06-23Timeline and babiesWouldnt that mean then that the protags of the first 2 games were canonically cucked?
t8661.92019-06-23Timeline and babiesIt actually supports my argument if in the previous games the mother got pregnant but in the sequels no kid is mentioned at all. Also dont take vndb
t8661.62019-06-23Timeline and babiesIt doesnt matter because: A) There isnt a 4th game so its basically left to your interpretation. B) You wont ever see the kids so who is the father
t12481.172019-06-23At long lastYou see that all the time. Like many people will rate nukiges pretty low while having the typical e-cred VNs with high scores just because its
t8661.32019-06-23Timeline and babiesWell there is a christmass special when the 3 sons and mothers have an orgy so its likely whoever are the parents doesnt matter. Only seen CGs so
t12481.142019-06-22At long lastI definitely agree #12. Its kinda funny that many pride themselves as intelectuals but theylet their dicks think for them and make their reading
t12489.22019-06-21Writers had favorite heroine?Well there IS some kind of all age version but its an entirely different story. link Anyways its pretty common to have the main heroine hog much of
t12480.72019-06-20heard there is rape...?Nice. Optional cucks btfo.
t12486.32019-06-20Question about routesWrong thread.
t5599.242019-06-19What will Tenco do next?Me neither. Moreso as i said they seem to be reusing CGs of previous games so i dont know if the new content would be enough to sustain a game. The
t5599.222019-06-19What will Tenco do next?#20 Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena has a lots of fans but also a lot of defractors who dont care for the gacha so yeah they made a viewer where you can
t12405.782019-06-18The worst translation I've ever seen#74. How about the whole Smee catalogue? You still have Love Delation, KanojoStep, PurexConnect, LoverAble and now there is Sugar Style. All of them
t12481.92019-06-18At long last#6 None of them looks sexy. The sun rays at lesst leaves it up to the imagination. Also lol at some PS4 VN port which left some uncensored nipples
t5599.192019-06-18What will Tenco do next?Kinda cheap that they will use the other games scenes. Guess i will forgive this if girls like Hannibal and Tristam get H-scenes and someone makes a
t5599.152019-06-18What will Tenco do next?link Ugh looks like a mobage of sorts, is it?
t12457.192019-06-17Remake/Custom versionVoted Umi. Love blue hairs
t12460.32019-06-17Wow this game was trash.I usually dont like NTR but i wouldnt mind in this case. At least the extra would had served a purpose instead of being there to satisfy someone at
t12459.212019-06-16Why so many Netorare titlesConsidering how every month at least 10 moeges are released i hardly doubt someone is limiting themselves by only liking vanilla. Plus wanting
t5599.142019-06-15What will Tenco do next?Well i meant more of a new setting but still using the same protag seeing as even though its the same guy who he is and his origins are entirely
t5599.122019-06-15What will Tenco do next?Thanks. Kinda surprising since they have done nothing except hel Oyari with Machine Child. I hope they still use Chihaya as the MC.
t10675.152019-06-15wich route show up Father/Daughter Incest ?Spoilers . . . . . . . . . . Ah that could also be it, didnt think of the possibility of the tree requiring someone sacrifice to power up. But still
t5599.102019-06-15What will Tenco do next?link This is talking about unveiling a new work right? Or something else?
t12017.602019-06-15Dies Irae offends ChristianityWell i guess God delivered divine punishment and killed Light for their blasphemy. Wonder how RPG companies manage to dont invoke his wrath.
t12459.102019-06-14Why so many Netorare titlesWell they already have had kids and likely married so unless you play the husband or she is a widow a form of cheating is in order. Or you mean older
t12255.102019-06-14More Oppai!Yeah he is great. Will probably take a while before it releases.
t12457.132019-06-14Remake/Custom versionPretty excited i see. Good luck with it.
t12460.12019-06-14Wow this game was trash.I cant say enough how shit this game is. Yeah yeah a nukige but even as one its awful. First of all there are only 2 real H-scenes per girl except
t12457.102019-06-14Remake/Custom versionAh thats good, means chances of finishing it are high. Howwill you progress? Give all heroines their time to shine or focus on finishing one
t12459.62019-06-14Why so many Netorare titlesKeep NTR away from nonNTR focused tittles and the cucks can bask on all their suffering for all i care. Sadly most western games are falling pray to
t12457.82019-06-14Remake/Custom versionMean the CGs mainly if any.
t12255.82019-06-14More Oppai!link Well its Ero MahouxEro Appli. Apparently this takes place in the same world as eroMahou as there is a dark elf who is related to Naomin from
t12457.62019-06-14Remake/Custom versionThats cool then. Will you get the content from the gacha or animation?
t12457.42019-06-14Remake/Custom versionI would be interested but only if i play a nameable protagonist. Not that BS the original project had. Confirm it and i will vote.
t12451.72019-06-13worst visual novel everHeh pretty Sildier was okay. Its downside is the gameplay as your characters hit rate is abysmal, your enemies in the 20% hit rate are more likely to
t12448.62019-06-12EngineThat could work but the problem is most people will tag away since they dont know the differences.
t12448.42019-06-12EngineThey also make android ports as well as Linux. Thats why they use Rempy. They also make the sprites moves their mouth and blink so they are basically
t12447.22019-06-11This is now two gamesSo is the ugly guy going to NTR that protag? Kek, so one is female domination and the other will be dominating those females.
t12444.42019-06-11Does this game have NTR?Avoidable i think. Not sure since i dropped the game after seeing the CGs of it.
t12444.22019-06-11Does this game have NTR?Each girl gets an NTR scene except the nun and the blonde bimbo. The sequel considers them noncanon but it has much more NTR.
t950.5692019-06-11VNDB Suggestions!I mean clicking a trait and being able to see which characters were recently tagged with that trait just like you can see which VNs were tagged with
t950.5672019-06-10VNDB Suggestions!Could we have an option to see recent traits? Just like the VN tags. Also add trait of characters while searching VNs.
t3314.17002019-06-10TraitsAh sorry thanks.
t3314.16982019-06-10TraitsIs there any way to see recently tagged traits like we do with tags? If not pls add that function.
t10302.1022019-06-10Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI dont get the point of policing anyone's tastes. Like for instance i hate NTR but i dont go and give them an score since i know it will be in the