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t16945.92021-09-06Question about Sylvia's epilogue [spoiler]#8 no, her illness isn't cured or what. there's a supernatural occurence happened that make ria fertile and live longer, thats all
t16945.72021-09-05Question about Sylvia's epilogue [spoiler]The final cg (wedding cg) appear on both original and fd.
t16945.52021-09-05Question about Sylvia's epilogue [spoiler]let me clarify it: 1. what happens at slyvia extended epilogue is not ria route continuation or what if. This is pretty much clear since the extended
t16279.32021-06-20rapeavoidable all right.
w1920.152021-05-01Umi to Yuki no Cyan Blue#14 nope, she doesn't.
t15312.22021-01-02Not sure how to feel about this gamein crystalia twitter, they say a new work is in development. i hope it's a fandisk to the game, since like you said, the romance aspect is lacking.
t15303.22020-12-31another routesimple example: if you defeated hiyori get all of her gem hearts, the story will advance, and you must defeat the last boss as your mission. do it
w480.42020-12-19Maokatsu! ~Maou to Yuusha no Idol Seikatsu~the very concept of maou becoming idol pretty much guarantee this is gonna become a charage. moreover, a wasted one
w1025.32020-11-25DasakuDamn, so twisted. She was my favorite.
w1025.12020-11-25Dasakui only read some review from japan site. so: hanami die in the end of her route?
t15031.22020-11-16This vs the light novels?Haven't read yet, but go for VN version if you want character route for irisidina and lize. As far as i know, the LN version follow katia route
t14196.42020-10-22Matsunaga Ameria Rennope, no harem end on both. if you want harem the anime version
t14388.102020-09-25familiar family name?#9 the answer to that will appear after we play the game trial edition. still, the writer is the one that work on SKK, where the story is rather
w480.12020-09-20Maokatsu! ~Maou to Yuusha no Idol Seikatsu~More or less agree. i only play karen route, but i feel its lacking. In fact, the only reason i can keep playing her route to the end is because her
t14687.22020-09-06Voiceless H-scenes?there is patch for it, here: link
t14388.72020-07-27familiar family name?#6 i only finished hime route in mekurabe and in my personal opinion, it lacks the same excitement that mekuiro have. i can only finished her route
t14388.52020-07-27familiar family name?i just hope there's an improvement from SKK, since i feels SKK is rather lacking compared to KKK
t14388.22020-07-24familiar family name?This time, the story take place before KKK and SKK. One of the heroines, suzakuin momiji, is tsubaki and miyako older sister and the oldest of 4
t13199.132020-06-17sprite rises from the ashes...yes
t14196.22020-06-16Matsunaga Ameria Renno harem end in this game, but you can get her after you finish any route once...
t14184.42020-06-15Trials are extremely confusing, any tips?just use the walkthrough from if you can read japanese that is....
t950.7502020-06-12VNDB Suggestions!i don't know if there is anyone ever suggest it or not, but wouldn't it be better if we add a page in vndb that explain character/spoiler trait? for
t13199.102020-06-07sprite rises from the ashes...maybe whether zwei will happen or not, depends on extra2 success.
t14110.52020-06-04asking for opinionsmaybe this can help? link
t13545.22020-02-17How do I access Misaki's extra content?you mean the extra h scene? you can access it from the scene gallery...
t13362.22020-01-01H-code?/HSN-C@28E4D:宿星のガールフレンド.exe i suggest using textractor, it's more better than VNR, ITH, or AGTH
t13265.42019-12-08Same settingno, and the game take three years after kizuna kirameku, so there's no connection to kizuna (so far as i played currently), although some characters
t12283.32019-05-06Time worthy VN?hope this guy opinion on the game can help you: link
t12043.42019-03-13Question spoiler!They are linked, yes. As to why the miracle didn't happen in the original game, this is just my opinion, is because they (sagaplanet) intended from
t12043.22019-03-13Question spoiler!i would say that this game is more like a sequel based in another/alternative timeline after ria ending in original game, since the common route in
t12013.22019-03-07One Question(SPOILER)In her append route after you finish her route
t11977.42019-02-28[spoiler]The different between マリア and 真理亜what i can say..... it confusing, i feels like i understand yet at the same time no... the only thing i understand and can sum up is just: - マリア
t11977.22019-02-28[spoiler]The different between マリア and 真理亜so the point about マリア is just because she have same appearance like maria bishop can't prove she is Ria reincarnation, i agree. But did you forget
t11265.32018-09-24short opinionIf u want a review that explain this game quality , check here : link
t3314.14032018-09-22Traitsexcuse me,what is the trait used for character who decide to become (not forced) someone's pet ? (not slave, but pet )
t10159.162018-04-15Opinion on spoilerLook at the comment on this if you want to understand link
t10159.122018-02-21Opinion on spoilerwell , for all opinions that you guys have, this game is considered game of the year in getchu, ranking 1 in story, OST, and all 2017 VN. With Ria
t10159.92018-02-20Opinion on spoilerdude, she reincarnated in sylvia route is probaly the writer idea to give her a second chance for happiness & nomal life without affected by illness
t10238.22018-02-06Bug in H-scenebug from the game, don't worry about it. other than that, there's no problem.
t10159.72018-01-21Opinion on spoilerOkay , conclusion: Maria is Souma Ria reincarnation. Only found out about it after reading the story again.
t10165.22018-01-18H-codeTry ITHVNR
t10159.52018-01-16Opinion on spoilerDuring sylvia route, last choice between waiting for her or enter the room and have h with her, choose enter the room, then go skip to the epilogue
t10159.12018-01-16Opinion on spoilerWant some opinion on this one. Is Maria is Ria's reincarnation? Or simply just some kind of coincidence that she resembles her? Remember, ria real
t9638.52018-01-11Might be spoiler?She dies yeah, but in slyvia additional epilogue, sylvia and oro have a daugther named maria , and she resemble completely ria when wearing maria
t8788.52017-02-07PC / vita / PS4 ver. difference?dude, sometime, the company that decided to make the game from 18+ to all-ages port will probaly add an additional content such as new route that not
t8788.22017-02-06PC / vita / PS4 ver. difference?The main difference is that PS4/Vita have a new content added that PC edition don't have such new opening, additional story for all heroine as you
t7582.102016-10-03Sequel Announcedthe game will be released at 2017 Additional info is: -Inui saki is wearing kunahama academy uniform in visual, and from the interview, she is
t1987.72011-08-16Heroine choicesjust hope if they made a fandisc,they would put a new heroine story and afterstory
t1987.52011-08-16Heroine choicesyeah,i agree,i hope they made a fandisc......
t1310.72011-04-23Who drew this game's art?yeah,yeah...