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t12457.82019-06-14Remake/Custom versionMean the CGs mainly if any.
t12255.82019-06-14More Oppai!link Well its Ero MahouxEro Appli. Apparently this takes place in the same world as eroMahou as there is a dark elf who is related to Naomin from
t12457.62019-06-14Remake/Custom versionThats cool then. Will you get the content from the gacha or animation?
t12457.42019-06-14Remake/Custom versionI would be interested but only if i play a nameable protagonist. Not that BS the original project had. Confirm it and i will vote.
t12451.72019-06-13worst visual novel everHeh pretty Sildier was okay. Its downside is the gameplay as your characters hit rate is abysmal, your enemies in the 20% hit rate are more likely to
t12448.62019-06-12EngineThat could work but the problem is most people will tag away since they dont know the differences.
t12448.42019-06-12EngineThey also make android ports as well as Linux. Thats why they use Rempy. They also make the sprites moves their mouth and blink so they are basically
t12447.22019-06-11This is now two gamesSo is the ugly guy going to NTR that protag? Kek, so one is female domination and the other will be dominating those females.
t12444.42019-06-11Does this game have NTR?Avoidable i think. Not sure since i dropped the game after seeing the CGs of it.
t12444.22019-06-11Does this game have NTR?Each girl gets an NTR scene except the nun and the blonde bimbo. The sequel considers them noncanon but it has much more NTR.
t950.5692019-06-11VNDB Suggestions!I mean clicking a trait and being able to see which characters were recently tagged with that trait just like you can see which VNs were tagged with
t950.5672019-06-10VNDB Suggestions!Could we have an option to see recent traits? Just like the VN tags. Also add trait of characters while searching VNs.
t3314.17002019-06-10TraitsAh sorry thanks.
t3314.16982019-06-10TraitsIs there any way to see recently tagged traits like we do with tags? If not pls add that function.
t10302.1022019-06-10Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI dont get the point of policing anyone's tastes. Like for instance i hate NTR but i dont go and give them an score since i know it will be in the
t11602.612019-06-09Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaWell apparently she only has like 4 set of CGs so she is your typical "best looking girl is a side heroine with barely any content" type.
t12425.42019-06-06Visual *novel*?Guess thats why VNs market is shrinking while light novels and gacha gets more popular.
t12421.32019-06-067/10 You gonna get FASHIONABLEI always self insert as long as the MC can be named, is unnamed or doesnt talk. The whole faceless and unvoiced nice guy never worked for me but
t12423.22019-06-06Recc Vn with similar protagFureraba Friend to Lover.
t12411.32019-06-03Racism in the translation.Its a meme like 4chan is a "Vietnamese silk waving forum". Also i think japanese still have a grudge with the chinese just like they do with western
t12404.52019-06-01Help with Textractor.Nevermind. I found the way, didnt see well the drag icon in the lower right corner due to the window color.
t12255.72019-06-01More Oppai!No idea but many artists basically stopped working on eroge when Techarts folded. They probably where friends with someone at techarts and they
t12405.122019-06-01The worst translation I've ever seenHeh many people falsely think that japanese VNs cant have references from western media. Like im sure if Kasshoku Anameito was translated people
t12404.42019-06-01Help with Textractor.#2 Thanks. Gonna try that. #3 I tried but the only action i can do is move the window no matter where i put the cursor.
t12404.12019-06-01Help with Textractor.I need help. Just trying this new text hooker. Is there any way to modify the window size of the translation window? Its way too big and fucks me up
t12255.52019-05-31More Oppai!Countdown for release. link Looks like the brown skinned girl will be a short haired tomboy. Havent seen the cast but she is already a favorite. Two
t12396.22019-05-31NTR Shimai - 1/10 Absolutely garbage>Supposedly taking pictures of you raping someone counts as blackmail because this makes sense. A timeless classic. I prefer them in netori tittles.
t12387.42019-05-29TA not workingGuess im lucky to still use VNR as i havent had any problems with google using it.
t12385.32019-05-28Endings (spoilers)Isnt this the game where everything is a dream and MC is friendzoned? I remember people complaining about that.
t12384.22019-05-28Japanese Windows required to launch this gameUse alpharom. Siglus envine VNs require this crack if the game doesnt start after you cancel the message.
t11602.572019-05-28Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaIts fitting for most VNs. Even in rape nukiges virgins are more common than nonvirgins just like moeges so its a VN widespread preference. When i say
t11602.552019-05-28Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaWell my take on it is: nonvirgins dont offer anything more than a mileage that doesnt counts for anything. Most VNs are about being able to score
t12374.22019-05-26This game is a BIG DISAPPOINTING.Just looking at the heroine's design this seems like a nukige so the game going straight to the relationship doesnt seems strange. I would be more
t12366.52019-05-24Virgin non virginJust go to the virgin database and look for the game there. They usually show evidence to prove an heroine's virginity.
t904.382019-05-23English TranslationNah it was fine. Makes sense with his character and setting as a whole (Morning dog fucking show being the biggest example of how the setting is
t904.352019-05-23English Translation#33 If the MC personality doesnt accommodate for swearing then yeah i can see the problem, otherwise swearing seems like a perfectly fine option
t904.322019-05-23English Translation"Nunca hubiera pensado en pasear/andar en un carro tan lujoso" sounds more direct. Why do people have a problem with swearing? Its an adult game so
t12357.132019-05-20[SPOILER] Game make me sadWell they will hate him for half the game but then they will eventually fall for him. Also you can put your name in the game so you dont have to hear
t12357.112019-05-20[SPOILER] Game make me sadPretty sure there are a lot of VNs where the is nonvanilla content and the girls love protag. You could try Mesu Kyoushi 3, its a mindbreak game but
t12332.22019-05-15Mom /Daughter/Sister swapOne Orcsoft game has it, it was relatively recent.
t12310.102019-05-11Steam controversy again#4. No wonder why the Days series is so shitty. #5 No idea whats the deal with Maitetsu, besides it flopped on steam while oppai series like the
t12310.32019-05-10Steam controversy againYeah. When i look at newton and Nono is easy to see the difference. When will localizers understand that Oppai is the way to go? Flatchests arent
t12268.492019-05-08Why are there so many crappy oelvnIts actually pretty big, the ones that do the best are the ones with incest as its biggest sell. I mean 3d posers makes the most of evn which they
t12268.472019-05-08Why are there so many crappy oelvn#45 they are usually one heroine of many. Meanwhile nearly every western game has the story center around baging your family. Incest is one of the
t12268.442019-05-08Why are there so many crappy oelvnI only want them to stop 2 things: using shitty 3d programs and hire good western artists and stop focusing on wanting to bang your family. Sadly
t12288.32019-05-07Not having full spoken words to all the dialogue?Patches worked for me, might he a problem in OPs installation.
t12270.132019-05-05tags are tellling nonsense!#8 If the setting is not magical then it must abide by real life rules. Like how i expect pregnancy to last 9 monpassin a moege with no magic
t12270.72019-05-05tags are tellling nonsense!Yeah. Thats like saying transwomen participating in a woman competition is okay just because its not sexual or ignoring the biological differences
t12268.332019-05-05Why are there so many crappy oelvn#30 Just filter everything with english or Russian as a native language.
t12268.192019-05-04Why are there so many crappy oelvn#17 They use DAZ 3D and yeah many sticks with the base models which is why they are so common. Im pretty sad with the state of Oelvns, its rare to